WHCF Subject File - IS: Insurance

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category is for "material pertaining to health, life, accident, surgical or hospital insurance; war risk and war damage insurance; annuities and disability retirement; and workmen's and unemployment insurance; crop-farm tenant; life; surety-bank deposits; unemployment compensation."

Specific exceptions are: federal employees (see PE); railroad retirement (see LA); social security; old age and survivors benefits; social welfare benefits (see WE); veterans (see VA).


IS: Insurance
Executive 950 pp. / General 375 pp.
Material on legislation affecting a variety of insurance programs, particularly federal no-fault automobile, unemployment, and aviation war risk insurance, but also including nuclear accident and malpractice insurance and other types of insurance; and cross-references on overseas insurance policies, presidential meetings and statements on insurance and swine flu immunization.

IS 1: Insurance: Accident - Hospital - Medical Health
Executive 1000 pp. / General 775 pp.
Material primarily on health insurance programs, particularly national health insurance legislation, catastrophic health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and government policies on drug purchases. Also included are information on unemployment compensation insurance and cross-references on presidential meetings on health insurance, problems of health care for the aged and similar health care issues.

IS 2: Insurance: Disaster - Flood - Fire - Marine
Executive 25 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on legislation affecting catastrophic nuclear accident, marine war risk and crop disaster insurance programs and flood and disaster relief.

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