WHCF Subject File - IM: Immigration - Naturalization

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the administration of immigration and naturalization laws relating to the admission, exclusion, registration and deportation of aliens, and the naturalization of aliens lawfully resident in the United States; migration to or from the United States; and foreigners requesting visas to visit or remain in the United States."

The file manual specifically excepted material pertaining to visa requests by American citizens to enter foreign countries (seeFO), and refugees and displaced persons (see ND).


IM: Immigration - Naturalization
Executive 1000 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on the activities of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and Commissioner Leonard F. Chapman, Jr.; the problems caused by entry into the United States by illegal aliens (especially into California by illegal aliens from Mexico), border enforcement operations, legislation affecting illegal aliens, the impact of Domestic Council Committee on Illegal Aliens; immigrants from Eastern European countries, Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union, refugees from Indochina and Cuba, and orphans from Korea; the import of foreign agricultural workers; and swearing-in ceremonies for naturalized citizens.

IM/Name: Immigration - Naturalization (by name)
Executive 1500 pp. / General 700 pp.
Material related to individual cases of immigration, naturalization, of visa requests, files alphabetically by initial letter of the surname of the specific person involved. (Blanket closed for privacy reasons).

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