WHCF Subject File - AT: Atomic Energy

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the research, development, use and control of atomic and nuclear energy for non-defense and peaceful purposes such as improving the general welfare, increasing the standard of living and strengthening free competition in private enterprise."

The file manual specifically excepted material pertaining to atomic weapons, defense and security (see ND).


AT: Atomic Energy
Executive 600 pp. / General 50 pp.
Material on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, especially the White House review of such policy issues as nuclear materials exports, fuel reprocessing, and waste management. Also included are staff and agency comments on legislation affecting nuclear power and related public opinion mail.

AT 1: Health - Medical
Executive 1 pp. / General none
One cross reference concerning agency disagreements on radiation standards.

AT 2: Industrial
Executive 900 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on private industry and nuclear energy production, including the construction of uranium enrichment facilities by the Uranium Enrichment Associates. Also included are comments from concerned citizens about the construction and safety of nuclear facilities, especially the Kaiparowitz power plant in Utah and the Seabrook power plant in New Hampshire.

AT 3: International Agreements
Executive 15 pp. / General none
Items on legislation regulating international agreements on the transfer of nuclear technology.

AT 3/CO#: International Agreements/(Country)
Executive 90 pp. / General none
Material relating to agreements with Iran, Israel and Egypt for the transfer of nuclear technology; and the relationship of Chinese nuclear tests to international treaties. Arranged by country.

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