WHCF Subject File - SC: Sciences

According to the White House Central files filing manual, this category was for "all material concerned with all phases of scientific study, research and development."

Exceptions to the above are materials pertaining to: medicine and medical services (see HE); and outer space (see OS).


SC: Sciences
Executive 475 pp. / General 175 pp.
Materials on technological research, applications, and trade; presidential science advisors, meetings, and messages; National Science Foundation, National Science Board, science policy, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Cape Canaveral Science and Technology Exposition, and occasional items on energy, utilities, federal support, communications, nuclear safeguards, and national security.

SC 1: Coastal - Geodetic Surveys
Executive 2 pp. / General none
Two cross-references on the one billionth chart printed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Survey.

SC 2: Earth - Earth Sciences
Executive 8 pp. / General 9 pp.
Items on presidential science policy, Earth Resources Technology Satellite, geothermal resources, nuclear explosions/ozone, and the South Pole Station.

SC 2-1: Expeditions - Explorations
Executive 50 pp. / General none
Material on Mt. Ararat and Mt. Everest expeditions, and petroleum exploration.

SC 2-2: Maps - Cartographs - Globes - Geography - Charts
Executive 1 p. / General none
One cross-reference on the President's plastic globe.

SC 2-3: Meteorology
Executive 300 pp. / General 17 pp.
Material on weather modification, storm warning systems, World Weather Programs, National Weather Service, climate, NASA and NOAA environmental satellite systems, and two weather reports to the President.

SC 3: Electronics
This category was received empty.

SC 4: Engineering
Executive 1 p. / General 11 pp.
Items on the engineering profession, including management, education and conferences.

SC 5: Oceanography
Executive 250 pp. / General 21 pp.
Materials on marine science, Federal Ocean Program Report, Sea Grant Program, international exploration and research, and occasional items on salvage operations, historic shipwrecks, and the Hughes Glomar Explorer.

SC 6: Physical Sciences
Executive 350 pp. / General 225 pp.
Material on solar energy, including the site selection for the Solar Energy Research Institute, and occasional items on other energy research, and one item on high energy physics.

SC 7: Time
Executive 25 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on daylight saving time, one item on solar energy, and one item on a time calendar.

SC 8: Weights and Measures (Metric System)
Executive 14 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on the metric system and the Metric Conversion Act of 1975.

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