Associate Director for Policy and Planning;
Associate Director for Operations
Domestic Council


Materials primarily concerning long-range planning studies on Social Security financing and welfare reform with smaller amounts on a variety of other domestic issues, federal support for EXPO '81 in California, and Domestic Council administration.

1.6 linear feet (ca. 3,200 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-107)

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Prepared by Barbara J. White, April 1982
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W. Allen Moore

January 25, 1945 - Born in Glendale, California

1962-66 - B.A., Pomona College, Claremont, California

1966-69 - Peace Corps, in training; volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia

1969-71 - M.B.A., Stanford University, Stanford, California

1971-73 - Economist, Department of Health, Education and Welfare

1973-75 - Management Consultant, Seneca Corporation, Washington, D.C.

1975-76 - Consultant, Domestic Council, Domestic Policy Review Group

Feb. - Sept. 1976 - Associate Director for Policy and Planning, Domestic Council

Sept. 1976-Jan. 1977 - Associate Director for Operations, Domestic Council

1977 - Legislative Assistant, Office of Senator John C. Danforth (R-Missouri)


W. Allen Moore served on the Ford administration Domestic Council as Associate Director for Policy and Planning; and later, as Associate Director for Operations. The greatest portion of the files concerns social security and welfare reform topics from 1976. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.

Following several years of work as an economist and management consultant, Moore joined the Domestic Council in October 1975 as a consultant to the Domestic Policy Review Group. He handled program and materials preparation and cabinet member coordination for the Public Forums on Domestic Policy, headed by Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller. Once the work of the forums was complete, Moore became Associate Director for Policy and Planning, aiding newly appointed Deputy Director for Policy and Planning, Arthur F. Quern, in long range policy studies. Both Moore and Janet Brown served as coordinators for the various policy studies and in the preparation of the reports. In addition, Moore was project manager for studies, along with Quern, on welfare reform, and, along with Spencer Johnson, on social security. In September 1976, Moore was promoted to Associate Director for Operations and moved to the West Wing, assuming primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Domestic Council staff, as well as some continuing issues-related responsibilities.

There are no papers from Moore's first position as consultant and few reflecting his last as Associate Director for Operations. The files begin with Moore's appointment as Associate Director of Policy and Planning in February 1976, and reflect, almost exclusively, his involvement with social security and welfare reform. They include earlier background material from Quern. The papers are especially strong in the development of the President's positions and decisions, including draft decision and briefing memoranda, and draft and final copies of legislation. The request for these analyses of issues were generated by Arthur Quern and James Cannon, with whom Moore worked closely, and the results were funneled back through Cannon to the President. Moore worked closely with the social security trustees, the Secretaries of Treasury, Labor and Health, Education and Welfare; he seldom dealt with the public. The major social security concerns reflected in the papers are the retirement test and short and long term financing, including decoupling, or the removal of double adjustment for inflation. There is also some scattered information on other welfare and social services issues and the proposed Expo '81.

Related Materials (April 1982)
Materials relating to Moore's responsibilities may be found in other Domestic Council staff files, especially in the files of Arthur Quern, whom he assisted, and Moore's successor as Associate Director of Policy and Planning, Dean Overman. Information relating to Moore's prior position as consultant on the Public Forums may be found in the Rayburn D. Hanzlik files. Both social security and welfare reform are included in the White House Central File Welfare category.


Subject Series, 1975-77. (Boxes 1-4, 1.6 linear feet)
Draft decision and briefing memoranda, draft and final copies of legislation, statements, fact sheets and examples, including the initial circulation copies for comment and the replies for the President; proposal analyses; background and printed material on issues; outgoing correspondence, including draft replies for the President and administration staff; initiatives and issues books insertions; questions and answers for the press; and other materials. The file concerns social security and welfare reform, including counter-cyclical revenue sharing and the Public Works Employment Act of 1975, the Income Assistance Simplification Act, decoupling and the Social Security Benefit Indexing Act, and retirement and assets test. Minor aviation issues, proposed Expo '81, and Domestic Council administration are also represented to a lesser degree.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.

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Box 1 - Subject Series

  • Aviation Noise Policy and Aircraft Replacement (1)-(2)
  • Block Grant Consolidation
  • Busing - Legislation
  • Busing - Statements
  • Counter Cyclical Revenue Sharing
  • Domestic Council
    - Budget
    - General
    - Organization
    - Staff
    - Staff Benefits
  • Expo '81
    - Correspondence (1)-(2)
    - Decision Memos
    - Financial Plan
    - General

Box 2 - Subject Series

  • Expo '81
    - Report by the Secretary of Commerce
  • Food Stamps
  • Health Care
  • Income Assistance (1)-(3)
  • Initiatives Book - Original (1)-(2)
  • Initiatives
    - Education
    - General Government
    - Health
    - Home Assistance/Welfare
    - Law Enforcement
    - Regulatory Reform
    - Revenue Sharing
    - Social Security
    - Transportation
    - Urban Affairs
    - Veterans

Box 3 - Subject Series

  • Social Security
    - Brookings Institution Conference on Current Issues
    - Correspondence
    - Decoupling Alternatives and Options
    - Earnings Restrictions
    - Financing
    - General (1)-(2)
    - Issues
    - Legislation
    - Long Range Financing (1)-(3)
    - Long Range Forecasting
    - Meetings
    - Objectives
    - Percentage Increases
    - Projections
    - Projections
    - Proposals for Reform
    - Q & A Briefing Sheets

Box 4 - Subject Series

  • Social Security
    - Retirement Test
    - Social Security Benefit Indexing Act (1)-(2)
    - Social Security Benefit Indexing Act: Fact Sheet
    - State and Local
    - Task Force
    - Testimony by Commissioner Cardwell
    - Trust Fund
  • Social Services
  • Welfare Reform
    - Assets Tests
    - DeMaso, Harry
    - Dole, Robert
    - Economists
    - General (1)-(3)
    - H.R. 13500
    - H.R. 14514
    - Income Assistance Simplification Act
    - Income Transfer
    - National Association of Counties
    - National Governors' Conference
    - S.3160
    - Seidman - Joe - Nathan Proposal