WHCF Subject File - NR: Natural Resources

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "all material pertaining to conserving, developing, preserving, protecting and discovering natural resources."

Specific exceptions are: land acquisition and disposition (see RA); parks (see PA); and water pollution (see HE).


NR: Natural Resources
Executive 200 pp. / General 100 pp.
Miscellaneous material on energy use and conservation, environmental issues, and natural resources. A large quantity of the material concerns Executive Order #11911, "Preservation of Endangered Species."

NR 1: Commissions - Committees
Executive 375 pp. / General none
Material on the appointment of members of various compacts and commissions, the majority of which deal with water use (Arkansas River Compact Commission, Klamath River Compact Commission, Sabine River Commission). Materials include appointment, recommendation and resignation letters, resumes, staffing papers, and clearance forms. Arranged alphabetically by name of commission.

NR 2: Fish - Wildlife
Executive 1,500 pp. / General 1,150 pp.
Materials on use of chemical toxicants for the control of predators, especially coyotes; effects of water pollution and over-fishing; protection of endangered species; rehabilitation of wildlife on public lands; regulations governing the importation of wildlife; control of starlings and blackbirds; conservation of whales, porpoises, seals, wild horses, and polar bears; and other miscellaneous topics concerning fish, birds, and animals.

NR 3: Forests
Executive 775 pp. / General 275 pp.
Materials on the designation, conservation, and management of the U.S. Forests and wilderness areas.

NR 4: Land
Executive 350 pp. / General 75 pp.
Materials on the conservation and management of land (including the coastal zone), water, and agricultural resources. Sample topics include irrigation; flood and erosion control; and watershed, reclamation, and landfill projects.

NR 5: Minerals - Metals
Executive 1250 pp. / General 350 pp.
Material on mineral resources and reserves, uranium enrichment, deep seabed mining, coal mining regulations, and strip mining, especially the proposed Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1975.

NR 6: Oil - Natural Gas
Executive 1700 pp. / General 425 pp.
Material on the development and administration of oil and gas resources of the Outer Continental Shelf; natural gas allocation, shortages, curtailments, costs, and deregulation; the TransAlaska Oil Pipeline; water pollution damages to U.S. waters and coastlines; and other miscellaneous topics relating to oil and natural gas.

NR 6-1: Naval Petroleum Reserves
Executive 700 pp. / General 25 pp.
Material on the future on Naval Petroleum Reserves (especially #1, Elk Hills, California, and #4 in Alaska), including exploration, development, production, and sale of their resources.

NR 7: Rivers - Waters - Harbors
Executive 600 pp. / General 175 pp.
Materials on use of inland waterways; designation of rivers as part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System; water rights; lakeshore management; water conservation and pollution; U.S. Corps of Engineers dredge and fill permit program; development of port facilities; and construction of locks, dams, and harbors.

NR 7-1: Projects
Executive 275 pp. / General 175 pp.
Miscellaneous materials on flood control, reclamation, and water resource projects.

NR 7-1/A-Z: Projects
Executive 1150 pp. / General 550 pp.
Materials on flood control, hydroelectric, irrigation, and other miscellaneous water projects. Arranged alphabetically by name of river, dam, or project.

NR 8: Recycling
Executive 200 pp. / General 250 pp.
Miscellaneous materials on source recovery, recycling, and re-use of solid waste materials such as paper, metal, and beverage containers.

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