WHCF Subject File - RS: Reports - Statistics

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to reports and statistics in general, for reporting requirements, and for reports which cover more than one or a variety of subjects," and also for cross references to specific reports and statistics filed elsewhere by appropriate subject. Routine non-governmental reports were usually filed in the Central Files alphabetical name file.

An exception to the above is all material pertaining to vital statistics (see HE).


RS: Reports and Statistics
Executive 100 pp. / General 7 pp.
Material on the Federal Reports Act, Forms Reduction Program, miscellaneous progress reports, the General Accounting Office survey of Congressional reports and cross-references to other agency or program reports.

RS 1: Non-governmental Reports
Executive 20 pp. / General 14 pp.
Items on miscellaneous subjects, including the Grand Rapids/Ljubljana Comparative Urban Study, and a research institute report in German on the West German economy.

RS 1/A-Z: Non-governmental Reports/(name of organization)
Executive 700 pp. / General 700 pp.
Material on annual and other reports, assessments, and statistics received from companies, foundations, commissions, institutions, and other organizations on a wide variety of subjects. Of particular note are studies by the Commission on United States - Latin American Relations. Arranged by name of organization.

RS 2: Population Censuses
Executive 200 pp. / General 40 pp.
Material on the Federal Census, Federal Agency Council on the 1980 Census, census budget, 1974 Census of Agriculture, ethnic statistics, especially on Polish Americans, mid-decade census, and occasional material on poverty level and transportation statistics.

RS 3: Administration Requested Reports
Executive 100 pp. / General 3 pp.
Cross-references to memoranda and reports on miscellaneous subjects. Included in the general section is an account of Nixon Administration control of agency public affairs operations.

RS 3-1: Economic Proposals
Executive 50 pp. / General none
Material, mostly cross-references, pertaining to miscellaneous reports, articles, meetings, and proposals regarding the economy, energy, and an economic tax cut bill.

RS 3-2: Biweekly Progress Reports from the Energy Resources Council
Executive 900 pp. / General none
Biweekly Progress Reports on the President's Energy Program from the Energy Resources Council, noting petroleum production and consumption, legislative developments, and major international energy events.

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