Associate Director for Agriculture,
Economic Development, and Commerce
Domestic Council


Material related to Leach's work on White House liaison with Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Agriculture concerning such issues as economic development, tax reform, regulatory reform (primarily in the transportation industries) and on small business programs, especially aid for minority businesses, handling disaster assistance loans, and assisting applicants for small business loans.

16.0 linear feet (ca. 32,000 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-31)

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Prepared by Kenneth G. Hafeli, May 1980
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Leach was a lawyer, with a M.B.A. from Stanford University, who came to the Domestic Council from a private investment banking firm in Chicago.

Paul Leach was appointed to the Domestic Council as Associate Director for Agriculture, Economic Development, and Commerce during the reorganization of the Council in May 1975. The position that Leach assumed was created following the resignation of Norman E. Ross, who served as Assistant Director for Natural Resources. In the course of the reorganization, Leach inherited material from several Domestic Council staff members, including commerce material from Geoffrey Shepard and Richard Parsons, economic development from Tod Hullin, and agriculture from Michael Raoul-Duval and Norman Ross. Some of this material carried over from the Nixon administration.

Working with the Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Agriculture, and various federal agencies, Leach's duties included policy organization, research and economic development, and tax reform. He examined new legislation and its possible effects on the areas for which he was responsible, and worked with industry leaders and members of Congress on various issues. Leach also worked on regulatory reform, primarily in the air and shipping industries, and on small business programs, especially aid for minority business, handling disaster assistance loans, and assisting applicants for small business loans.

Since his responsibilities and interests involved him in many capital market and financial institution issues, Leach represented the Domestic Council on the Treasury Department's Capital Markets Working Group, an interagency organization which studied financial legislation. Because of his responsibilities on matters dealing with agriculture, especially food production and the world food situation, Leach served as the Domestic Council's representative on the Council of Economic Advisors' Food Deputies Group and attended their weekly meetings.

The files consist of memoranda, correspondence, drafts, notes, press releases, clippings, and other printed materials, and are divided into Agriculture, Commerce and Economic Development, Regulatory Reform, and Small Business Subject Files, a General Subject File, Enrolled Bills, and a Chronological File.

Related Materials (May 1980)
Related materials include the files of Domestic Council staff members James Cannon and Norm Ross and White House Central Files Subject Files categories AG (Agriculture) and BE (Business-Economics).


Agriculture Subject File, 1973-77.  (Boxes 1-10, 4.0 linear feet)
Correspondence, legislation, newspaper clippings, agendas, press releases, speeches and speech drafts, agricultural statistics, reports and printed material dealing with the agricultural policies of the Ford Administration. Among the more substantive topics are general agriculture, Committee on Food reports, Forest Service, rural development, speeches and the world food situation (which also contains material dating from the Nixon Administration).

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Commerce and Economic Development Subject File, 1974-77.  (Boxes 11-19, 3.6 linear feet)
Correspondence, reports, press releases, printed materials, newspaper clippings, legislation, enrolled bills, speeches and speech drafts, and travel itineraries dealing with Ford Administration policy in the field of commerce and economic development. Major topics include capital formation, general commerce, the Economic Development Administration (including Nixon era material), the Economic Policy Board, maritime issues, trade and Treasury.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Regulatory Reform Subject File, 1974-77.  (Boxes 20-27, 3.2 linear feet)
Correspondence, drafts, newspaper clippings, printed material, reports, press releases, and remarks and statements made by government officials and corporate heads dealing with the problems caused by federal regulations and the merits of revising the programs of such federal agencies as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission. Topics of major concern include airlines, broadcasting, motor carriers, general regulatory reform, and ocean shipping, with the latter two containing material from President Nixon's Administration. Material dealing with Regulatory Reform can also be found in the Agriculture and Commerce and Economic Development Subject Files.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Small Business Subject File, 1973-77.  (Boxes 28-30, 1.2 linear feet)
Correspondence, reports, drafts, press releases, statements, newspaper clippings, and printed material dealing with small business and minority business regulations and assistance. Notable topics include minority business and general small business, with the latter containing material from the Nixon Administration.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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General Subject File, 1974-77.  (Boxes 31-36, 2.4 linear feet)
Appointment books, correspondence, newspaper clippings, question and answer sheets, drafts of remarks and statements, budget analyses, press releases, itineraries, notes, issues papers, speeches and speech material, and printed material pertaining to areas over which Leach had jurisdiction. Subjects of major consequence include energy, budget, issues, question and answer briefing sheets, and background material for several State of the Union addresses. The file contains some Nixon Administration material.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Enrolled Bills File, 1975-76.  (Boxes 37-38, 0.8 linear feet)
Action memoranda, correspondence, copies of legislation, drafts of bills, and related material used by the White House to solicit the opinions of involved departments, agencies, or staff on the merits of an executive order or a particular piece of legislation.

Arranged chronologically.

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Chronological File, 1975-76. (Boxes 39-40, 0.8 linear feet)
Correspondence, briefings, reviews of government programs, talking points, sample questions and answers, and weekly reports dealing with regulatory reform, social security, commerce, rural development, child care and other material related to agriculture and economic development and commerce.

Arranged chronologically.

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Box 1 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Agriculture Appropriations and Budget
  • Agriculture Policy Making Reorganization
  • Agricultural Policy Working Group
  • Agricultural Research and Development
  • Agricultural Trade Policy Making
  • Agricultural Data Sheets (Alabama - Wyoming)
  • Agriculture - General (1)-(3)

Box 2 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Agriculture - General (4)
  • Agriculture - Presidential Speeches
  • Beef - Domestic
  • Beef - Imports
  • Canning Lid Shortage
  • Committee on Food (1)-(4)

Box 3 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Committee on Food (5)-(6)
  • Committee on Food - Deputies Reports
  • Committee on Food - Sugar Quota Options Paper
  • Cotton
  • Crop Loan Rates
  • Custom Combine Bill
  • Dairy
  • Export and Import of Agricultural Products
  • Farmers Home Administration
  • Fertilizer
  • Food

Box 4 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Food for Peace (P.L. 480)
  • Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act
  • Forest Service (1)-(2)
  • Forest Service - Timber Outlook Report
  • Grain
  • Grain Sales to the U.S.S.R.
  • Grain Scandal

Box 5 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Growth of Industry in Rural Areas
  • Honey
  • Illinois Trip Briefing Material
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • Land Grant College Research Extension
  • Monongahela National Forest Question (1)-(2)
  • Packer Bonding (1)-(2)

Box 6 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Packer Bonding (3)
  • PBB Contamination
  • Peanuts
  • Pesticides
  • Potatoes
  • Press Releases
  • Rice
  • Rural Development - Correspondence and Memos (1)-(2)
  • Rural Development - Goals Report (1)

Box 7 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Rural Development - Goals Report (2)
  • Rural Development - Miscellaneous Publications (1)-(3)
  • Rural Development Report FY 1973
  • Rural Development Report FY 1974-75
  • Rural Electric Act
  • Speech (by Gerald Ford) - Iowa State Fair
  • Speech (by Gerald Ford) - Springfield, Illinois
  • Speech (by Gerald Ford) - Iowa State University

Box 8 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Speeches by Department of Agriculture Officials (1)-(5)
  • Sugar

Box 9 - Agriculture Subject File

  • Sugar Policy Review
  • Tobacco
  • U.S. Foreign Agricultural Trade Statistics Report
  • Wheat
  • World Food (1)-(2)

Box 10 - Agriculture Subject File

  • World Food (3)-(5)
  • World Food and Nutrition Study - Correspondence and Memos
  • World Food and Nutrition Study - Publications (1)-(3)

Box 11 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • American National Metric Council
  • Antitrust - Parens Patriae
  • Arab Boycott and Arab National Investment
  • Aviation Noise
  • Business and the Consumer
  • Capital Markets Working Group
  • Capital Formation (1)-(2)
  • Census of 1980 (1)-(2)

Box 12 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Census of 1980 (3)-(5)
  • Commerce - General (1)-(3)
  • Commerce - Press Releases
  • Council of Economic Advisers
  • Council on International Economic Policy
  • Economic Development Administration (1)

Box 13 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Economic Development Administration (2)-(4)
  • Economic Development Administration Grants
  • Economic Development Administration - Speech
  • Economic Planning
  • Economic Policy Board (1)-(3)

Box 14 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Economic Policy Board (4)
  • Economic Situation
  • Energy Resources and Finances Corporation
  • Estate Tax Changes
  • Export-Import Bank
  • Fair Trade Laws
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Financial Institutions and Market Regulation (1)-(2)
  • Fire Prevention
  • Hudson Institute Seminar on Economic Development

Box 15 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Humphrey-Hawkins Bill
  • International Development Conference
  • International Monetary Fund Speech
  • Labor-Management Committee
  • Law of the Sea
  • Leach Speech - Council of State Planning Agencies, June 29, 1975
  • Leach Speech - Economic Development Representatives
  • Maritime - Extending Jones Act to Virgin Islands for Oil Products
  • Maritime - Freight Forwarders
  • Maritime - General
  • Materials Shortages and Capital Investment
  • Metric Conversion Act of 1975

Box 16 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Minority Business Programs
  • Monetary Policy
  • National Commission on Productivity and Work Quality
  • National Community Development Bank
  • National Council for Urban Economic Development
  • Ocean Shipping Act of 1976
  • Ohio Bicentennial Manpower Project
  • Patents
  • Pension Problems
  • Product Liability Insurance

Box 17 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Public Works Employment Act
  • Questionable Foreign Business Payments
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Soul City
  • Tanker Industry Problems (Third Flag Legislation) (1)-(2)
  • Tanker Problems Task Force - McCloskey Request (1)-(2)

Box 18 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Tax Reform
  • Taxes - Exemption of Members of Congress from State Income Taxes
  • Tourism
  • Trade - Asparagus
  • Trade - Ferricyanide and Ferrocyanide
  • Trade - Footwear Sports
  • Trade - General
  • Trade - Mushrooms

Box 19 - Commerce and Economic Development Subject File

  • Trade - Shrimp
  • Trade - Specialty Steel Quota Case
  • Trade - Zippers
  • Trade Restriction Matters
  • Treasury - Economic
  • Treasury - General (1)-(2)
  • Treasury - International Policy
  • Treasury - Press Releases
  • U.S. Metric Board

Box 20 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Agriculture Marketing Orders
  • Agriculture - General
  • Agriculture - Regulatory Task Force Study
  • Airlines (1)-(4)

Box 21 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Airlines (5)-(11)

Box 22 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Airlines (12)
  • Airlines - Newspaper Clippings
  • Airplane Financing
  • Anti-trust (1)-(2)
  • Anti-trust - Speeches
  • Broadcasting and Cable T.V. (1)-(2)
  • Commerce Department
  • Consumer Representation

Box 23 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Domestic Council Review Group on Regulatory Reform (1)-(2)
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Energy Agency
  • Federal Power Commission
  • Financial Institutions Act
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • General
  • Hardware Speech
  • Health, Education, and Welfare
  • Independent Agencies
  • Inflation Impact Statements
  • Insurance - McCarren Ferguson Act
  • Labor Department
  • Motor Carrier Reform (1)

Box 24 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Motor Carrier Reform (2)-(5)
  • Municipal Financing Regulation
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Ocean Shipping Regulation (1)-(2)
  • Oil and Gas Regulation
  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Post Office Reform

Box 25 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • President's Proposed Regulatory Reform Act of 1976
  • President's Meeting with Regulatory Commissioners
  • President's Statements on Regulatory Reform
  • Press Releases
  • Railroads
  • Regulatory Reform (1)-(3)

Box 26 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Regulatory Reform (4)-(10)

Box 27 - Regulatory Reform Subject File

  • Regulatory Reform (11)-(14)
  • Robinson-Patman Act Reform
  • Securities Reform
  • State and Local Regulatory Reform
  • Transportation Department

Box 28 - Small Business Subject File

  • Congressional Testimony
  • Federal Assistance to the Small Business Sector
  • Loan Program (7a)
  • Minority Business (1)-(2)
  • Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies (1)-(3)

Box 29 - Small Business Subject File

  • Minority Enterprise Business Investment Companies (4)
  • Press Releases
  • Small Business - General (1)-(6)

Box 30 - Small Business Subject File

  • Small Business - General (7)-(9)
  • Small Business - Publications (1)-(2)
  • Small Business Act (S.2498)
  • Small Business Administration Annual Report
  • Small Business Task Force of the Economic Policy Board

Box 31 - General Subject File

  • Appointment Book
  • Boston Herald Questionnaire
  • Budget - FY 1976 (1)-(3)
  • Budget - FY 1977 (1)

Box 32 - General Subject File

  • Budget - FY 1977 (2)
  • Budget - Miscellaneous
  • Domestic Council - Administrative Matters
  • Domestic Council - General
  • Energy and Resource Policy and Finance (1)-(3)

Box 33 - General Subject File

  • Energy and Resource Policy and Finance (4)
  • Invitations
  • Issue Papers (1)-(3)
  • Issues - Miscellaneous (1)-(2)

Box 34 - General Subject File

  • Issues - Miscellaneous (3)-(5)
  • Legislation - House
  • Legislation - Senate
  • Major Forums for Speeches
  • Memos to Cannon (1)-(2)

Box 35 - General Subject File

  • Memos to Cannon (3)-(7)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Presidential Appointments
  • President's Two Year Report
  • Proposals and Issues for the President
  • Question and Answer Briefing Sheets (1)-(2)

Box 36 - General Subject File

  • Question and Answer Briefing Sheets (3)-(5)
  • Referrals
  • State of the Union (1)-(4)
  • United Nations
  • Weekly Report

Box 37 - Enrolled Bills File

  • Enrolled Bills (1)-(8)

Box 38 - Enrolled Bills File

  • Enrolled Bills (9)-(16)

Box 39 - Chronological File

  • May-December 1975

Box 40 - Chronological File

  • 1976