Associate Counsel to the President;
Counsel to the President's Office


Material on advice given to the President on presidential powers, domestic and foreign issues. The most prominent topic relates to review of Civil Aeronautics Board decisions and airline regulatory reform. Other issues include: coyotes, classification review, political campaign funds, Japanese uranium stored in the United States, oil import fees, and creation of an Energy Independence Authority.

4.0 linear feet (ca. 8,000 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession Number 77-6)

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Dudley Chapman

October 23, 1934 - Born, Omaha, Nebraska

1959 - J.D., University of Michigan

1959-60 - Instructor, University of Michigan Law School

1960-63 - Captain, Judge Advocate General Corps, U.S. Army

1963-67 - Associate, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, Washington, D.C.

1967-69 - Office of Legal Counsel, U.S. Justice Department 

1970-73 - Assistant Chief of Foreign Commerce Section, Antitrust Division, U.S. Justice Department

1973-76 - Associate Counsel to the President

1976-81 - Partner, Chapman & Clearwaters, Washington, D.C.

1982-87 - Ward, Lazarus, Grow & Cihlar, Washington, D.C.


Dudley H. Chapman moved from the Justice Department to the White House Legal Counsel's Office during the Nixon administration and stayed on in that office when Gerald R. Ford became president. During the Ford administration, Chapman received most of his work assignments from Rod Hills and later Edward Schmults. As much as sixty percent of Chapman's time was spent in routine services, which meant answering legal questions on many topics. Chapman specialized in legal advice relating to classified information, including the Freedom of Information Act; the Hatch Act and other political restrictions, as well as standards of conduct and conflicts of interest; litigation affecting the President's interests; use of the Seal of the President; regulatory reform legislation; and review of Civil Aeronautics Board decisions. In fact the bulk of this collection relates to CAB decisions, reform, guidelines, and executive orders.

This collection is useful in studying the Ford administrations's use of statutory powers relating to executive review of regulatory agency decisions. There are also materials that provide information for those studying regulatory reform. Chapman, as well as other Counsel's Office staff, shared a common filing system that now forms part of the Kenneth Lazarus Files. Additional Chapman material appears in that collection.

Related Materials (August 1995)
Closely related materials are located in the Counsel's Office staff files of Philip Buchen, Edward Schmults, and Kenneth Lazarus. Another important source of related materials is the White House Central Files Subject File. Of particular importance is the subject category of CA: Civil Aviationl, Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) FG88. Other related material can be found in the Domestic Council files of James Cannon, Judith Hope, Steven McConahey and the papers of John E. Robson.


Subject File, 1974-76.  (Boxes 1-12, 3.2 linear feet)
Memoranda, reports, briefing papers, correspondence, notes, messages, executive orders, legal opinions, press releases, and clippings. The materials concern legal analyses and commentary on a variety of issues. The major topic deals with Civil Aeronautics Board decisions and airlines. Other topics include coyotes, classification review, federal regulations relating to election campaigns, the creation of an Energy Independence Authority, oil import fees, and regulatory reform.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Chronological File, 1974-76.  (Boxes 13-14, 0.8 linear feet)
Carbon copies of memoranda and correspondence generated by Mr. Chapman from August 1974 through March 1976.

Arranged chronologically.

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Box 1 - Subject File

  • Aviation Consumer Action Project v. Civil Aeronautics Board (1)-(3)
  • Aviation: Charter Services (1)-(3)
  • Civil Aeronautics Board
  • - 801 Guidelines "Final" Memo (1)-(5)

Box 2 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - 801 Guidelines - General (1)-(8)

Box 3 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Allegheny Airlines
    - Decisions (1)-(7)
    - Executive Order 11920

Box 4 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Hawaiian Airlines
    - Kennedy Report (1)-(3)
    - Laker Sky Train
    - Air Micronesia (1)-(2)
    - Pan American/American Route Swap (1)-(3)
    - Pan American/Iranian Loan (1)

Box 5 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Pan American/Iranian Loan (2)-(7)
    - Pan American/Trans World Airlines Route Swap (1)-(2)

Box 6 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Pan American/Trans World Airlines Route Swap (3)-(6)
    - Pending (1)-(4)

Box 7 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Pending (5)-(7)
    - Policy/Immediate Problems
    - Policy/Long Range
    - Regulatory Reform Speech
    - Review of Orders
    - Review/Transatlantic Route (1)-(3)

Box 8 - Subject File

    - Review/Transatlantic Route (4)-(8)
    - Saipan (1)-(3)

Box 9 - Subject File

  • Civil Aeronautics Board
    - Saipan (4)-(8)
    - South Pacific
    - Trans International Airlines/Saturn Airways (1)-(4)

Box 10              Subject File

  • Classification Review (1)-(5)
  • Classified Information – Security Leaks
  • Coyotes (1)-(5)
  • Elections, Campaigns, and Political Funds (1)-(2)

Box 11              Subject File

  • Energy Independence Authority (1)-(6)
  • Japanese Uranium: State Taxes (1)-(2)

Box 12              Subject File

  • Nuclear Security: Domestic (1)-(2)
  • Oil Import Fee Appeal
  • Philippines: Charles H. Beloso Letter
  • Political Funds
  • Romanian Trade Agreement
  • Regulatory Reform
    - General
    - President's Meeting with Commissioners of Regulatory Agencies
    - President's Meeting with Congressional Leaders (1)-(2)
    - President's Meeting with General Counsels of Regulatory Agencies
    - Legislation
  • Vietnam: Captured American Equipment

Box 13              Chronological File

  • August 1974 - June 1975

Box 14              Chronological File

  • July 1975 - March 1976