WHCF Subject File - AG: Agriculture

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the acquisition and dissemination of information on agricultural programs; experiment station programs; research in crop and livestock production; farm management; pest control; marketing; home economics and nutrition."

Exceptions are: crop insurance (see IS); farm loans, credit services, and systems (see FI 5-1); forests and forestry (see NR 3); Market News and similar Department of Agriculture publications (see PR 1); soil and water conservation (see NR); specific agricultural products (see CM); storage and shipping of agricultural products (see TN).


AG: Agriculture
Executive 1100 pp. / General 400 pp.
Material on agricultural policy including but not limited to: farm prices, Emergency Farm Bill, crop damage, health and safety regulations, Hole-in-the-Donut farming controversy, and agricultural exports.

AG 1: Home Economics
Executive 1 p.
Cross-reference on the Future Homemakers of America.

AG 2: Horticulture
Executive 5 pp. / General 2 pp.
Cross references on horticulture in general.

AG 3: Marketing: Protection Programs
Executive 100 pp. / General 100 pp.
Material, including correspondence from farmers and farm organizations, on marketing and product safeguarding, especially the Packers and Stockyard Bill, U.S. Grain Standards Act of 1976, Consumer Protection Act, price parity, Farmer to Consumer Direct Marketing Act, and PBB animal feed contamination largely from farmers and their organizations.

AG 4: Subsidies
Executive 175 pp. / General 50 pp. Material on farm price regulations, especially the Milk Price Support Bill, Emergency Farm Bill, export subsidies, Price Act of 1974, price parity, and other agriculture supports.

AG 5: Research Programs
Executive 450 pp. / General 850 pp.
Material on animal and crop development and protection, including but not limited to: animal health and crop research, Federal Noxious Weed Act, animal feed contamination in Michigan (PBB), pest and predator control, endangered species and inhumane treatment of animals. Correspondents include environmental groups, congressmen, agriculture organizations, children and the general public.

AG 6: Rural Development
Executive 250 pp. / General 25 pp.
Material on rural economic development such as housing and health needs, funds and government services to rural America, Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act, Rural Development Demonstration projects, and the activities of the Congressional Rural Caucus.

AG 7: Surplus Products
Executive 275 pp. / General 150 pp.
Material on agriculture surplus especially the School Lunch and Child Nutrition Programs, special aid to Detroit and New York City, and the Women, Infant, Children Program, and export policy of surplus food.

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