Personal Assistant to the President
President's Office


The bulk of this collection is comprised of routine personal correspondence between President Ford (or Mildred Leonard on his behalf) and his family, friends, colleagues, and former constituents. Many of these letters are congratulatory in nature, but some also express opinions of the Nixon pardon and other events and policies and “get well soon” wishes for Mrs. Ford.

8.4 linear feet (ca. 16,800 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 1977-NLF-107)

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Gerald Ford donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections. The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them. Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.

Prepared by Malisa A. Lewis, April 2008
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Mildred V. Leonard

1912 - Born, Spokane, WA

1940s-1951 - Moved to Washington, DC; attended Washington School for Secretaries; on staff of Congressman Joseph W. Martin, Jr.

1951-72 - Personal Secretary to Congressman Gerald R. Ford

1972-73 - Administrative Assistant to Congressman Gerald R. Ford

1973-74 - Personal Assistant to the Vice President

1974-76 - Personal Assistant to the President

1977-? - In January 1977 she took a job as legal secretary to attorney Richard A. Bishop in Washington, DC, but it is not known how long she stayed in that position.

October 9, 1993 - Died, Bethesda, MD


Mildred Leonard joined the Ford congressional staff in 1951 and remained on his staff through December 31, 1976. She began her career with Ford as his personal secretary, a position she held until 1972 when she became his administrative assistant. During the vice presidential and presidential years her title was personal assistant.

While Ford was President, Miss Leonard headed the President’s personal staff. The others (all of whom had served on the Ford congressional and vice presidential staffs) were Personal Secretary to the President Dorothy Downton, and three Staff Assistants – Dorothy Cavanaugh, Anne Kamstra, and George Willis. This staff provided secretarial support for the President, handled his personal correspondence and accounts, and responded to requests for autographed photographs. Miss Leonard’s particular area of responsibility was handling the President’s contacts with former members of Congress, relatives, long-time friends, celebrities, and former constituents from the Grand Rapids area.

President Ford once stated that he rarely dictated responses to letters. Instead, he gave ideas to Mildred Leonard and Dorothy Downton, who would write the letters. Except for instances that required specific commitments by President Ford, Miss Leonard could often draft responses without his advice because she had been working with him for so long.

This collection contains personal correspondence, much of it routine in nature. Many incoming letters are congratulatory in nature. In addition, there are some letters expressing opinions on the pardon of President Nixon and other issues and letters that express sympathy and ‘get well soon’ wishes for Mrs. Ford after her surgery in late September 1974. More than half of the letters date from the first few months of the administration. Another 25% date from late 1974 and early 1975.

Related Materials (December 2007)
Closely related materials include the Mildred Leonard Papers and the White House files of Dorothy Downton. Miss Leonard’s work can also be seen in Ford’s Congressional and Vice Presidential papers.


Correspondence Files, 1974-76.  (Boxes 1-19, 7.4 linear feet)
Incoming letters, carbon copies of responses and newspaper clippings. The materials are primarily personal in nature, but include some opinions on the Nixon pardon, WIN letters, sympathy letters, and congratulatory letters.

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.

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Subject Files, 1974-76. (Boxes 19-21, 1.0 linear feet)
Incoming letters, carbon copies of responses, inter-office memos, and letters not answered. Materials include campaign correspondence, invitations, a list of attendees for the swearing in ceremony, and letters expressing thanks.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Audiovisual Material Transferred from the Textual Collection.

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Box 1 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Abernathy, Thomas G., Sr.
  • Abrams, Julia (Mrs. Creighton)
  • Ackerman, Anna
  • Adams, Carl N. and Jane
  • Adams, Thomas F., Jr.
  • Ahern, Phil
  • Ahlbrandt, Roger S.
  • Akerstrom, George C.
  • Albert, Carl
  • Albert, Silas (Cy) F. and Estelle
  • Albolm, John C.
  • Alcorn, H. Meade, Jr.
  • Alexander, Mrs. G.L.
  • Alexander, Jim
  • Alexandria Hospital
  • Alkire, Alma
  • Allaben, Fred Roland
  • Allard, Claude H.
  • Allen, George H.
  • Allin, John M., Right Reverend
  • Allott, Gordon
  • Almand, H. A., Jr.
  • Alvarez, John J.
  • Ambler, H. Bud
  • Ames, Marion
  • Anderson, Frank H.
  • Anderson, George "Sparky"
  • Anderson, Henrietta M. (Mrs. Clinton P.)
  • Anderson, Norris
  • Anderson, R. G.
  • Andreasen, Carl
  • Andrews, Christina K (Mrs. Louis D., Jr.)
  • Annenberg, Walter
  • Anthony, Daniel S.
  • Armstrong, Anne L.
  • Arnold, Tom W., M.D.
  • Ash, Hiram L.
  • Ashworth, Ernie
  • Astles, Mary Maser (Mrs. Paul W.)
  • Auker, Elden L.
  • Ayers, William H. (Bill)
  • Azkoul, William N. (Bill)
  • Baadke, H. W. (Herm)
  • Babcoch, Nina E.
  • Babcock, Tim
  • Baer, Stuart M.
  • Bailey, John W., III
  • Bailey, Pearl
  • Baker, Charles
  • Baldwin, Donald
  • Ball, Mrs. August F.
  • Ballinger, Millie
  • Balys, Stanley K.
  • Bandouveris, Harry
  • Banta, W.B. (Bill)
  • Barbash, Maurice
  • Barber, Jim
  • Barcham, Eunice K.
  • Barcomb, Tim
  • Barr, Janice K.
  • Barrett, Bernard M., Jr., M.D.
  • Barrie, Joseph A.
  • Barter, Robert, Dr.
  • Bartlett, Charles
  • Bashara, George N., Jr., Judge
  • Battles, Cliff
  • Baughman, Fred A.
  • Beben, Henry G.
  • Becker, Frank J.
  • Becker, Jonathan
  • Becker, Ralph and Ann
  • Beckman, Gail M.
  • Beckwith, Tom B. and Betty
  • Beckworth, Lindley
  • Bedell, Catherine May
  • Belen, Frederick C. (Fred)
  • Beman, Deane R.
  • Benecchi, Roy J.
  • Benedict, Andrew

Box 2 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Bennett, M. Naomi (Mrs. W.H.)
  • Bennett, Mildred (Mrs. E. Paul)
  • Benson, Ezra Taft
  • Bentley, Helen Delich
  • Bentley, Verne
  • Bergsma, Joel
  • Bergstrom, Hazel K.
  • Bersie, Jim
  • Beste, Bob
  • Betts, Jackson (Jack) E.
  • Beverley, Marshall J.
  • Bewley, George (Bill) W.
  • Beyreis, John
  • Biddle, Susan
  • Bidwell, Seth
  • Bieneman, Walter N.
  • Biggam, Glenn J.
  • Biggers, George C., III
  • Bishop, Richard A.
  • Bishop, Unknown
  • Blackburn, Gerald N., Rev.
  • Blanchard, Earle N.
  • Blaustein, Albert P.
  • Bliss, Ray C.
  • Bloomer, Christine (Mrs. Robert)
  • Bloomer, William (Bill) S.
  • Blount, Winton M. (Red)
  • Blue, Mabel D. (Mrs. Earle)
  • Boersma, Wilhelmina
  • Bogart, Hazel
  • Bogner, Willy, Jr.
  • Borcherding, Catherine
  • Borklund, C.W. (Bill)
  • Bosch, Randall C.
  • Bostrom, Karl A.
  • Boykin, Ulysses (Uly) W.
  • Boyle, Patricia
  • Brackett, Gwendolyn
  • Braden, George D.
  • Braden, Robert L.
  • Bradford, Helen G.
  • Bradley, Donald F.
  • Bradley, Russell
  • Bradshaw, Lester J., Jr.
  • Brady, Sarah Kemp
  • Breeskin, Barnee
  • Bregman, Wilma Meeks
  • Brewster, Kingman, Dr.
  • Bridgman, Patricia
  • Brigstock, Duane T.
  • Brinegar, Claude
  • Bringham, William (Bill) T.
  • Brink, Edward H., Sr.
  • Brock, Muriel J.
  • Brody, David A.
  • Broecker, Rosa M.
  • Broersma, Robert L.
  • Broom, William (Bill)
  • Broomfield, William S.
  • Brotzman, Donald (Don) G.
  • Brower, Ward, Jr.
  • Brown, Arthur G.
  • Brown, David E.
  • Brown, Gardner L. and Susan
  • Brown, Joe A.
  • Brown, Russell M.
  • Brown, Stanford M.
  • Brown, Ward, Jr.
  • Brown, William (Bill) A.

Box 3 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Browne, A. Britton
  • Browne, Secor D. and Connie
  • Bruenner, Mr. and Mrs. R.L.
  • Brumbaugh, Edward
  • Buckley, Christopher (Chris) H.
  • Buckley, James (Jim)
  • Budge, Hamer H.
  • Buelteman, Mr. and Mrs. R. Merrill
  • Bull, Barbara Ellen
  • Burba, Linda
  • Burdick, Benjamin (Ben) D.
  • Burger, Warren E.
  • Burke, Arleigh
  • Burns, Robert (Bob) B.
  • Bush, George H.W.
  • Butas, Gladys (Mrs. John A.)
  • Butterworth Hospital, Friends of
  • Bylan, Hyman (Hy) J.
  • Byrne, James (Jim) A.
  • Bytwork, Albert, Reverend
  • Calhoun, Andrew
  • Calkins, Jack
  • Canfield, William (Bill) B., Jr.
  • Capital City Postcards
  • Capitano, Al
  • Capitol Hill Club
  • Caplan, Mrs. Ben
  • Capra, Frank and Lu
  • Carino, Laureano G., Colonel
  • Caritas, Sister Mary
  • Carlson, Mrs. Chris
  • Carlson, Therese (Trix)
  • Carpenter, James W.
  • Carr, Vikki
  • Carter, Horace
  • Cartier, W. Claire, D.D.S.
  • Casey, Samuel B., Jr.
  • Casey, William
  • Cash, Johnny
  • Caskill, David H.
  • Casoni, Frederick (Fred)
  • Cavanaugh, Dorothy
  • Celler, Emanuel (Mannie)
  • Cerza, Al
  • Cesnick, Mary A.
  • Chafee, John H.
  • Chaffee, Don L.
  • Chaille, Jack
  • Chamberlain, Charles (Chuck) E.
  • Chamberlain, John S.
  • Chamberlain, W. James (Jim)
  • Chamberlain, Wallace (Wally) M.
  • Charyk, Joseph V.
  • Chase, Donald F.
  • Chelf, Frank
  • Chen, Hanting, M.D.
  • Chenoweth, J. Edgar
  • Chester, John J.
  • Chicone, Pamela E.
  • Child, Harold (Hal) L.
  • Chorpening, C.H. ("Chorp"), Maj. Gen.
  • Christiansen, Juanita (Willi) E.
  • Christy, James T.
  • Chute, David A., Sr.
  • Clark, Eoon N. (Mrs. Dowsley)
  • Clark, Lynn
  • Clements, Catherine
  • Coe, Douglas E.
  • Cohelan, Jeffrey (Jeff)
  • Cohn, Charles
  • Colbert, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
  • Colby, Bill
  • Cole, Sterling ("Stub")
  • Coleman, Sammy
  • Coleman, William R.
  • Collier, Robert (Bob) A.
  • Collins, James M.
  • Colon, Rafael Hernandez
  • Comiskey, Charles A.
  • Conable, Barber B., Jr.
  • Conner, William (Bill) C.

Box 4 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Conrad, S.T.
  • Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred (Bill)
  • Considine, Bob
  • Considine, Frank W.
  • Cook, A. George 3rd.
  • Cook, Jerold E.
  • Cook, Peter C.
  • Cooke, Unknown, Cardinal
  • Cooper, John Sherman
  • Cooper, Mrs. Thomas R.
  • Cooper, William (Bill) H., M.D.
  • Cornell, Charles F.
  • Cors, Allan D.
  • Cory, Richard L.
  • Cosell, Howard
  • Cotton, Norris
  • Cox, Tricia Nixon
  • Coyle, Thomas B.
  • Crawford, William V.
  • Creiman, Andrew
  • Crow, Trammell
  • Cueny, Benjamin (Ben) and Sue
  • Cunningham, Georgia C.
  • Curry, Phil B.
  • Czerwinski, Mary Jane
  • Daley, M.E. (Mrs. H.E.)
  • Dalzell, Mrs. C.M.
  • Damm, Mr. Russell
  • Dart, Justin
  • Davidson, Donald
  • Davidson, H. (Hank) D., Capt.
  • Davidson, Robert (Bob) C.
  • Davies, John Arthur
  • Davies, Paul L., Jr.
  • Davis, Hendrix
  • Davis, J. Hugh E.
  • Davis, Moanie (Mrs. David M.)
  • Davis, Roger P.
  • Davis, Sammy, Jr. and Altovise
  • Davis, Thomas (Tom) L.
  • Davis, William (Bill) P.
  • Dawson, Donald S., Maj., USAFR
  • Dayton, Jane C.
  • De Angelis, Jim
  • DeBakey, Michael E., M.D.
  • deButts, John D.
  • Deebs, Joseph (Joe)
  • Deison, R.A., Jr.
  • de la Garza, Kiki
  • DeLisser, Horace
  • De Lorenzo, Anthony (Tony)
  • Demar, Alex
  • Dennis, C.L.
  • Dennis, Donald W.
  • Dent, Frederick (Fred) B.
  • Derwinski, Ed
  • Dery, Charles
  • Devries, Arnold (Arnie) and Eileen
  • Dewey, Bunny
  • DeWitt, Craig
  • Dickerson, Nancy
  • Dieckmann, Gustav
  • Dillon, Joseph F.
  • Dimock, Barbara D.
  • Dinger, Robert L. (Bud)
  • Dinsmore, Dennis L.
  • Dirksen, Louella (Mrs. Everett M.)
  • Dixon, Ruth K.
  • Dolson, R.W. (Roy)
  • Dormann, Henry O.
  • Dorr, Robert F.

Box 5 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • "Dosey and Boyd" (Dorothy Ann)
  • Doyle, William (Bill) S.
  • Draddy, Vincent DePaul
  • Draper, Doris
  • Dregge, John W.
  • Dreier, Alex
  • Dreyer, Bill
  • Dudden, Elmer W.
  • Dudley, Jane and Guilford, Jr.
  • Dudley, John Henry
  • Dukov, Ester and Boris
  • Dunn, Ramona (Mrs.)
  • Dunn, Steve
  • Dunn, Thomas (Tom) G.
  • Dye, Rex
  • Dykstra, Vergil H.
  • Earp, Barbara
  • Eaton, Robert (Bob) E.L.
  • Eckols, Tom and Cindy
  • Eder, George Jackson
  • Eisemann, Alexander Jr.
  • Eisenhower, David
  • Eisenhower, Julie
  • Elbin, Max
  • Elder, Lee and Rose
  • Elford, Gregg
  • Ellsworth, Dorothy A.
  • Elliott, Malcolm and Marian
  • Ely, Nathaniel J.
  • Emory, Alan
  • Engel, Gertrude
  • Engelhard, Jane
  • Enos, W.R.
  • Eschmann, Ruth L.C.
  • Evans, John
  • Evans, Thomas V.
  • Everett, Glen D.
  • Everett, William G.
  • Fairbanks, Douglas
  • Fajare, Orvin B.
  • Fand, Sally B.
  • Farley, Frank S. (Hap)
  • Farrington, Robert J.
  • Fay, John G.
  • Feldman, George J.
  • Felible, John Edward
  • Felker, Henry W. (Ty)
  • Ferguson, Stanley W.
  • Ferguson, Stanley W.
  • Fernando, Napoleon
  • Ferry, Kathleen
  • Fesler, Wes E.
  • Finch, Edward R.
  • Fink, Donald D.
  • Fino, Paul A.
  • Firestone, Kimball C.
  • Firestone, Leonard
  • Fisher, Max
  • FitzGerald, William H.G.
  • Fleming, David M.
  • Fleming, R.W. (Bob)
  • Fleming, Robert W. (Bus)
  • Fluehr, Kuhlman
  • Fluor, Marjorie L. (Mrs. Simon J.)
  • Foote, Ellsworth Bishop
  • Ford, Greg
  • Ford, Henry II
  • Ford, J.J. and Claire
  • Ford, John G. (Jack)
  • Ford, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Jr. (Marty, Tom, and Cameron)
  • Ford, W. Pat
  • Ford, Walter D.

Box 6 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Forderer, Pierson F. and Vivian
  • Forester, Clifton B.
  • Forman, Peter
  • Foster, Clifford T.
  • Fountain, L. H.
  • Fowler, Sandra J.
  • Fox, J. C.
  • Fox, Miss (first name unknown)
  • Fox, Thoma S.
  • Fox, W. J.
  • Frank, Rev. Richard
  • Franklin, James R.
  • Fraser, Vern
  • Frazier, Richard
  • Freeman, Alan
  • Freeman, Lisa
  • French, Henry M. (Hank)
  • Frey, Edward J. (Ed)
  • Friedman, Harvey A.
  • Friesema, Lori
  • Frost, Ronald R.
  • Fry, Lucky
  • Fulkerson, Richard E.
  • Fulton, Harold A. (Hal)
  • Gamm, Arch
  • Gardner, Ava
  • Gardner, Stephen S. (S.S.)
  • Garlock, Lyle S.
  • Gates, David L.
  • Gates, Thomas S.
  • George, Myron V. (Mrs.)
  • Gerholz, Robert P.
  • Gerstacker, Carl A.
  • Getty, J. Paul
  • Geyer, John
  • Gifford, William L. (Bill)
  • Gilbert, Julien
  • Gillespie, Linda (through Rodney "Rod" W. Markley, Jr.)
  • Gilmore, P. J. Jr. (Pat)
  • Glaine, Frank E.
  • Gleason, Jackie
  • Glenn Schoenhals School, Southfield, MI, "Inflation Fighting 6th Graders"
  • Gnau, John R. Jr.
  • Goebel, Margaret (Mrs. Paul G.)
  • Goldberg, Arthur J.
  • Goldberg, Millicent (Ms.)
  • Goldwater, Susan and Barry M. Jr.
  • Goodling, William F. (Bill)
  • Goodman, Julian
  • Gordon, Kenneth T.
  • Gore, William L.
  • Gorry, Charles (Charlie)
  • Gower, Charles E.
  • Grafman, Dayton F.
  • Graham, Billy (Reverend)
  • Graham, Otto
  • Graham, Peggy A.
  • Gramshammer, Sheika
  • Grand Rapids, East
  • Grant, U. S. School (6th Grade Students)
  • Graske, Theodore W., Sr.
  • Gray, Cleophas S.
  • Gray, James S., Jr. (Captain U.S.N.)
  • Gray, Robert K. (Bob)

Box 7 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Green, Donna L. (Mrs. E. Victor)
  • Greenberg, Oscar
  • Greene, Lillian Hall (Mrs.)
  • Greenwald, E. J. (Ed)
  • Greenwood, Harry
  • Greenwood, John E. D. (Ted)
  • Greeson, Stan
  • Gregory, Dick
  • Grepsuk, Mr.
  • Grider, George and Ann
  • Griffin, Robert P.
  • Griffith, Phyllis (Mrs. Thomas)
  • Griffiths, Martha W.
  • Grigsby, R.J. (Pete)
  • Grillo, Anthony E.
  • Grossberg, Susan
  • Guck, Dorothy Gray
  • Guill, Ben H.
  • Gwin, Laurence W. (Larry)
  • Gwinn, William P.
  • Haas, Eileen B.
  • Hackbart, Ester
  • Hackett, William H. (Bill)
  • Hagedorn, Charles G.
  • Hager, Joseph (Joe)
  • Haggar, E. R. (Ed)
  • Halaby, Najeeb E. (Jeeb)
  • Halas, George S.
  • Hall, Leonard W.
  • Hallamore, Kim
  • Hallan, James
  • Halleck, Charles A.
  • Halley, Mrs. David
  • Halpern, Seymour (Sy)
  • Hamilton, Rhoda Wilson
  • Hammell, Robert M.
  • Hammer, Armand
  • Hammer, Seymour (D.P.M.)
  • Hanberg, Melvin
  • Hansborough, Morrison C.
  • Hansen, Clifford P.
  • Hanson, Arthur B.
  • Harlow, Bryce N.
  • Harman, Phillip
  • Harmon, Elyse and Tom
  • Harris, Alice and Jay (J.D.)
  • Harrison, Helen F. (Mrs. Walter G.)
  • Hartke, Gilbert V.
  • Harwood, Arthur F.
  • Hasek, Eliska
  • Haslett, Sara L.
  • Hatfield, Mark O.
  • Hausman, William
  • Hawthorne, Paul D.
  • Hayakawa, Dr. S.I.
  • Heaney, Robert C.C. (Bob)
  • Hekman, John H.
  • Heller, Walter W.
  • Henley, Richard D.
  • Henry, Paul B.
  • Hermann, A.B.
  • Hess, John H.
  • Hickel, Walter J.
  • Hickey, Kate Donnelly
  • Higgins, Bardon
  • Hildebrand, Willard H.
  • Hill, James J.
  • Hill, N. David (Dave)
  • Hillelson, Jeffrey (Jeff)
  • Hoban, James W.
  • Hockenberry, Lillian D. (Mrs. D.V.)
  • Hodgkins, Edward R.
  • Hodgson, James D.
  • Hoeger, Mary and Denny
  • Hoffman, Milton
  • Hofmeister, F. J.

Box 8 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Hogan, Jack
  • Holmes, Kenneth G.
  • Holt, Joe
  • Honikel, Charles B.
  • Hood, Ed and Dorris
  • Hoogerhyde, Cora (Mrs. Martin)
  • Hooper, Sally Carrel (Mrs. F.S.)
  • Hope, Bob
  • Horan, Sally (Mrs. Walt)
  • Horist, Larry P.
  • Horne, John E.
  • Hornung, Gloria and Chuck
  • Horowitz, Tykle (Mrs. Sol, Jr.)
  • Hoving, Robert A. (Bob)
  • Howell, J. Robert
  • Howell, Wallace J.
  • Howes, Ronald W. (Ron)
  • Howlett, Robert G. (Bob)
  • Huber, Donald G.
  • Huffman, Janet M.
  • Huggett, John Martin
  • Huggins, Cathy
  • Hughey, Harvey A.
  • Hull, Nancy Y.
  • Humphrey, Kay
  • Huntridge, George W. and Mrs.
  • Hutchinson, John G. (Hutch)
  • Hutchinson, Edward (Ed)
  • Hyman, Sarah (Mrs.)
  • Ikard, Frank N.
  • Irwin, John N. II
  • Isbrandt, Ralph
  • Jackson, Henry M.
  • Jameson, Frank Gard and Mrs. Eva Gabor
  • Javits, Jacob K.
  • Jay, Vincent Eastman (Vince)
  • Jemison, Elbert S., Jr.
  • Jenks, William F.
  • Jenner, Becky Lynn
  • Jennings, W. Pat
  • Jochems, Charlotte S. (Mrs. Richard B.)
  • Johansen, August E.
  • John, Tommy
  • Johnson, Glenn H. and Millie
  • Johnson, Jean (Mrs. Ronald)
  • Johnson, Lady Bird (Mrs. Lyndon Baines)
  • Johnson, Lyndon Baines (Memorial Grove Committee)
  • Johnson, Vernon A. (Vern)
  • Johnston, William W. (Bill)
  • Jonas, Charles Raper (Charlie)
  • Jordan, DuPree, Jr.
  • Jordan, Thomas E.
  • Joslin, Betty and Leon
  • Joyce, Adele (Mrs. J.P., Jr.)
  • Kabacker, William S. (Bill)
  • Kampschulte, Mary
  • Kamsler, Jack
  • Kapke, William F.
  • Karem, George
  • Kauffman, Mrs. Ewing
  • Kaufman, Richard M.
  • Kearns, Carroll D.
  • Keating, David (Dave)
  • Keating, William J. (Bill)

Box 9 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Kee, Elizabeth (Mrs. John)
  • Kee, James (Jim)
  • Keeler, Mary Ann (Mrs. M.S.)
  • Keely, Charles C., Jr.
  • Keller, Howland G.
  • Kelley, Clarence M.
  • Kelley, Roger F.
  • Kelly, Edna F.
  • Kelly, Thomas J. (Tom)
  • Kemper, James S., Jr. (Jim)
  • Kendall, David Walbridge (Dave)
  • Kendall, Donald M. (Don)
  • Kennedy, Ethel (Mrs. Robert F.)
  • Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald (Mrs. Joseph P.)
  • Kennerly, David
  • Kepler, Don
  • Keppler, Manford
  • Kernen, C. James
  • Kerner, Governor Otto
  • Kerr, James R. (Jim)
  • Kilmer, Ruth M.
  • Kimball, F. Winifred
  • Kimmel, Joseph Stephen Jr. (J.S., Joe)
  • Kindall, Katrina (Mrs. Ted)
  • Kindel, Charles M.
  • King, John M. (JMK)
  • Kircher, Everett
  • Klassen, E.T.
  • Klein, Marc S.
  • Klespitz, Laurence M.
  • Kluczynski, John
  • Knapp, Paul R.
  • Knox, William (Bill) E.
  • Kober, Lester F.
  • Koch, George
  • Kohn, Madeline
  • Kooistra, Gerald (Jerry) B.
  • Kornegay, Francis A.
  • Korth, Fred
  • Koster, James (Jim) P.
  • Kreig, Bob
  • Krueger, John R.
  • Kulsea, Dolores M.
  • Kupferman, Theodore (Ted) R.
  • Kwekel, John A.
  • Laffin, John (Jack) C.
  • La Hay, Wauhillau
  • Laird, Melvin
  • Lamb, Lomax (Max) B., Jr.
  • Lamp, Marie (Mrs. Raymone H.)
  • Landon, Alf M.
  • Lang, Jeffrey A.
  • Lareau, Michael (Mike) O.
  • Lasch, Ronald (Ron) W.
  • Laskey, Dave, Brother
  • Latch, Edward (Ed) G.
  • Lauterhahn, Carl
  • Lawless, William L.
  • Lawrence, Frank J.
  • Lawrence, L. Edward, Colonel
  • Leahy, Jean
  • Lear, William (Bill) P.
  • Lee, Harry
  • Lee, M. O. (Whitey)
  • Lee, Putnam (Put)
  • Lee, Robert (Bob) Stam
  • Lee, T. Kong
  • Leibman, Morris I.
  • Leik, Charles (Chuck)
  • Lenkert, Juliette Williamson
  • Lennartson, Nils A.
  • Leonard, Donald S.
  • Leonard, Mildred E.
  • Leonard, Mildred V.

Box 10 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Levering, Walter (Walt) B.
  • Levey, Allan C.
  • Life, Anna K.
  • Lillig, Ken Anthony
  • Lincoln, Franklin B., Jr.
  • Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
  • Lindemer, Lawrence (Larry) B.
  • Linowitz, Sol M.
  • Lipset, W. Ben B.
  • Littlefair, Duncan E.
  • Littman, Ruth
  • Lodge, Henry Cabot
  • Lodge, John Davis
  • Loen, Vern
  • Lombard, James M.
  • London, Peggy
  • Longley, James (Jim)
  • Loomis, Richard (Dick)
  • Lord, Roger
  • Lorenz, Richard J.
  • Loria, Juan Jose
  • Lorio, Estelle
  • Louis, John J., Jr.
  • Love, Philip (Phil) H.
  • Lovejoy, John F. and Harriet
  • Lozzi, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
  • Luhrs, Herman F., Sr.
  • Lund, Francis (Pug)
  • Lupton, John M.
  • Lyle, Celia
  • Lyle, John E.
  • Lyon, Carl V.
  • MacArthur, Jean (Mrs. Douglas)
  • MacArthur, Douglas, II
  • MacDonald, Robert (Bob) B.
  • MacGregor, Clark and Barbara
  • Mack, Peter F.
  • Mackey, Frank J., Jr.
  • Mackov, E. Joseph, Rev.
  • Mailliard, Millie
  • Manfuso, John A., Jr.
  • Mansfield, Maureen (Mrs. Mike)
  • Marcellus, Richard (Dick) S.
  • Marcovsky, Abe S.
  • Marie and Fred (last name unknown)
  • Markham, C. W.
  • Markley, Rodney W., Jr.
  • Marrical, Olive
  • Marriott, J. Willard
  • Marrs, Theodore, Dr.
  • Marshall, John Stephen
  • Marshall, Sylvan M.
  • Martens, Henry C.
  • Martin, Celia Hare
  • Martin, Ed (enclosing James T. Patterson Letter)
  • Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Ember H.
  • Martin, Robin B.
  • Mason, Lucy E.
  • Mason, Tommy
  • Mather, James S., Dr.
  • Matthews, Joe G.
  • Matulaitis, Susan
  • May, Edwin H., Jr.
  • Mayer, Robert E.
  • Mayville, Bonita

Box 11 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • McAllister, Thomas F.
  • McBain, Inez
  • McBU
  • McCabe, Edward A.
  • McCaffrey, Joseph
  • McCall, Tom
  • McCaughey, Robert L.
  • McCauley, Joseph
  • McClure, James A.
  • McConnell, T.P.
  • McCool, Doris E.
  • McCormack, John W.
  • McCormick, Mary (Mrs. Edward J.)
  • McCracken, Paul W.
  • McCrary, John Reagan (Tex)
  • McCrary, Juanita (Mrs. James)
  • McDonald, David
  • McDonnell, Pierce
  • McDowell, James L., Jr. (Jimmie)
  • McFarlane, George J.
  • McFaull, John
  • McGee, Donald
  • McGee, Silas (Siki)
  • McGlade, Edward T.
  • McGowan, Frank B. (Major)
  • McGuire, John A.
  • McGuire, Morgan K.
  • McIntire, Wilda (Mrs. Clifford G.)
  • McKay, John M.
  • McKenna, Jack T.
  • McKenzie, William A.
  • McKevitt, James D. (Mike)
  • McManamy, Carl and Jo
  • McManus, Martin J. (Rev.)
  • McMullen, John J.
  • McNeely, E. L.
  • McPherson, Peter M.
  • Meader, George
  • Meany, George
  • Medcalf, E. O.
  • Mees, John N.
  • Mehney, David (Dave) P.
  • Melanson, Magdalen Marie, Sister
  • Mena, Antonio Ortiz
  • Mercer, Johnny
  • Mercer, Lyle R.
  • Meredith, Ellis E.
  • Metcalf, Scott D.
  • Metz, Doug
  • Mewborn, Charlton (Bud) A.
  • Meyer, John C., General

Box 12 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Michigan American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
  • Mieras, Patricia
  • Milanowski, John P.
  • Milanowski, Marguerite
  • Milanowski, Wencel A.
  • Miles, Richard (Bud) C.
  • Miller, Boyce R.
  • Miller, Herman E.
  • Miller, J. Buell
  • Miller, John A.
  • Miller, William (Bill) E.
  • Milliken, Clint
  • Milliken, William G.
  • Mills, Jack
  • Mirisch, Walter M.
  • Monihan, Peggy
  • Monroe, William K. and Martha R.
  • Monroy, Jesus (Jesse) Garcia
  • Monsma, Susan
  • Montgelas, Carl M.
  • Moon, Mrs. D.
  • Moore, James William
  • Moore, John D. J.
  • Moore, Karen
  • Moorer, Thomas (Tom) H., Admiral
  • Moreau, Jean W.
  • Morris, H. (Hap) H.
  • Morris, Jack
  • Morris, William C., III
  • Morse, Clarence
  • Mortiz, George
  • Morton, Rogers (Rog) C. B.
  • Morton, Thruston B.
  • Muir, Linda (Brady Henderson Mill Creek Elementary School)
  • Multer, Abraham J.
  • Munafo, Mario
  • Murphy, Frank J., Jr.
  • Murphy, Thomas R.
  • Murphy, William (Bill)
  • Murphy, William G.
  • Murtha, John P.
  • Muth, Carol H.
  • Naske, Claus-M.
  • Nelson, Byron
  • Nelson, Emerson W.
  • Nelson, Lyle M.
  • Nemeth, Selma B.
  • Nessen, Ron
  • Neuenschwauder, Nancy
  • Neumann, Robert G.
  • Nevins, Mabel L.
  • Newton, Doris M.
  • Newton-Griffith, Biddie

Box 13 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Nichols, William B., Jr.
  • Nicholson, John B.
  • Nickerson, Herman, Jr.
  • Nidecker, John E.
  • Nierenberg, David E.
  • Noblet, Marian
  • Noe, Richard (Dick) L.
  • Norder, Mrs. William
  • Noskin, Stanton, Dr.
  • Nottingham, Tom
  • Nusbaum, Howard A.
  • O'Hara, Eileen
  • O'Hara, Frank J.
  • O'Keefe, Thomas F.
  • Olin, Spencer (Spence) T.
  • Oliver, Mrs. Russ
  • Olsen, Dale R.
  • Olson, Michael
  • Olson, Robert B.
  • O'Malley, James T.
  • Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
  • O'Neill, Tilghman
  • Oosterbaan, Bennie
  • Overton, Allen J., Jr.
  • Owen, J. C. (Chet)
  • Packard, Ruth A.
  • Paige, Norman
  • Palmer, Arnold
  • Palmer, William
  • Panella, J. J. (Joe)
  • Paolucci, R. V. (Ron)
  • Parks, Lyman S.
  • Parma, Leon W.
  • Parmelee, Roy A.
  • Paton, W. A. (Bill)
  • Patterson, Edward (Ned)
  • Patterson, Edwin (Pat) B.
  • Patterson, John L.
  • Patterson, Marian and Calvin
  • Patty, Henri J.
  • Paul, David
  • Payne, Frederick L.
  • Pendergast, William
  • Peppard, George
  • Perkins, E. F. (Ned)
  • Perkins, William (Bill) H., Jr.
  • Peter, Arthur, Jr.
  • Peterson, John W.
  • Pfeiffer, Martha R.
  • Phillips, Dean
  • Phinizy, R. B. (Bob)
  • Pinkerton, Richard (Pump'um Paw) L.
  • Piper, James R.
  • Pirnie, Alexander (Al)
  • Pitcher, Chris (Mary Free Bed Hospital)
  • Pizer, Marvin E.

Box 14 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Player, Gary
  • Plekker, Robert J.
  • Pollock, Howard W.
  • Potter, Charles E.
  • Potter, Ernest E.
  • Potter, I. Lee
  • Poulos, George
  • Powell, Lewis F., III
  • Preble, James J.
  • Presicek, Branko A.
  • Pulliam, Eugene C.
  • Quaal, Ward L.
  • Quain, Elsie (Mrs. Clarence R.)
  • Queen, William (Queenie) H.
  • Quinn, W. Louis, Monsignor
  • Raab, Eugene
  • Radder, Bruce M.
  • Rafferty, Edward F.
  • Ragland, Harold ("Rags")
  • Ramey, Gertrude
  • Raoul-Duval, Michael
  • Rausch, James S., Reverend
  • Ray, Peggy C.
  • Reardon, Daniel F.
  • ReDavid, Louis F.
  • Rees, James A.
  • Regester, Ruth Bignell
  • Reid, Thomas R.
  • Renner, Emil A.
  • Renner, William. W., Jr.
  • Reston, James B.
  • Revercomb, W. Chapman
  • Rhea, Frances
  • Richardson, Bobby
  • Richardson, Scovel
  • Riely, Mason
  • Rihs, Sharon
  • Riley, Jim
  • Riley, Neil
  • Ring, Carlyle C., Jr.
  • Ripley, Dillon S.
  • Ritch, James M.
  • Riviere, Joseph D.
  • Robb, Lynda
  • Robbins, Mrs. David
  • Robbins, G. B. (Bob), Colonel
  • Roberts, J. W. (Bill)
  • Roberts, Jack, Charles, and Ted
  • Robinson, George (Geo) L.
  • Robinson, Kathleen
  • Robowski, Ernest
  • Rockwell, W. F. (Al), Jr.
  • Rogers, Thomas A.
  • Rohtbart, Markus
  • Roland, Jean
  • Roosevelt, John A.
  • Root, Oren
  • Rose, Edward (Ed)
  • Rosenau, Gary and Anita
  • Rosengren, R. P. (Roz), Colonel
  • Roskam, Donald (Don) O.
  • Rosner, Leo
  • Roston, Arnold
  • Rostow, Eugene (Gene) V.
  • Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Max
  • Roudebush, Richard L.
  • Rozelle, Pete
  • Rudd, Kenneth and Gordon
  • Rudy, John Forney
  • Ruhl, John R. E.
  • Rule, James S.

Box 15 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Rumsfeld, Donald
  • Running, Shelly
  • Rusk, Dean
  • Russell, John, Sir
  • Russell, Mary Ann
  • Russell, Walt
  • Rustand, Warren S.
  • Ryan, John W.
  • Ryder, Ed
  • Sacasa, Guillermo Sevilla
  • Sager, Fred
  • Saltonstall, Leverett
  • Sammons, James H.
  • Sampson, Arthur F.
  • Sandifer, Robert L.
  • Sands, Jim
  • Sanko, Mickey
  • Sarazen, Gene
  • Satterfield, David E., III
  • Saylor, Louis C., Colonel
  • Schad, Ron J.
  • Schembechler, Glenn ("Bo")
  • Schick, Patricia L.
  • Schipper, Kenneth J.
  • Schleifer, A. H. (Bud)
  • Schmitt, Bob
  • Schneider, Dood
  • Schneider, Peter H.
  • Schneider, Stephen E.
  • Schoonbeck, Mabel
  • Schroeder, Paul
  • Schuklin, Kathryn
  • Schuiling, William (Bill) J.
  • Scott, Fitzhugh
  • Scott, George W.
  • Scott, Stanley S.
  • Scranton, William W.
  • Scrivner, Errett ("Scriv") P.
  • Seay, Phoebe (Mrs. Jackson S.)
  • Sebastian, James R.
  • Secchia, Peter F.
  • Shafer, Raymond P.
  • Shanley, Bernard M.
  • Shannon, Margaret
  • Shapiro, Alvin
  • Shapiro, I. S.
  • Shapiro, Laurel
  • Shaw, Arthur F., Colonel
  • Shaw, Margaret A.
  • Shaw, Robert J.

Box 16 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Sheahan, JoAnn (students)
  • Shelley, Mrs. John F. (Thelma)
  • Shepard, Montgomery
  • Sherer, Morris
  • Shipley, Carl L.
  • Shor, Toots
  • Shore, Dinah
  • Shore, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
  • Shoup, Dick
  • Shriver, Robert Sargent Jr.
  • Siler, Eugene
  • Silkowski, Bernard J.
  • Silvester, Mrs. L.V. Jr.
  • Simmons, Willard
  • Simons, Pollard
  • Singer, Neil Jay
  • Singleton, Philip A.
  • Sinker, Edward M.
  • Sinsheimer, Louis A.
  • Sisk, Frances A.
  • Skaff, Michael and Geneva
  • Slade, Roy
  • Slovek, Pat
  • Slykhouse, Gloria Bursey
  • Smeekens, John P.
  • Smith, Carol
  • Smith, Clete
  • Smith, David Shiverick
  • Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
  • Smith, H. Allen
  • Smith, Larry
  • Smith, Mary Louise
  • Smith, Ronald J
  • Solomon, Edward Jay
  • Sorensen, Ted W.
  • Sparling, Jim
  • Spoelhof, William (Bill)
  • St. George, Katharine
  • Staal, Red
  • Stack, J. William
  • Stafford, Thomas P.
  • Staley, Fred
  • Stans, Maurice H.
  • Stanton, Frank
  • Starr, Bart
  • Starrels, Williams
  • Steele, Harold O. (Mrs.)
  • Steele, Joan and Richard
  • Steenwyk, Betty M.
  • Steffen, Raymond E. (Bud)
  • Steiger, William A.
  • Stein, Gloria (Students)
  • Stelzer, Robert W.
  • Stender, John H.
  • Stephenson, Rita
  • Stermer, Joseph E.
  • Stevens, Robert T.
  • Stever, H. Guyford
  • Stewart, Sara B.
  • Stiles, Frederick C.
  • Stiles, Maryann (Mrs.)
  • Stoddard, Robert L.
  • Stollenwerch, Mrs. Tom
  • Stolz, Robert
  • Stone, W. Clement
  • Strange, Carl B.
  • Streeter, Carroll K.
  • Strong, G. Gordon
  • Sugahara, Kay
  • Sullivan, Mrs. Jeremiah P.
  • Sumberg, Alfred D., Dr.
  • Sundstrom, Frank L. (Sunny)
  • Sutton, Mrs. William H.
  • Swain, Jack
  • Swanson, Alfred B.
  • Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. George P. (Jean and Phil)
  • Sweig, Martin
  • Sykes, James R.
  • Szostak, John M.

Box 17 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Talisman, Mark
  • Tannenbaum, Philip L.
  • Tarbell, Besse (Mrs. Karl)
  • Taylor, Basil and Marilyn
  • Taylor, Waller H., II
  • Tedesco, A. N.
  • Telles, Raymond L.
  • Ter Horst, George
  • Theodore, John
  • Thomas, Charles S. (Charlie)
  • Thomas, Irene (Mrs. Howard J.)
  • Thomas, Mrs. H. D.
  • Thomson, Jimmy
  • Thorne, Harriet B.
  • Thune, John B.
  • Thurmond, Nancy (Mrs. Strom)
  • Tibbs, Harry
  • Todish, Eleanor
  • Tonelli, Joseph P.
  • Tonkin, Leo S.
  • Torell, Bruce N.
  • Town, Edwin C., Jr. (Eddie, Ed)
  • Townsend, Earl
  • Train, Mrs. Kirk
  • Train, Robert (Chooch)
  • Tribbe, Richard S. (Dick)
  • Trujillo, Alejandro E.
  • Tufty, Esther Van Wagoner
  • Tupper, Stanley R. (Stan)
  • Turner, Huntington M.
  • Turner, Jim
  • Tyo, Robert C.
  • Upton, David F.
  • Usakowski, Esther
  • Usman, Amir (Pakistan)
  • Utsey, Sid
  • Vackrinos, John
  • Vaculik, Jan
  • Vail, Richard M.
  • Valentine, Mary C. B.
  • Van Alstyne, David Jr.
  • Van Atta, J. M.
  • Vander Jagt, Guy
  • VanderLaan, Robert
  • VanderPlaat, Richard
  • Vander Till, Gordon
  • Vander Veen, Richard F.
  • Vandervort, Ralph E. Jr.
  • Vander Wol, John H.
  • Vande Water, William H. (Bill)
  • Van Dragt, Helen R.
  • Van Horn, Charles R.
  • Van Scott, Charles J.
  • Van Slooten, Mrs. Helen (Gram)
  • Van Summern, Kristin
  • Van Tuyle, Robert
  • Vantine, Bruce
  • Vanvlerah, Mrs. Frank
  • Van Why, Elizabeth (Mrs. John B.)
  • Veit, Lyda Luneke (Mrs. Francis O.)
  • Verdier, Leonard D. Jr (Bud)
  • Ver Meulen, W.B. (Bill) and Wilma
  • Verost, Richard
  • VerSluis, Cornelius P.
  • Ver Veer, C. R.
  • Veydt, Gerald R.
  • Vice, Leslie T. (Les) and Ruth
  • Vieira, Coriolano F. (Cori)
  • Vining, Keats K. Jr.
  • Vinson, Carl
  • Voetberg, James
  • Volpe, John A.
  • Von Staden, Berndt

Box 18 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Waalkes, Olive R. (Mrs. Wallace)
  • Wagner, Gerald G. (Jerry)
  • Wagner, W. C.
  • Walen, Joseph
  • Walker, Charls E.
  • Walker, Florence and Virginia Tesch (Friends of Ford, St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Walker, Harry
  • Walker, John
  • Walker, Robert
  • Wallen, Charles, Jr.
  • Walsh, John (Jack) A.
  • Walsh, Robert K.
  • Walsh, Tom
  • Walter, Krissy
  • Walters, Dennis
  • Walters, M. W.
  • Wammock, Hoke, Dr.
  • Ward, Mary (Mrs. J. Harris)
  • Ward, Myrtle
  • Ward, William A.
  • Wardrop, John
  • Warner, Robert
  • Waterman, Donald F.
  • Waters, Earle C. ("Muddy")
  • Waxham, Ralph M.
  • Wayda, Martin K.
  • Wayne, John ("Duke")
  • Weaver, James D.
  • Weed, Hal K. and Ella
  • Wege, Peter
  • Weinberg, Mark
  • Weiner, Joseph
  • Weiss, Julius and June
  • Welch, William (Bill)
  • Welling, Truman C. and Elise
  • Wells, Tom
  • West, Ralph
  • Westervalt, H. Elmer
  • Westland, Jack
  • Westmoreland, William Childs
  • Whalen, Edward ("Rip")
  • Wheeler, Edward K.
  • Whipple, Royson N.
  • White, Dorothy
  • White, George
  • White, Gerald E.
  • White, Robert
  • Whitney, C. V. ("Sonny")
  • Whyte, William (Bill) G.
  • Widnall, William
  • Wiesner, Alfred
  • Wikel, Howard L.
  • Wilder, Robert J.
  • Wilkinson, Floyd
  • Willard, Beatrice E.
  • Willauer, Gladys K. (Mrs. R. L.)
  • Williams, Burch
  • Williams, Lawrence (Larry) G.
  • Williams, Walter B.
  • Wilroy, Mary F.
  • Wilson, Code
  • Wilson, David
  • Wilson, Fred
  • Wilson, Louis H.
  • Wilson, Paul E.
  • Wimmer, Ed

Box 19 - Correspondence File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Winchester, Lady (Babsy), Marchioness
  • Winding, Walter G.
  • Winegar, Frank
  • Winters, Jonathon
  • Wolf, Arthur D.
  • Wolf, Mrs. M
  • Wolfe, Bob
  • Wong, Chung-Ming
  • Woo, Bobby
  • Wood, Henry C. and Sally
  • Woodard, Al
  • Woods, Rose Mary
  • Woolsey, Charles S.
  • Worden, Douglas
  • Wren, Robert
  • Wunderlich, Mary S.
  • Wuth, Cecil C.
  • Yadon, Ernest (Ernie) and Bess
  • Yeager, C. Robert
  • Yntema, H. E.
  • York, Lowell T.
  • Young, G. W.
  • Young, M. Norvel
  • Young, Patty
  • Young, W. A.
  • Younger, Evelle J.
  • Younger, Mrs. J. Arthur
  • Yow, Donald
  • [Zeddies], Irene
  • Zendzian, Frank
  • Zerfas, Herman
  • Zerman, William S.
  • Zeszutek, Mrs. John
  • Zurhellen, J. Owen
  • Zylstra, Ivan
  • Zylstra, R. J.

Box 19 (Continued) - Subject File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Bentley Library, U of M, Ann Arbor
  • Campaign '76
  • Campaign '76 - Committee Roster
  • Campaign '76 - Correspondence
  • Campaign '76 - Friends of First Family, Scatter Blitzers
  • Charls E. Walkers Economic Reports
  • Flower File

Box 20 - Subject File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Inter-Office Memos - From (1)-(4)
  • Inter-Office Memos - To (1)-(3)
  • Letters Not Answered (1)-(3)

Box 21 - Subject File

(Note: Folders with the titles struck through are not yet open to research, but can be added to the Library's review queue.)
  • Letters Not Answered (4)
  • Personal Correspondence Returned from Central Files (1)-(3)
  • Personal Correspondence Returned from Central Files - Invitations - 1975
  • Personal Correspondence Returned from Central Files - Leonard, Mildred
  • Scheduling
  • Shrine
  • Suspense (Pending)
  • Swearing in Ceremony List 8/9/74
  • Thanks From
  • Travel Schedules as Minority Leader
  • Vice Presidential Staff

Audiovisual Materials Transferred from the Textual Collection

Audiovisual materials in the Mildred Leonard Files consist of photographs and one 45 rpm record enclosed in correspondence to President Ford. The items were transferred from folders in the Mildred Leonard Correspondence Files bearing the letter-writers name. Also included is one photo transferred from the Subject File.

The copyright status of the items, if known, is indicated in brackets [ ]. Restrictions may exist on the use and reproduction of copyrighted materials.

GRF refers to President Gerald R. Ford; BF refers to First Lady Betty Ford.

Items Transferred from the Correspondence File

Folder Accession Number Description

Ashworth, Ernie

1977-NLF-107 (001)

High Cost of Living, as sung by Ernie Ashworth; 45 rpm record [Ernie Ashworth; Tex Ritter-R. Gabbard]

Bailey, Pearl

1977-NLF-107 (002)

Pearl Bailey standing in a street with a young boy, inscribed to V.P. and Mrs. Ford; n.d. 8x10 color

Bartlett, Charles

1977-NLF-107 (003 to 007)

GRF and BF and others at a 1920s-style flapper party, ca. 7/1974. 3.5x5 color

DeAngelis, Jim

1977-NLF-107 (008)

Yale football coach Gerald Ford, Jr. sitting in a locker room at Yale University, 1938 This is a cropped image of Ford Library Historical Photo H0035] 8x10 bw. [George Weber]

Fox, Thomas S.

1977-NLF-107 (009)

President Ford Welcome Banner hung over traffic at Grand Rapids Monroe Mall. 10/30/1974. 3.5x3.5 bw

Kemper, Sr., James S.

1977-NLF-107 (010 to 013)

James Kemper residence in California, n.d. 2-4x4 color, 2-3.5x5 color

McDonnell, Pierce

1977-NLF-107 (014)

Pierce McDonnell listening to youthful musicians outside Palace of the Bulls, Madrid, Spain, summer, 1974. 5x7 bw

Meyer, Gen. John C.

1977-NLF-107 (015)

Rep. GRF handshaking, inscribed, 1950; torn 8x10 bw

Mieras, Patricia

1977-NLF-107 (016 to 018)

GRF at the Kent Community Hospital Dedication, Grand Rapids, MI 1974; 3x55 color

Monroy, Jesus Jesse Garcia

1977-NLF-107 (019)

Portrait of Jesus Jesse Garcia-Monroy, inscribed, 3/9/1975; 8/10 bw

Newton (McKercher), Doris M.

1977-NLF-107 (020)

Doris (M. McKercher) Newston standing on a doorstep, WWI Naval Air-San Diego, CA; 12/1944; 3.5x5 bw

Packard, Ruth A.

1977-NLF-107 (021)

American Freedom Train exhibit drawing, 1975; 8x10 color

Robinson, George L.

1977-NLF-107 (022)

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Robinson in Native American garb standing in front of their Colorado home, ca. 9/1974. 3.5x5 color

Robinson, George L.

1977-NLF-107 (023)

GRF golfing wearing boldly print pants, 9/1974. 8x10 color

Secchia, Peter F.

1977-NLF-107 (024)

The President, by Ralph Harrison, 1976; 45 rpm phonograph GRAM Records, Great American Music Machine, Inc. ASCAP]

Secchia, Peter F.

1977-NLF-107 (025 to 027)

Peter Secchias Jeep bearing President Ford campaign banners driving in a Grand Rapids 4th of July parade, 7/1976. 3.5x5 color

Secchia, Peter F.

1977-NLF-107 (028)

Lumber truck with WIN symbols on side, inscribed to GRF by Peter Secchia Grand Rapids, MI, 10/1974. 8x10 color

Singer, Neil J.

1977-NLF-107 (029)

Group photo of 1932 University of Michigan Football team. Artie Singer #50., 1932. 8x10 bw

Singer, Neil J.

1977-NLF-107 (030)

Group photo of 1933 University of Michigan Football team. Artie Singer #50., 1933. 8x10 bw

Yadon, Ernest

1977-NLF-107 (031)

The Shoshone Pathfinder, 1906 cover page. 5x7 bw

Yadon, Ernest

1977-NLF-107 (032)

The Shoshone Pathfinder, 1906 p. 120 re C.H. King, GRFs biological paternal grandfather.

Yadon, Ernest

1977-NLF-107 (033)

Group photo entitled Treaty Council, Shoshone Agency, Wyoming, re Shoshone/Arapahoe Native Americans ceding lands to U.S. 1904. [Identifications on back of photo] 8x10 bw

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1977-NLF-107 (034)

First Official Portrait of President Gerald R. Ford (WHPO A381)