Assistant Director for Energy and Science
Domestic Council


Material primarily on earthquake preparedness, energy issues, and National Medal of Science awards. Small amount of material concern the space shuttle, Space Exploration Day, and Office of Science and Technology.

1.6 linear feet (ca. 3,200 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-107)

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Prepared by Leesa Tobin, May 1981
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Dr. Dennis Barnes is a graduate of the College of Wooster, University of Wisconsin and the University of Virginia. He joined the Domestic Council staff in May 1976 and served the remainder of the year. He served as Assistant Director for Energy and Science under Associate Director Glenn Schleede and inherited a number of duties associated with general sciences that had previously been the responsibility of Kathleen Ryan.

From May 1976 to the end of the administration, Barnes assisted Schleede primarily with routine matters. He was not involved directly in the formulation and coordination of domestic policy recommendations for the President. Occasionally he attended meetings of government groups such as the Council on Environmental Quality, Advisory Group on Earthquake Prediction and Hazard Mitigation, Energy Resources Council, Federal Energy Administration, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Solar Energy Research Institute, and the National Science Foundation. Barnes also had some contact with a number of private concerns having an interest in energy issues. While not formally involved in drafting legislative policy, he monitored the progress of energy legislation in Congress and prepared briefing papers on legislation when sent to the President. There is substantial material concerning proposed legislation for earthquake research, prediction, warning, and preparedness, topics under consideration in both the House and Senate in 1976. His papers also reflect considerable involvement with the coordination and planning of the award ceremony for the 1975 National Medal of Science held in October 1976.

The files consist of guest lists, clearance lists, press releases, and the draft programs for the award ceremony of the National Science Foundation's National Medal of Science; drafts of questions and answers to be used by the President; correspondence with private citizens concerning a proposed weekend gas ban; copies of memoranda to the President outlining department and agency positions on proposed legislation; correspondence with companies interested in energy issues; announcements of meetings and also several sets of handwritten notes from meetings Barnes attended of the Nuclear Subcommittee of the Energy Resources Council.

Related Materials (May 1981)
Related materials concerning various scientific matters may be found in the Domestic Council collections of Kathleen Ryan and Glenn Schleede, among others.


Subject File, 1976.  (Boxes 1-4, 1.4 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, reports, draft letters, statements, articles, occasional fact sheets, bills, schedule proposals, questions and answers, briefing sheets, and other materials concerning a number of issues handled by Barnes. Substantive subjects include earthquakes, Federal Energy Administration, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the National Medal of Science.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.

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Chronological File, 1976.  (Box 4, 0.2 linear feet)
Copies of routine correspondence, memoranda, schedule proposals, questions and answers, and other items produced by Barnes and sent to other Domestic Council staff, government agencies, and special interest groups.

Arranged chronologically.

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Box 1 - Subject File

  • Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976
  • Automotive Transport Research and Development Act
  • Baker/Ramo Science Technology Advisory Groups
  • Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1976
  • Com-Dev Inc. (1)-(2)
  • Correspondence
  • Council on Environmental Quality
  • Earthquakes (1)-(3)
  • Earthquakes - Advisory Group on Earthquake Prediction and Hazard Migration (1)-(2)
  • Earthquakes - Legislation (1)-(2)

Box 2 - Subject File

  • Earthquakes - Legislation (3)
  • Earthquakes - White/Haas Letter
  • Energy Resources Council - Nuclear Subcommittee (1)-(3)
  • Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Federal Energy Administration - Emergency Contingency Plans
  • Federal Energy Administration - Weekend Gas Ban (1)-(2)

Box 3 - Subject File

  • Federal Energy Management Program
  • Liquid Natural Gas
  • National Science and Technology Policy, Organization and Priorities Act of 1976 - Signing Ceremony
  • National Science Foundation - Budget 1977
  • National Science Foundation - Committee on the National Medal of Science
  • National Science Foundation - National Medal of Science
  • National Science Foundation - National Medal of Science
    - 1974 - 1975 (1)-(2)
    - 1975 - Attendance and Clearance Lists
    - 1975 - Award Ceremony (1)-(2)
    - 1975 - Programs
  • National Space Exploration Day
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Office of Science and Technology Policy

Box 4 - Subject File

  • Oil Divestiture
  • Petroleum Marketing Practices Act
  • Solar Energy Research Institute
  • Space Shuttle
  • State of the Union
  • Telephone Log
  • Unique Energy Systems

Box 4 (Continued) - Chronological File

  • May 1976 - Jan. 1977