Deputy Special Assistant for Hispanic Affairs
Public Liaison Office


Material related to White House liaison with Hispanics, and in particular with Cuban-Americans and Puerto Rican-Americans during the final months of the 1976 Presidential campaign.

0.8 linear feet (ca. 1,600 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-3)

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Prepared by Karen Mason, March 1982
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Reynaldo P. Maduro

October 10, 1931 - Born in New York, New York

1952-55 - United States Marine Corps

1955-57 - Student, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California

1957-58 - Student, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

1958 - Student, Los Angeles State University, Los Angeles, California

1959-1967 - Narcotics agent, Bureau of Narcotics, United States Treasury

1967-1970 - Investigator in Mexico, Investors Overseas Services

1970 - Consultant in Mexico, The Post Company

1971-1972 - Deputy Manpower Administrator and Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Program, Selective Service System

1972-1974 - Acting Staff Director and Executive Director, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish Speaking People

1974-1975 - Consultant to John Marsh and William Baroody

1975 - Staff Assistant, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice

1975-1976 - Special Assistant to Director, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Department of Justice

July-Sept. 1976 - Consultant, White House Office of Public Liaison

Sept. 1976-Jan. 1977 - Deputy Special Assistant for Hispanic Affairs, White House Office of Public Liaison


Reynaldo Maduro served as Deputy Special Assistant for Hispanic Affairs in the final months of the Ford Administration, providing a liaison with the Cuban and Puerto Rican communities during the campaign. The Maduro files, which date almost exclusively from September and October 1976, document Maduro's liaison work with the Hispanic Community, particularly his efforts to set up meetings between President Ford and Hispanic organizations.

When Fernando De Baca resigned as Special Assistant for Hispanic Affairs in April 1976, Maduro was considered for the position. He received strong support from the Cuban community; this is documented in correspondence in the Central Files Name File. However, Thomas Aranda, who had strong ties to the Mexican- American community, was appointed to the position. It was deemed important to provide a special liaison for the Cuban and Puerto Rican communities, who perceived their interests and problems as being quite different from those of Mexican-Americans. Maduro, who served as a consultant in the Office of Public Liaison beginning in July 1976, was chosen to fill this position. He was appointed Deputy Special Assistant for Hispanic Affairs on September 14, 1976.

These files document Maduro's efforts to set up meetings between President Ford and the Puerto Rican and Cuban communities. Although a few meetings took place at the White House, more often Maduro represented the President at events sponsored by the Hispanic communities of various Eastern cities. These files contain little substantive information regarding Maduro's work, however. His activities are documented primarily through travel vouchers and schedule proposals. There are no copies of speeches he gave and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether proposed events took place. The files do give a sense of the Hispanic organizations which were interested in supporting President Ford's re-election. The most informative materials are briefing papers and question and answer sheets on topics of concern to Cubans and Puerto Ricans. Newspaper clippings and the "Miami" folder reflect the sentiments of Cubans toward President Ford.

Related Materials (March 1982)
A short run of correspondence in the White House Central Files Subject File designation FG 6-11/Ma provides some indication of the relation between Maduro and Aranda; a few letters are included in which Maduro reported to Aranda on contacts he had made in the Hispanic community and discussed proposed events. Related material on Hispanic organizations represented in Maduro's files and on the events scheduled by Maduro is contained in the files of Thomas Aranda, Office of Public Liaison.


Hispanic American Subject File, 1976. (Boxes 1-2, 0.6 linear feet)
Schedule proposals, travel vouchers, briefing papers, correspondence, newsletters of Hispanic organizations, mailing lists, newspaper clippings, and scattered reports and project proposals. The material documents Maduro's liaison work with the Hispanic community, particularly his participation in Hispanic events as representative of the President and efforts to strengthen the support of President Ford among Cubans and Puerto Ricans in the final months of the campaign.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.

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Administrative File, 1976. (Box 2, 0.1 linear feet)
Correspondence, memoranda, mailing lists, briefing papers, schedule proposals, photo and message requests, messages sent by President Ford to Hispanic organizations and events, and debate comments. The material relates to Maduro's dealings with the Hispanic community and include information on the Ford administration's position on topics of concern to the Cuban and Puerto Rican communities.

Arranged alphabetically by type of material.

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Correspondence File, 1976. (Box 2, 0.1 linear feet)
Correspondence and memoranda between Maduro and members of the Office of Public Liaison, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and the Hispanic Community regarding the scheduling of events, congressional legislation, and juvenile delinquency.

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

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Box 1 - Hispanic American Subject File

Box 2 - Hispanic American Subject File

  • SER - Jobs for Progress: Immigration Outreach Program Funding Proposal
  • White House Events
    • Sept. 10, 1976 - Ceremonial Signing (1)
    • Sept. 10, 1976 - Ceremonial Signing (2)
    • Sept. 13, 1976 - First Lady Meeting
    • Sept. 13, 1976 - White House Conference on Education
    • Sept. 30, 1976 - Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Drop-By
    • Oct. 13, 1976 - Businessmen (Proposed)
    • Oct. 13, 1976 - O. Roy Chalk
    • Oct. 13, 1976 - Clinica Grillasca - First Lady
    • Oct. 14, 1976 - Evening at the White House
    • Oct. 18, 1976 - Edward Aguirre Swearing-In

Box 2 (Continued) - Administrative File

  • Briefing Papers
  • Mailings
  • Message Requests (1)
  • Message Requests (2)
  • Photo Requests
  • Recommended Telephone Calls - O. Roy Chalk
  • Referrals
  • Resume Activity
  • Retired Phone Log (Empty)
  • Schedule Proposals
  • Staff Support

Box 2 (Continued) - Correspondence File

  • Aranda, Thomas
  • Baroody, William
  • Calhoun, John (Empty)
  • Duarte, E.B.
  • Kuropas, Myron (Empty)
  • Luger, Milton
  • Mitler, Milton (Empty)
  • Velde, Richard