WHCF Subject File - OS: Outer Space

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to plans, programs, research, exploration and development of outer space. Includes programs of air, space and unidentified flying objects."

The file manual specifically excepted: communications satellites (see UT); and meteorological rockets and satellites (see SC).


OS: Outer Space
Executive 275 pp. / General 35 pp.
Material on the U.S. space program, including NASA funding concerns, planned programs and annual reports; and related matters, including recognition for Dr. Werner von Braun.

OS 1: Accidents
No materials were filed in this category.

OS 2: Launching Sites - Tracking Stations
No materials were filed in this category.

OS 3: Space Flight
Executive 550 pp. / General 25 pp.
Material on the US space program, especially on the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project and associated public relations matters; but also on Earth Resources Technology Satellite system, the space shuttle, the Viking I Mars mission, de- orbit of the Skylab booster rocket, launching invitations, Landsat satellites, overseas transfer of technology, the Convention on Registration of Objects Launched Into Outer Space, and the proposed 1976 Earth Resources Information Satellite System Act.

OS 3-1: Astronauts
Executive 110 pp. / General 12 pp.
Material, primarily cross-references, on astronauts including awards, travel, public appearances, and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, especially the President's meetings with the US astronauts and the Soviet cosmonauts.

OS 4: Space Research
Executive 4 pp. / General none
Cross-references on Viking I, the International Astronautical and Space Research Exhibit, and a Presidential meeting with NASA Administrator James Fletcher and others.

OS 5: Unidentified Flying Objects
Executive 8 pp. / General 13 pp.
Items reflecting public interest in UFO's.

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