WHCF Subject File - IV: Invitations

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to invitations to the President. These include all types of invitations such as those to speak, visit, attend dinners and banquets. The invitations may be accepted or not accepted."

Exceptions are: appointments (interviews) (see PR); honorary degrees (see PP); messages (see ME); trips (see TR).


IV: Invitations
Executive 18,000 pp. / General 43,500 pp.
Material on invitations to the President. Included are invitations to the President to attend private and public gatherings such as conventions, dinners and banquets, church services, and dedication ceremonies as well as invitations to speak at those events. Also included are memoranda soliciting White House staff members' opinions on whether an invitation should or should not be accepted. The vast majority of invitations were declined. All invitations in IV are cross-referenced in the White House Central Files (WHCF) Name File under the name of the individual or organization extending the invitation. Invitations that did not receive a response were filed only in the WHCF Name File. Material in IV is arranged by the year of the event, thereunder by country or state file code as per attached, and thereunder chronologically by date of document. A sample file entry would be IV/1974/ST22 (Michigan).

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