WHCF Subject File - SO: Social Affairs

According to the White House Central Files filing manual, this category was used "for all material pertaining to White House social affairs such as dinners, luncheons, mess, teas and receptions. Includes invitations to attend, guest lists and requests for permission to invite others."

Specific exceptions are: dinners of political parties (see PL); social affairs connected with visits of foreign dignitaries (see CO).


SO: Social Affairs
Executive 335 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material of a general nature on social affairs including recommendations and suggestions for balanced guest lists, questions from the public as to cost, requests for invitations and letters of commendation to superior officers of departing White House Social Aides. Also included are scenarios and guest lists for social events which did not include meals, and correspondence from the press and the public concerning the limitations placed on reporters covering White House social events.

SO 1: Alcoholic beverages served in the White House
Executive 1 p. / General 20 pp.
Materials on the alcoholic beverages served in the White House, particularly complaints from the public and questions and comments concerning the type of wine served.

SO 2: Breakfasts
Executive 260 pp. / General 7 pp.
Materials on breakfasts given by the President including but not limited to those with Ismail Fahmi, Omar Saggaf, Hugh Scott, Carl Albert, John Rhodes, the House and Senate leadership, Democratic congressmen, Southern senators, Michigan republicans, and the bipartisan leadership. Also included are scenarios, guest lists, and talking points for prayer breakfasts and media breakfasts held in various cities throughout the country.

SO 3: Dinners
Executive 1100 pp. / General 65 pp.
Materials on presidential dinners of all types including State dinners, working dinners and informal private meals with friends and family. Topics include but are not limited to: dinners with foreign dignitaries, state governors, the Cabinet, the federal judiciary, Congressional retirees, and members of the House and Senate; requests for invitations to White House dinners; letters of thanks to performers at dinners and individuals who had lent decorations; letters of thanks from attendees; briefing papers for working dinners; and guest lists.

SO 4: Luncheons
Executive 700 pp. / General 10 pp.
Materials on luncheons given by the President and his family including guest lists, scenarios, briefing papers and talking points. The luncheons include but are not limited to those given for the White House Fellows, the 30-30 Club, members of the House and Senate, newspaper publishers, broadcasters, Yale's Colby Court, and scholars invited to take part in luncheon seminars.

SO 5: Mess
Executive 45 pp. / General 65 pp.
Materials on the White House Mess including request for Staff mess privileges, permission to hold meetings in dining rooms, media inquiries and public complaints concerning funding and supply sources.

SO 6: Receptions
Executive 3000 pp. / General 60 pp.
Material on receptions given at the White House including scenarios, scheduling proposals, guest lists, briefing papers, talking points and some speech drafts. Receptions include but are not limited to those given for the members of Congress, President Ford Committee, the Advertising Council, National Alliance of Businessmen, Republican National Committee, U.S. Olympic Delegation, National Association of Broadcasters, International Women's Year Commission, National Newspaper Association, National Industrial Council, Inland Daily Press Association, and the National Federation of Republican Women.

SO 7: Teas - Garden Parties - Concerts
Executive 40 pp. / General 23 pp
Material on teas, garden parties and concerts given at the White House, including scheduling proposals and letters of thanks.

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