WILLIAM T. KENDALL FILES, (1971) 1974-77

Deputy Assistant for Legislative Affairs (Senate)
Congressional Relations Office


The collection consists of files documenting contacts with senators and their aides regarding pending legislation, appointments and routine requests; and advising the president on congressional votes and views on legislation. Topics include Vietnam, military spending, intelligence community oversight and energy issues, as well as other matters.

6.6 linear feet (ca. 13,200 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession numbers 77-58, 77-107)

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Prepared by Barbara White, September 1985
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William T. Kendall

5/8/21 - Born, Newark, New Jersey

1940-42 - Staff, Western Electric

1942-46 - Served, United States Army

1949 - B.A., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

1950-59 - Research chemist, Allied Chemical Corporation

1951 - M.A., Columbia University, New York, NY

1959-74 - Administrative assistant, Congressman Peter J. Frelinghuysen, Washington, DC

1964, 1966 - Assistant to the chairman, Republican Congressional Campaign Committee

1965-66 - Attended Kennedy School of Political Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

1974-75 - Administrative assistant, Senator Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., Washington, DC

Feb. 1975-Jan. 1977 - Deputy assistant to the president for legislative affairs (Senate), White House

Sept.-Oct. 1976 - Leave of absence to serve as regional coordinator, Ford/Dole Committee

1977-79 - Administrative assistant, Congressman Thomas B. Evans, Jr., and Senator Charles H. Percy

1980-81 - President and executive director, Alliance for Free Enterprise, Washington, DC

December 1981 - Consultant, C&B Associates, Washington, DC (a public relations and political consulting firm)


William T. Kendall came to the White House in February 1975 directly from the staff of Senator Charles Mathias, Jr. He was appointed deputy assistant for legislative affairs (Senate) and reported to Max L. Friedersdorf, head of the Congressional Relations Office. His predecessor, Tom C. Korologos, had served President Nixon since 1971 and remained on President Ford's staff from August through December 1974. Until early 1976, Kendall was assisted by Patrick O'Donnell and thereafter, by Joseph Jenckes.

Kendall handled liaison between the White House and the United States Senate. He and his assistant promoted and interpreted administration policies; tracked pending legislation and presidential appointments; and advised the president of probable voting results and views on legislation. Their duties included preparing briefing papers and proposals for the president, participating in congressional leadership meetings, and suggesting specific presidential meetings and telephone calls. They also handled routine matters such as personal requests from senators for signed photographs, and invitations to the White House and various social events.

The files document White House lobbying, presidential meetings with senators, efforts toward Senate approval of presidential nominations, and continuous evaluation of senators' views on legislation and the potential outcome of votes. The files contain substantial material on several legislative topics, especially Vietnam, military spending, intelligence community oversight and various energy issues.

This collection contains materials from Kendall's predecessor, Tom Korologos, including occasional materials from the Nixon administration. These cover anti-Vietnam War vote tabulations and congressional response to the mining of North Vietnamese ports; extensive handwritten notes, often of conversations, regarding pending legislation and appointments; and miscellaneous printed material.

Related Materials (September 1985)
All the files of the Congressional Relations Office staff will open by the end of 1985; especially noteworthy are the materials of Vernon Loen and Charles Leppert who were responsible for liaison with the House and whose files document intelligence, energy and foreign policy issues. White House Central Files categories Legislation (LE) and Federal Government-Congress (FG 30 to FG 39) contain material on White House relations with Congress.


Legislative Subject File, (1971) 1974-77.  (Boxes 1-7, 2.5 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, vote tabulations, background material, draft legislation and printed material created or accumulated by Kendall and occasionally by Korologos concerning legislative issues in the Senate. Significant subjects include the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, energy, military spending, two hundred mile fishing limit, and uranium enrichment. Vietnam coverage includes Nixon administration tabulations on votes to end the war and records of telephone reactions from members of Congress when notified of the mining of North Vietnamese harbors.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Presidential Appointees, 1974-76. (Boxes 7-10, 1.4 linear feet)
Memoranda, notes, lists of appointments with senators, press releases, schedules and appointees' responses to inquiries. Files concern suggestions, nominations, hearings, courtesy calls and approval of presidential appointees.

Arranged alphabetically by name of nominee.

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General Subject File, 1974-77. (Boxes 10-17, 2.7 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, notes, briefing papers, lists, schedules, telephone call proposals, press releases and printed material. Files concern presidential meetings with senators, including bipartisan and Republican leadership; presidential travel; and routine matters such as White House social invitations and requests for presidential letters, photographs and White House tours. Also contains Korologos' handwritten notes of telephone conversations with senators and aides regarding pending appointments and legislation, August - December 1974.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Box 1 - Legislative Subject File

  • Agriculture - Grain Loan Rate
  • Aid to Turkey (1)-(2)
  • Arab - Israeli Arms Levels Comparison
  • Cargo Preference
  • Consumer Protection
  • Common Situs Picketing
  • Diego Garcia
  • Drug Abuse Policy Office
  • Education Appropriations
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Energy (1)-(7)

Box 2 - Legislative Subject File

  • Energy (8)-(13)
  • Energy Policy Votes
  • Federal Election Commission
  • Federal Pay Comparability
  • Federal Pay Deferral
  • Food Stamps
  • Foreign Aid
    - Bill
    - Foreign Assistance Act of 1971
    - Foreign Economic Perspective
    - President's Constitutional Primacy in Foreign Relations and National Defense
    - United States in Changing World Economy (1)

Box 3 - Legislative Subject File

  • Foreign Aid
    - United States in Changing World Economy (2)-(3)
  • Foreign Relations - Banking
  • Government Reform
  • Housing
  • Intelligence - Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (1)-(4)
  • Kennedy-Jackson Resolution (1)-(2)
  • Law of the Sea
  • Legislative Interdepartmental Group
  • Lobbying
  • Mayaguez
  • Military Procurement - Authorization Act (1)-(2)

Box 4 - Legislative Subject File

  • Military Procurement - Authorization Act (3)
  • Military Procurement - Department of Defense Comptroller Report
  • Military Procurement - Joint Chiefs of Staff Annual Report (1)-(2)
  • Natural Gas
  • New York City Crisis (1)-(2)
  • No Fault Insurance
  • Nurse Training
  • Policy Issues Before Congress
  • Public Works (1)-(2)
  • Railroad Revitalization Act
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Rule XXII

Box 5 - Legislative Subject File

  • Senate Youth Program
  • Sinai Surveillance Arrangements
  • State of the Union
  • Tax Reduction
  • Tobacco Price Supports
  • Trade Reform Act
  • Two Hundred Mile Fisheries Legislation (1)-(5)
  • Uranium Enrichment (1)-(3)
  • Vietnam (1)-(2)

Box 6 - Legislative Subject File

  • Vietnam (3)
  • Vietnam - Congressional Response to Mining of North Vietnamese Harbors (1)-(2)
  • Vietnam - End the War Votes (1)-(3)
  • Vote Statistics, 1970 (1)-(4)
  • Vote Tabulations - Administration Support (1)-(3)

Box 7 - Legislative Subject File

  • Vote Tabulations - Administration Support (4)
  • Voting Rights Act Extension
  • White House Appropriations
  • White House Conference on Domestic and Economic Affairs
  • Wyman - Durkin Senate Race

Box 7 (Continued) - Presidential Appointees

  • Appointees - General (1)-(3)
  • Appointees - Patronage
  • Armstrong, Anne
  • Bailey, Kay
  • Baker, James A.
  • Bakke, Karl E.
  • Banowsky, William
  • Barnako, Frank R.
  • Blackburn, Ben B.
  • Boorstin, Daniel J.
  • Bush, George (1)-(2)
  • Byington, John

Box 8 - Presidential Appointees

  • Coleman, William T. (1)-(3)
  • Collier, Calvin
  • Comola, Paul
  • Cook, David S.
  • Coors, Joseph
  • Dent, Frederick B.
  • DuBrul, Stephen M.
  • Dunlop, John T. (1)-(4)
  • Eckerd, Jack M.
  • Greenspan, Alan
  • Hall, Asaph H.
  • Hathaway, Stanley K. (1)-(2)
  • Heller, Austin N.
  • Hills, Carla A.
  • Hills, Roderick M.

Box 9 - Presidential Appointees

  • Hoffmann, Martin R.
  • Holloman, John H.
  • Hooper, James F.
  • Houser, Thomas J.
  • Isbister, James D.
  • Kendrick, William J.
  • Kleppe, Thomas S.
  • Knoche, E. Henry
  • Lehman, John
  • Levi, Edward H. (1)-(3)
  • Longshore, Thomas L.
  • McLucas, John L.
  • MacAvoy, Paul W.
  • Mathews, David (1)-(3)

Box 10 - Presidential Appointees

  • O'Neill, Paul
  • Orlebeke, Charles J.
  • Patricelli, Robert E.
  • Perry, Lowell W.
  • Richardson, Elliot L.
  • Robson, John E.
  • Rudman, Warren B.
  • Rumsfeld, Donald
  • Scearce, James F.
  • Scott, Stanley S.
  • Scranton, William W.
  • Silbert, Earl J.
  • Simpson, Barbara A.
  • Stevens, John Paul (1)-(2)
  • Stone, J. Ralph
  • Todd, Webster B.
  • Walker, Charles M.
  • White, Margita E.

Box 10 (Continued) - General Subject File

  • Bipartisan Leadership Meetings
  • Briefing Papers (1)

Box 11 - General Subject File

  • Briefing Papers (2)-(9)
  • Congressional Hour (1)-(3)

Box 12 - General Subject File

  • Congressional Hour (4)
  • Congressional Relations Memoranda (1)-(8)
  • Disaster Areas (1)-(5)

Box 13 - General Subject File

  • Floor Schedules (1)-(2)
  • Ford, Betty - Schedule
  • Korologos Notes, 8/74-9/74 (1)-(9)

Box 14 - General Subject File

  • Korologos Notes, 10/74-12/74 (1)-(9)
  • Legislative Procedure Manual - House of Representatives

Box 15 - General Subject File

  • Morning Meetings
  • Nixon, Richard - Supreme Court Brief
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • President - Memoranda for
  • President - Recommended Telephone Calls
  • President - Schedule Information (1)-(8)
  • President - Schedule Proposals (1)-(2)
  • Presidential Spokesmen Activity

Box 16 - General Subject File

  • Regional Decision Making: New Strategies for Substate Districts
  • Republican Leadership Meetings (1)-(2)
  • Requests - Birthday and Anniversary (1)-(3)
  • Requests - Photographs
  • Requests - White House Tours (1)-(2)
  • Senators' Group, 1976
  • Signing Ceremonies
  • Wednesday Club
  • White House After-Dinner Invitees (1)-(3)

Box 17 - General Subject File

  • White House After-Dinner Invitees (4)-(5)
  • White House Invitation Lists
  • White House Memoranda (1)-(2)
  • Items Transferred to Audiovisual and Book Collections