Selected Documents on the 1976 Presidential Campaign

The Ford Library has extensive holdings concerning the 1976 presidential campaign from both the Ford White House Papers and the records of the President Ford Committee, the president's campaign committee.  The Library's holdings on this topic are described in the handout Core Collections on the 1976 Presidential Campaign. The documents below, many of them originally selected for a Library exhibit "What It Takes.. The (Sometimes) Bumpy Road to the White House" in 1996, are but a small selection of the Library's holdings.

Early Planning for the Campaign


Presdient Ford campaign buttonFord campaign brochure    
The Primary Campaign and the Ronald Reagan Challenge
General Election Campaign Planning & Republican National Convention


Ford-Dole campaign buttonFord campaign brochure

President Ford, as the Republican nominee, shakes hands with nomination foe Ronald Reagan on the closing night of the Republican National Convention. August 19, 1976.

The General Election Campaign Against Jimmy Carter