WHCF Subject File - TN: Transportation

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to passenger and freight transportation by rail, highway or water, including services such as stevedoring, packing, loading and unloading, pipe line transportation, and warehousing." Specific exceptions are: air freight (see CA); civil air transportation (see CA); foreign travel (see FO); inland waterways, canals, dams, channels and projects (see NR): military transportation (see ND); travel regulations for government employees (see PE); White House officials travel (see WH).


TN: Transportation
Executive 725 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on passenger and freight transportation, including department comments, policy statements and cross­references on proposed legislation, regulations and executive orders affecting mass transit, regulatory reform and safety.

TN 1: Highways
Executive 205 pp. / General 275 pp.
Material on the use of trucks, buses, automobiles on inter­state highways including regulatory reform, legislation, weight limits, I-66 construction; and cross-references on no-fault auto insurance, mass transit taxes, safety and other general highway transportation matters.

TN 1-1: Motor Pool
Executive 10 pp. / General 20 pp.
Items on GSA automobile fleet purchases, proposals for computerized matching systems for car pools, and public support for car pool effort.

TN 2: Inter-urban Transportation
Executive 175 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on all types of commuter transportation, including legislation and proposals from agencies and the public for innovative mass transportation systems and information on proposed federal transit subsidies and related matters.

TN 2-1: Metropolitan D.C. Subway System
Executive 95 pp. / General 25 pp.
Material on the construction, financing and public support of the 98-mile subway system in Washington, D. C. with cross-references on the construction of I-66.

TN 3: Pipe Lines
Executive 145 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on the approval, construction and financing of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline and natural gas and other oil pipelines in the continental United States and Canada, including cross-references on the exploration of Alaskan oil reserves.

TN 4: Railroads
Executive 1175 pp. / General 375 p.
Material on the operation, reform and financing of rail systems and companies, including information on the Rail Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1975, other rail legislation, and Amtrak; and cross -references on railroad retirement legislation, the bicentennial freedom train and other general railroad matters.

TN 5: Rates
Executive 20 pp. / General 20 pp.
Material on rates for passenger and freight transportation, including information on waterway fees and rail rates but excluding air fares and cross-references on general transportation rate matters.

TN 6: Warehousing
Executive None. / General 1 p.
One cross-reference on the abolishment of the ICC.

TN 7: Water
Executive 1100 pp. / General 275 pp.
Material on a wide variety of water transportation matters, particularly cargo preference legislation ( Energy Trans­portation Security Act) and Jones Act ("third flag") waivers, but also maritime regulatory reform, shipments of passengers and commodities by water, Operation Sail. Also included are cross-references on fees, ship con­struction, international shipping agreements and other general water transportation matters.

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