Staff Secretary
Domestic Council


The bulk of the collection consists of personnel files for Domestic Council staff members. Also included are materials concerning routine administrative matters such as compiling Domestic Council budget figures and tracking numbers of personnel on duty and staff detailed from other agencies.

1.4 linear feet (ca. 2,800 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-30)

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Judith Ann Johnston, a former legal secretary, joined the Domestic Council staff as a secretary in February 1973. She first worked in the office of the Executive Director, Kenneth Cole, but from October 1974 on she was staff secretary for the Domestic Council under the Deputy Director for Operations.

As staff secretary, Johnston was responsible for maintaining the Domestic Council administrative files. She supported the staff in their day-to-day operations and, with the Domestic Council reorganization in February 1976, assumed further duties from her former supervisor, Warren Hendriks. She handled routine administrative tasks such as compiling budget figures and tracking numbers of personnel on duty and staff details from other agencies. In addition, she retained personnel files on some former Domestic Council employees.

Related Materials (September 1982)
Additional materials on the administration of the Domestic Council appear in the Domestic Council files of James Cannon, Arthur Quern, and others.


Administrative File, 1973-77.  (Box 1, 0.4 linear feet)
Internal memoranda, correspondence, forms and lists relating to routine administrative matters regarding the Domestic Council staff including: budget and personnel counts and status reports, requests for magazine subscriptions; certificates; parking and pass requests; listings of Combined Federal Campaign contributions; press releases and organizational charts regarding the Domestic Council; memoranda, reports, instructions and forms regarding declassification; and a pamphlet summarizing the findings of the 1975 White House Public Forums on Domestic Policy.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.

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Personnel File, 1973-77. (Boxes 2-4, 1 linear foot)
Time and Attendance Reports; Notifications of Personnel Actions, White House check-out forms; and correspondence and memoranda relating to routine personnel matters regarding former Domestic Council employees, including promotions, pay and status, travel vouchers, separations, consulting, reimbursement, address changes, and questions and clarifications regarding retirement, leave and medical coverage.

Arranged alphabetically by name of staff member.


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Box 1 - Administrative File

  • Annual Report to the Senate Committee on Government Operations
  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • Domestic Council - Budget
  • Domestic Council - Commissions: Ford Administration
  • Domestic Council - Details
  • Domestic Council - General Information
  • Domestic Council - Organization Charts
  • Domestic Council - Press Releases
  • Interagency Classification Review Committee (1)-(2)
  • Magazine Subscriptions (1)-(4)
  • Parking Requests
  • Pass Requests (1)-(2)
  • Personnel Status Reports
  • Proclamations Pending
  • Special Privileges
  • Supplies - FY 1975
  • White House Public Forums on Domestic Policy (Publication)

Box 2 - Personnel File

  • Ammen, Helen J.
  • Anderson, Martin
  • Avella, Margaret A.
  • Boyle, Margo M.
  • Brown, Shelby Ann
  • Buckles, Andre M.
  • Cavanaugh, James H.
  • Clink, Karen A.
  • Clower, W. Dewey
  • Cole, Kenneth R.
  • Crinigan, Mary P.
  • Dickerman, Georgia F.
  • Dudley, George
  • Duffy, David
  • Dunham, Richard L.
  • Elm, Roger, Jr.
  • Fagan, Jana Hruska
  • Falk, James H.
  • Fogelgren, Christina A.
  • Gallagher, Peter J.
  • Gannon, Franklin R.
  • Gardner, Sidney L.
  • Glass, Naomi
  • Halper, Sam
  • Harrigan, Michael

Box 3 - Personnel File

  • Hendriks, Warren K., Jr.
  • Hofgren, Catherine A.
  • Hullin, Tod R.
  • Jordan, James P.
  • Larsen, Donna D.
  • Leonard, Connie Sue
  • Lissy, David H.
  • McConahey, Stephen G.
  • McNabb, Patricia M.
  • Mead, Dana G.
  • Mead, Steven R.
  • Miller, Clifford A.
  • Morgan, Jennifer S.
  • Moore, Powell A.
  • Mueller, Marilyn E.
  • Needham, Pamela G.
  • Oxley, William J.
  • Patrick, Carol A.
  • Quern, Arthur F.
  • Raoul-Duval, Michael
  • Ross, Norman E.
  • Reilly, Ann
  • Ryan, Kathleen
  • Seline, Brigette
  • Semerad, Roger D.
  • Shepard, Geoffrey C.

Box 4 - Personnel File

  • Soares, Virginia D.
  • Solak, Cri Cri
  • Tindle, Kathleen M.
  • Trivette, Alpha E.
  • Tucker, Phyllis D.
  • Whitehead, Virginia W. (1)-(2)
  • Wright, Frances Dean