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Interview Transcripts, 1984-85





       Transcripts of interviews conducted by scholar William Syers in the course of his research on the effect of Gerald Ford's Congressional career on his approach to the Presidency.  Interviewees include: William Baroody Jr., Philip Buchen, Pat Butler, Richard Cheney (closed), Barber Conable, Glenn Davis, Max Friedersdorf, Charles Goodell, Bryce Harlow, Robert Hartmann, Joseph Jenckes, William Kendall, Tom Korologos, Melvin Laird, Charles Leppert, Thomas Loeffler, Patrick O'Donnell, Roger Porter, Patrick Rowland, Hugh Scott, and L. William Seidman.




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William A. Syers (accession number 87-23)



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Prepared by Leesa Tobin, August 1987

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Container List


Box 1     Interview Transcripts

Baroody, William J., Jr. ‑ Interview, Feb. 6, 1985

Buchen, Philip W. ‑ Interview, March 13, 1985

Butler, Pat ‑ Interview, June 27, 1985

Cheney, Richard ‑ Interview, May 19, 1985 (closed to research)

Conable, Barber ‑ Interview, Feb. 1, 1985

Davis, Glenn R. ‑ Interview, March 6, 1985

Friedersdorf, Max L. ‑ Interview, Sept. 26, 1985

Goodell, Charles ‑ Interview, Feb. 27, 1985

Harlow, Bryce ‑ Interview, July 27, 1985

Hartmann, Robert T. ‑ Interview, May 3, 1985

Jenckes, Joe ‑ Interviews, Aug. 8, 1985

Kendall, William T. ‑ Interview, June 26, 1985

Korologos, Tom ‑ Interview, July 3, 1985

Laird, Melvin R. ‑ Interview, June 6, 1985

Leppert, Charles ‑ Interview, July 10, 1985

Loeffler, Tom ‑ Interview, Dec. 17, 1984

O'Donnell, Pat ‑ Interview, Sept. 27, 1985

Porter, Roger B. ‑ Interview, May 13, 1985

Rowland, Patrick ‑ Interview, June 27, 1985

Scott, Hugh ‑ Interview, June 3, 1985

Seidman, L. William ‑ Interview, June 12, 1985