WHCF Subject File - MC: Meetings - Conferences

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to meetings, conferences, congresses, conventions, and forums."

Specific exceptions are: Cabinet (Federal Government) (see FG); invitations to the President to attend (see IV); peace conferences (see FO).


MC: Meetings
Executive 550 pp. / General 100 pp.
Miscellaneous material on various formal and informal meetings and conferences not listed below. Included are schedule proposals, background materials and prepared summaries of meetings held, and especially cross-references to material in other file categories.

MC 1: Governors Conferences
Executive 350 pp. / General 12 pp.
Material on governors conferences and meetings including schedule proposals, reports on or results of meetings, the State of the States presentation by the National Governors Conference and convention resolutions.

MC 2: Mayors Conferences
Executive 110 pp. / General 5 pp.
Material on mayors conferences including the United States Conference of Mayors and meetings held at the White House. Much of this material relates to revenue sharing.

MC 3: White House Conferences
Executive 1100 pp. / General 275 pp.
Material on White House conferences including proposals for conferences on religion, public utilities, housing and construction, the black community, employment and the handicapped. Also included are materials relating generally to the White House Conferences on Domestic and Economic Affairs held throughout the country.

MC 3-1: Economic Summit Meeting
Executive 3550 pp. / General 1725 pp.
Material as described above and also including material on pre-summit meetings held across the country. The Summit took place on September 27, 1974 in Washington, D.C.

MC 3-2: Education (1977)
Executive 95 pp. / General 45 pp.

MC 3-3: Drug Abuse Conference, 10/23/74
Executive 75 pp. / General 2 pp.
This conference was cancelled due to "scheduling conflicts".

MC 3-4: Washington Editorial Conference for the American Business Press Washington, D.C., 10/24/74
Executive 25 pp. / General none

MC 3-5: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Portland, Oregon, 11/1/74
Executive 35 pp. / General 1 p.

MC 3-6: Library and Information Services
Executive 325 pp. / General 250 pp.
This conference was not held during the Ford administration.

MC 3-7: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Atlanta, Georgia, 2/3/75
Executive 50 pp. / General 2 pp.

MC 3-8: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Hollywood, Florida, 2/25/75
Executive 65 pp. / General 30 pp.

MC 3-9: Domestic and Economic Affairs, San Diego, California, 4/3/75
Executive 20 pp. / General 1 p.

MC 3-10: Handicapped Individuals
Executive 65 pp. / General none
Originally planned for December 1976, this conference was postponed until April 1977.

MC 3-11: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Concord, New Hampshire, 4/18/75
Executive 175 pp. / General 100 pp.

MC 3-12: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Rochester, New York, June 1975
Executive 95 pp. / General 2 pp.

MC 3-13: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Ohio River Valley Area, Cincinnati, Ohio, 7/3/75
Executive 140 pp. / General none

MC 3-14: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Peoria, Illinois, 8/19/75
Executive 135 pp. / General none

MC 3-15: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 8/25/75
Executive 80 pp. / General 7 pp.

MC 3-16: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Pacific Northwest, Seattle, 9/4/75
Executive 150 pp. / General 8 pp.

MC 3-17: Domestic and Economic Affairs, St. Louis, Missouri, 9/12/75
Executive 140 pp. / General 6 pp.

MC 3-18: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Omaha, Nebraska, 10/1/75
Executive 50 pp. / General 1 p.

MC 3-19: Domestic and Economic Affairs, Knoxville, Tennessee, 10/7/75
Executive 90 pp. / General 6 pp.

MC 3-20: Consumer Representation, Jan. - Feb. 1976, Boston, Houston, Denver, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco
Executive 275 pp. / General 10 pp.

MC 3-21: Youth Conference on the Third Century, 3/28-4/1/76
Executive 80 pp. / General 54 pp.
This conference was postponed and did not take place during the Ford administration.

MC 3-22: Economic Development and its Impact on the Hispanic Community
No materials were filed in this category.

MC 4: Briefings
Executive 2000 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on miscellaneous briefings concerning economic policy, energy, education, busing, foreign policy areas, special interest groups, the budget, and the State of the Union address. Materials include speech texts, background papers, transcripts, and information concerning the President's briefing book.

MC 4-1: Briefing for Governors, Mayors and County Officials on the President's Energy and Economic Proposals, White House, 1/16/75
Executive 200 pp. / General 20 pp.
Material on the briefing for governors, mayors, and county officials concerning energy and the economy including background papers, scenarios, guest lists, news releases, and draft remarks.

MC 4-2: Radio-TV News Directors, 1/24/75
Executive 50 pp. / General 5 pp.
Material on briefing for radio and TV news directors concerning energy and economic proposals.

MC 4-3: National Newspaper Publishers Association, 1/23/75
Executive 225 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on the briefing for members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

MC 4-4: Economic Writers, 1/29/75
Executive 200 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on briefing for economic writers concerning recession, inflation, and energy.

MC 4-5: "Tuesday at the White House"
Executive 1450 pp. / General 30 pp.
Material on weekly meetings sponsored by the Office of Public Liaison on a variety of subjects including but not limited to: equal employment opportunity for women, bilingual education, the insurance industry, vocational education, child care, the handicapped, community health care and higher education.

MC 4-6: "Wednesday at the White House"
Executive 600 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on weekly meetings between various groups in the private sector and appropriate government officials including but not limited to: Printing Industries of America, Inc., National Council of Professional Service Firms, National Canners Association, Federal Employee Union Leaders and Grocery Manufacturers of America.

MC 4-7: "Think Tank" Sessions
Executive 450 pp. / General none
Material on the White House Conference on Minority Economic Development, March 14, 1975.

MC 4-8: Economic and Energy Issues, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, 3/17/75
Executive 40 pp. / General none
Material on the briefing at the University of Notre Dame by administration officials concerning energy and the economy.

MC 4-9: Weekly Briefing/Report for the Vice President
Executive 175 pp. / General none
Material on the weekly briefing paper for the Vice President.

MC 4-10: American Newspaper Publishers Association, 6/11/75
Executive 95 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on the White House briefing for members of the Board of Directors of the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

MC 4-11: Media Executives, 6/25/75
Executive 35 pp. / General none
Material on the briefing for regional editors and publishers and broadcast executives (Pa., N.J., Md., Del., Va., W. Va., and D.C.).

MC 4-12: Uranium Enrichment, 6/26/75
Executive 13 pp. / General none
Material on the White House briefing concerning uranium enrichment.

MC 4-13: American Business Press (all day) Editorial Conference, 11/5/75
Executive 45 pp. / General none
Material on the editorial conference sponsored by the White House for the American business press.

MC 4-14: Radio Television News Directors Association, 1/30/76
Executive 500 pp. / General none
Material on the briefing for the Radio Television News Directors Association on the State of the Union and Budget messages.

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