WHCF Subject File - PR: Public Relations

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category is for "material pertaining to the general subject of public relations, human interest, including requests of various kinds."


PR: Public Relations
Executive 75 pp. / General 21 pp.
Material on administration public relations in general, miscellaneous correspondence and greetings, the White House Public Liaison Office, and the public relations industry.

PR 1: Administration Appreciation Letters
Executive 6500 pp. / General 20 pp.
Presidential and staff letters sent in appreciation of services rendered. Most are from the President and almost all are cross-references.

PR 2: Administration Complaints - Criticism
Executive 35 pp. / General 75 pp.
Miscellaneous items critical of the Ford administration's programs, officials, and policies from the public and legislators. Subjects include but are not limited to the Nixon pardon, energy, economics, Southeast Asia and legislation.

PR 3: Administration Support
Executive 2,100 pp. / General 19,400 pp.
Messages of support, encouragement and congratulations to the President, including offers of assistance, resolutions and spiritual remembrance from the public.

PR 4: Anonymous - Illegible Communication
Executive 7 pp. / General 39 pp.
Anonymous and illegible correspondence.

PR 5: Autographs - Photographs - Holographs
Executive 825 pp. / General 375 pp.
Material on photograph requests and "opportunities," the White House Photo Office, press requests, and occasional autograph requests.

PR 5-1: Autographs - Photographs - Holographs Granted
Executive 1500 pp. / General 280 pp.
Material on requests for Presidential photographs and autographs, other administration photographs, photo opportunities, and occasional photograph and autograph gifts which were granted.

PR 5-2: Holographs - Presidential Handwriting
Executive 1950 pp. / General 17 pp.
Cross-references to Presidential handwriting and initialed material. These include cross-references to the Presidential handwriting file for the period from August 9, 1974 to May 31, 1975, letters with the President's personal signature, and miscellaneous items that the President initialized. Also included are occasional requests for personal signatures and guidelines for usage of the Presidential autopen.

PR 6: Contests - Essays
Executive 150 pp. / General 170 pp.
Requests for Presidential recognition of contest winners, including beauty pageants, essay contests, and non-contest essays sent to the President.

PR 7: Engagements - Appointments
Executive 4,700 pp. / General 2,900 pp.
Presidential schedule proposals and requests for appointments, interviews, presentations, meetings, and other presidential time commitments. Most items are cross-references.

PR 7-1: Engagements - Appointments Granted
Executive 7000 pp. / General 9 pp.
Material on appointments scheduled with the President including briefing papers, scenarios, letters of thanks both to and from the President, and daily schedules.

PR 7-2: Presidential Telephone Calls
Executive 2100 pp. / General 115 pp.
Material on Presidential telephone calls including but not limited to those relating to legislation, the 1976 Presidential campaign, personal matters, recognition for accomplishments, and messages of thanks. For most calls there are briefing papers provided for the President by administration officials and staff members which give background information, state purposes and outline talking points.

PR 8: Exhibits - Fairs - Expositions/(by country or state)
Executive 500 pp. / General 90 pp.
Material on exhibits, fairs and expositions including invitations to the President to attend and requests for Presidential statements. Arranged by country and state file codes, copies of which are included at the beginning of this series.

PR 8-1: American Bicentennial Celebration
Executive 5,100 pp. / General 3,360 pp.
Material on the American Bicentennial celebration and a wide variety of related activities,, including: letters of thanks for Bicentennial gifts; Presidential recognition of Bicentennial events; schedule proposals and briefing papers for meetings with the celebration organizations; and requests from the public concerning Presidential participation in related events. For information concerning the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration see FG 370.

PR 9: Graphics
Executive 35 pp. / General 26 pp.
Material on graphics, including design suggestions and charts for speeches. Also included are materials on the graphics for the WIN (Whip Inflation Now) campaign.

PR 10: Lists of Names - Mailing Lists
Executive 1000 pp. / General 135 pp.
Material on various types of lists including mailing lists, guest lists, and staff distribution lists. Almost all are cross-references.

PR 11: Motion Pictures - Film Strips - Recordings
Executive 1200 pp. / General 560 pp.
Material on motion pictures, filmstrips and recordings including: requests for White House photographers to photograph specific events, requests that the President record or film messages for special groups, scripts for these sessions, and requests by movie producers to film in the White House and on the grounds.

PR 12: Pens
Executive 35 pp. / General 15 pp.
Requests for pens used by the President in signing legislation.

PR 12-1: Pens - Furnished
Executive 1900 pp. / General 33 pp.
Material on pens furnished to members of Congress, departmental officials and the general public.

PR 13: Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signatures
Executive 900 pp. / General 1,400 pp.

PR 13/ST#: Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signatures/(by state or territory)
Executive 1150 pp. / General 6,900 pp.
Material on resolutions and petitions adopted by a variety of civic and other non-governmental organizations. These concern subjects such as amnesty, foreign aid, political prisoners, and the Equal Rights Amendment. Arranged by state and territory file codes, a listing of which is at the beginning of this series.

PR 13-1/ST#: Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signatures From State Officials/(by state or territory)
Executive 3200 pp. / General none
Material on petitions and resolutions forwarded by state officials and state legislatures to the President and his staff. Subjects include revenue sharing, personal recognition and legislation passed by the state bodies. Arranged by state and territory file codes, a listing of which is at the beginning of this series.

PR 13-2/LG: Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signatures From Local Government Officials/(by city or county)
Executive 5300 pp. / General none
Material on petitions and resolutions forwarded to the President by local governing bodies such as city and county commissions, often in response to Federal government actions affecting their localities or some aspect of revenue sharing. Arranged alphabetically by the name of city of county.

PR 14: Presidential Favors
Executive 5 pp. / General 80 pp.
Material on requests for favors of the President, including those he granted. Several are from collectors of Presidential handwriting.

PR 14-1: Children
Executive 100 pp. / General 10,500 pp.
Material on letters from children to the President. Most request the favor of a response, which they eventually received.

PR 14-2: Contributions - Donations - Personal Loans
Executive 285 pp. / General 290 pp.
Material on requests for contributions by the President from a variety of fund-raising organizations including hospitals and schools. Many of the requests are for Presidential items to be used for raffles.

PR 14-3: Dedications to the President
Executive 9 pp. / General 9 pp.
Items on the dedication of musical material, books and performances to the President.

PR 14-4: Entertainments
Executive 600 pp. / General 900 pp.
Material on entertainment arrangements for the President and for White House functions, including recommendations for possible performances, offers from entertainers, invitations to perform, and letters of thanks to individuals who had performed.

PR 14-5: Excerpts
Executive 70 pp. / General 85 pp.
Material on excerpts from the President's speeches or quotes that he had used in his speeches, including the public's comments and requests to quote.

PR 14-6: Forwards
Executive 90 pp. / General 50 pp.
Material on requests to the President from the public that he author forwards to various books. Also included are drafts of forwards which the President agreed to prepare.

PR 14-7: Impersonations
There is no material filed in this category.

PR 14-8: Opinions - Statements - Questionnaires - Articles
Executive 1125 pp. / General 560 pp.
Material on public statements issued by the President in response to various events, occasions, requests from publications or groups, and in connection with signing legislation. Also included are questions from the public concerning those statements and requests for interviews.

PR 14-9: President's Names - Likeness
Executive 80 pp. / General 150 pp.
Material on the President's name and likeness, including requests for permission to use his name or likeness commercially and comments from people with the same name or similarities in appearance to the President.

PR 14-10: Sell to the President
Executive 40 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on offers to sell goods and services to the President. Items include newspaper subscriptions, real estate, sporting goods and insurance.

PR 14-11: Sit for Portrait Painters - Sculptors
Executive 300 pp. / General 280 pp.
Material on requests to paint, photograph or sculpt the President.

PR 14-12: Sponsorship
Executive 1350 pp. / General 700 pp.
Material on requests for the President to sponsor various events, charitable organizations, and individuals in need of assistance. Included are those requests, acceptances, refusals, schedule proposals and letters of thanks.

PR 14-12-1: Godfather
Executive 6 pp. / General 1 p.
Material on the President's godchildren, including requests for favors.

PR 14-13: Pushing or Pressing Button - Ringing Bell
Executive 3 pp. / General 12 pp.
Material on the nationwide bell ringing on July 4, 1976.

PR 14-14: Flags Flown Over the White House
Executive 20 pp. / General 45 pp.
Material on flags that were flown over the White House, primarily requests from individuals or organizations seeking to obtain one.

PR 14-15: Flags Flown Over the Capitol
Executive 10 pp. / General 26 pp.
Material on flags that were flown over the Capitol, primarily requests from individuals or organizations seeking to obtain one.

PR 14-16: Requests for Items that the President has Given as Gifts to Others
Executive 80 pp. / General 55 pp.
Material on items that the President presented to visitors, friends, and in response to requests. The gifts include souvenir paperweights, pens, pins, tie clasps and cuff links.

PR 15: Public Opinion Polls
Executive 560 pp. / General 425 pp.
Material on public opinion polls, including Gallup, Harris, political and economic polls and surveys, as well as informal poll results sent by the general public, magazines, newspapers, and legislators. Also included are results of polls conducted by the White House.

PR 16: Publicity - Newsleaks
Executive 2,600 pp. / General 1,700 pp.
Material on the White House and its relationship with the news media generally and the White House Press Corps particularly. Including but not limited to: information on the White House press strategy and the President's press plan; requests for interviews; the Press Secretary; White House meetings with the press; and social events sponsored by the White House for the press. There is also included a sizable amount of material concerning campaign coverage and the Ford/Carter debates. There is very little in this category concerning newsleaks.

PR 16-1: Broadcasts - Telecasts
Executive 1,550 pp. / General 2,000 pp.
Material on broadcasts and telecasts given by the President and various administration officials, including interview requests and public response. Material includes but is no limited to: briefing books, question and answer briefs, and transcripts of press conferences and briefings. There is a large amount of public mail in response to the President's televised interview with Barbara Walters in December 1976.

PR 16-2: Press Conferences
Executive 1,700 pp. / General 2,200 pp.
Material on press conferences given by the President including question and answer briefs, scenarios, organizational plans, lists of attendees, and comments from the public.

PR 16-2-1: Press Accreditation and Passes
Executive 625 pp. / General 550 pp.
Material on inquiries concerning procedures involved in issuing press credentials and passes.

PR 16-3: Presidential News Analysis
Executive 325 pp. / General 17 pp.
Material on the President's News Summary, including information about its organization and distribution. Included are several of the summaries.

PR 16-4: White House Clearances
Executive 2 pp. / General none
Two cross-references concerning White House clearance.

PR 17: Seminars - Lectures - Forums - Debates - Symposiums
Executive 625 pp. / General 275 pp.
Material on seminars, lectures, forums and symposiums involving administration officials or the President. These include the President's dinner and luncheon seminars but not the Ford/Carter debates (see PR 16). The material is largely related to the series of White House Public Forums on Domestic Policy held throughout the country.

PR 18: White House Tours - Visitors
Executive 1475 pp. / General 900 pp.
Material on White House tours, including special arrangements for special guests and groups and letters complimenting or criticizing tour guides.

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