WHCF Subject File - PU: Publications

According to the White House Central Files filing manual, this category was for "all material pertaining to the preparation, printing, reproducing, distribution, and revision of published materials. This includes bulletins, leaflets, periodicals, published articles, directories, newspaper - magazine and other clippings, and material pertaining to published documents of Federal and non-Federal agencies."

Exceptions to the above are materials pertaining to: articles - books - booklets written re: First Family (see PP); foreign publications (see FO); gifts to the President (see GI); and political publications (see PL).


PU: Publications
Executive 30 pp. / General 7 pp.
Material on miscellaneous publications, including membership directories, presidential use of publications in Vail, Press Office responsibilities, various articles, Senate Assassination Report, use of the presidential seal, Bicentennial materials sent to the Archives, and a proposed book of presidential letters to children.

PU 1: Federal Agency
Executive 100 pp. / General 7 pp.
Materials on various publications produced by federal agencies, including Status - A Monthly Chartbook of Social and Economic Trends, White House brochures, Federal Employees News Digest, various requests to the president or his staff, and other occasional items.

PU 1/FG#: Federal Agency/subdivided by federal agency code
Executive 675 pp. / General 18 pp.
Materials on publication produced by federal agencies, including transmittals, requests, and comments. Arranged numerically by federal agency code number, and thereunder chronologically.

PU 1-1: Congressional Directory
Executive 2 pp. / General none
Two items on the Congressional Directory.

PU 1-2: Congressional Record
Executive 75 pp. / General none
Materials on reprints of, insertions into, and requests for the Congressional Record.

PU 1-3: Federal Register
Executive 50 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on the publications of, and determinations and other information required to be published in the Federal Register.

PU 1-4: Public Papers of the President
Executive 12 pp. / General 2 pp.
Items on requests, offers, and presentations of various volumes of the Public Papers of the President, and one item on the presidential position papers.

PU 1-5: Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Executive 45 pp. / General 9 pp.
Materials on requests for and comments on the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, including information on its tenth anniversary.

PU 1-6: Releases
Executive 1 p. / General 3 pp.
Four cross-references to press releases on steel imports, Watergate pardons, cancer tests, and press release embargoes.

PU 1-6/FG#: Releases/subdivided by federal agency
Executive 270 pp. / General 12 pp.
Material on the preparation, issuance, requests for, and comments on the press releases of federal agencies. Arranged numerically by federal agency code, and thereunder chronologically.

PU 2: Non-Federal Publications
Executive 12 pp. / General 65 pp.
Materials on miscellaneous non-federal government publications sent to the president or his staff.

PU 2-1: Books - Booklets
Executive 300 pp. / General 150 pp.
Materials on books, booklets, journals, manuals and other publications, including presentations, comments on, and thank you letters. There are occasional items on textbook problems, book reviews, and requests for interviews.

PU 2-2: Cartoons
Executive 150 pp. / General 35 pp.
Materials on cartoons depicting the President, including presidential requests and thank you letters, and other occasional materials. Many materials here are cross-references to GI 2.

PU 2-3: Clippings - Editorials
Executive 1350 pp. / General 300 pp.
Materials on editorials, articles, and columns, including presidential thank you letters and comments, AP and UPI reports, copies of articles - including a Ronald Reagan column, and occasional items on meetings, the press secretary operation, and miscellaneous correspondence.

PU 2-4: Magazines - Periodicals
Executive 150 pp. / General 75 pp.
Materials on magazines and periodicals, including presidential and staff thank you letters and comments, requests for interviews, meetings, News Digest, and other occasional items.

PU 2-5: Newspapers
Executive 75 pp. / General 75 pp.
Materials on articles, newspaper operations, subscriptions, and other matters, including presidential and staff thank you letters and comments, interview requests, and Press Office administrative matters.

PU 2-6: Pornographic - Obscene Literature
Executive 2 pp. / General 35 pp.
Materials on complaints and other comments on pornographic and obscene films and literature.

PU 2-7: School Publications
Executive 65 pp. / General 60 pp.
Materials on school publications, including presidential thank you letters, comments, college publications, the Television News Index, interview requests, and other occasional items.

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