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United States. National Aeronatics and Space Administration.

Historical Office: Oral histories and publications






       Photocopies of oral history interviews and NASA publications relating to the early Space Shuttle program.  The material was collected and used by the Chief Historian of NASA to prepare a history of the Space Shuttle.  Interviewees are John Ehrlichman, James Fletcher, Don Rice, H. Guyford Stever, and Caspar Weinberger.



.5 linear feet (ca. 1000 pages)



Roger Launius (accession number 93-NLF-030)






Researchers are advised to contact NASA regarding the copyright status of items in this collection.  In general, works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.  The copyrights to oral history statements and other material by former government officials, however, is presumed to remain with them.


Prepared by Jennifer Sternaman, March 1994

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Container List


Box 1       Space Shuttle Interviews

Chronology of Selected Events re: NASA Space Shuttle

Ehrlichman, John ‑ Transcript ‑ 5/6/1983 (interviewer ‑ John Logsdon)

Fletcher, James ‑ Transcript ‑ 12/27/1972 (interviewer ‑ Robert Sherrod)

Fletcher, James ‑ Transcript - 9/21/1977 (interviewer ‑ John Logsdon) (1)‑(2)

Rice, Don ‑ Transcript ‑ 11/13/1975 (interviewer ‑ John Logsdon)

Stever, H. Guyford ‑ Notes ‑ 2/7/1974 (interviewers E.M. Emme and A. Roland)

Weinberger, Caspar ‑ Transcript ‑ 8/23/1977 (interviewer ‑ John Logsdon)


"Research in NASA History," May 1992

"Toward a History of the Space Shuttle: An Annotated Bibliography," December 1992

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"Orders of Magnitude: A History of the NACA and NASA, 1915‑1990," 1989

"Astronautics and Aeronautics: A Chronology," 1974‑77 (4 volumes)