WHCF Subject File - LG: Local Governments

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was "for material pertaining to Local Governments in the states and territories such as Counties, Parishes, Cities, Municipalities, and townships. Include officials elected or appointed to posts of authority in these governments and matters such as civil defense relations and other Federal-Local government relations."

Specific exceptions are: local governments in foreign countries (see CO); states and territories (see ST); and urban renewal (see HS).


LG: Local Governments
Executive 800 pp. / General 150 pp.
Material on the problems of local governments, including agendas for meetings with national organizations representing local governments such as the National League of Cities and the National Conference of Mayors; suggestions for improving federal government relations with local governments; and copies of Presidential messages to Congress on legislation dealing with state and local governments.

LG/A-Z: Local Governments/ (alphabetical by city or county)
Executive 9900 pp. / General 1200 pp.
Material, almost entirely cross-references, on: local government related legislation; invitations to attend various functions; copies of messages to different events, groups, or individuals of local importance; correspondence with city and county officials explaining the benefits of certain legislation or requesting assistance in fighting inflation or the energy shortage; and requests from local governments for photographs of the President for their offices. Arranged alphabetically by name of city or county

LG/Detroit: Local Governments/ Detroit
Executive 225 pp. / General 25 pp.

LG/Grand Rapids: Local Governments/ Grand Rapids
Executive 75 pp. / General 15 pp.

LG/Los Angeles: Local Governments/Los Angeles
Executive 225 pp. / General 6 pp.

LG/New York: Local Governments/New York
Executive 1300 pp. / General 600 pp.
A large amount of material, not cross-references, deals with the financial situation of New York City in 1975, including correspondence favoring and opposing aid for the city, agendas for meetings with various municipal and federal officials on the subject, and related items.

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