Outline of the Presentation
Gerald R. Ford and his Presidency
Illustrative White House Documents
Finding Information in the Archives
Research Topics and Projects
Using the Research Room
Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids

1a. What is an Archive?

1b. Founding Presidential Libraries

1c. Presidential Libraries Act of 1955

1d. Ford Library Archives

2. Gerald R. Ford

2a. Issues of the Ford Presidency

3. A Quick Look at Ford’s Presidential Papers and More …

3a. President’s Daily Diary

3b. Cables between American Embassies and the Secretary of State

3c. National Security Council Memos

3d. White House Situation Room Messages

3e. Memoranda of Conversations

3f. Election Campaign Documents

3g. Briefing Papers for Economic Discussions

3h. Letters to the President

3i. Letters from Children

3j. Telegrams (this from President-to-be Clinton)

3k. Political Cartoons

3l. White House Photo Office Photograph Contact Sheets

4. How Researchers Find Information in the Archives …

4a. Ford Library Website

4b. Guide to Collections

4c. Traditional “Finding Aid” to Each Collection

4d. PRESNET Search Report

5. Research Topics and Projects

5a. Book on the CIA

5b. Book on Racial Politics

5c. Esquire Magazine Article on Cheney and Rumsfeld

5d. State Department Histories

5e. UM Student Researcher

5f. Topic Ideas for Student Research

6. Using the Research Room

6a. Basic Regulations (part 1)

6b. Basic Regulations (part 2)

7. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum