WHCF Subject File - HI: Highways

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to public roads, such as streets, highways, expressways, turnpikes, freeways, parkways, bridges, tunnels, over and underpasses, sidewalks, routes and markers."

Specific exceptions are: federal aid for highways (see FA); military highways (see ND); safety (see SA); and transportation (see TN).


HI: Highways - Bridges
Executive 70 pp. / General 1 p.
Materials on the Interstate Highway System and legislation; construction problems, especially the Glenwood Canyon segment of Colorado's I-70; and other highway-related topics. Also included are a few items re proposed bridge construction, such as a bridge linking Siberia and Alaska.

HI 1: Bridges - Overpasses - Tunnels - Underpasses
Executive 75 pp. / General 4 pp.
Materials on legislation concerning bridge construction and operation; fund applications for bridge replacement, especially near Big Springs, Tennessee; bridge permits; requests for temporary bridging of the Fox River at DePere, Wisconsin; and New York City bridge tolls.

HI 1/ST#: Bridges - Overpasses - Tunnels - Underpasses/(State)
Executive 6 pp. / General none
Correspondence concerning efforts of the people of the Village of Tijeras, New Mexico, to obtain a replacement bridge over Tijeras Arroyo. Arranged by state.

HI 2: Highways - Parkways - Turnpikes - Expressways - Freeways - Streets
Executive 40 pp. / General 15 pp.
Materials on the 55 MPH speed limit, the Department of Transportation budget, highway funding, and such miscellaneous topics as the Lincoln Memorial traffic pattern, the cost of replacing mileage signs on Interstate Highways, and problems encountered in completing the Natchez Trace Parkway.

HI 2/ST#: Highways - Parkways - Turnpikes - Expressways - Freeways - Streets/(State)
Executive 275 pp. / General 70 pp.
Materials on highway and bridge projects. Topics include environmental impact, funding, building materials, alternative transit possibilities, and racial/national origin discrimination in routing. Of special interest are materials concerning Secretary of Transportation William T. Coleman, Jr.'s controversial decision to disapprove construction of Interstate 66 from Interstate 495 through the Virginia suburbs to Washington, D.C. Arranged by state.

HI 2/ST 1: Highways/Alabama
Executive 13 pp.

HI 2/ST 2: Highways/Alaska
Executive 10 pp.

HI 2/ST 5: Highways/California
Executive 4 pp.

HI 2/ST 6: Highways/Colorado
Executive 7 pp.

HI 2/ST 9: Highways/Florida
Executive 20 pp.

HI 2/ST 10: Highways/Georgia
Executive 2 pp.

HI 2/ST 13: Highways/Illinois
Executive 2 pp.

HI 2/ST 14: Highways/Indiana
Executive 1 p.

HI 2/ST 15: Highways/Iowa
Executive 19 pp.

HI 2/ST 17: Highways/Kentucky
Executive 1 p.

HI 2/ST 18: Highways/Louisiana
Executive 2 pp.

HI 2/ST 20: Highways/Maryland
Executive 1 p.

HI 2/ST 22: Highways/Michigan
Executive 6 pp.

HI 2/ST 24: Highways/Mississippi
Executive 2 pp.

HI 2/ST 29: Highways/New Hampshire
Executive 1 p.

HI 2/ST 30: Highways/New Jersey
Executive 20 pp.

HI 2/ST 32: Highways/New York
Executive 35 pp.

HI 2/ST 38: Highways/Pennsylvania
Executive 20 pp.

HI 2/ST 40: Highways/South Carolina
Executive 20 pp.

HI 2/ST 42: Highways/Tennessee
Executive 11 pp.

HI 2/ST 43: Highways/Texas
Executive 1 p.

HI 2/ST 46: Highways/Virginia
Executive 75 pp.

HI 2/ST 47: Highways/Washington
Executive 2 pp.

HI 3: Plans - Specification - Requirements
Executive 110 pp. / General 90 pp.
Materials on the 55 MPH speed limit; restrictions on outdoor advertising such as billboards; and highway litter, landscaping, funding, and air pollution control.

HI 4: Parking - Plans and Requirements
Executive 50 pp. / General 20 pp.
Materials on parking. Topics include Washington, D.C. parking for Bicentennial visitors, residential and downtown parking bans, Environmental Protection Agency regulations affecting parking, and construction of commuter rail parking lots.

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