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Recommended readings for Ford Library Practical research Experience


It is strongly recommended that students read the first two papers before visiting the library.

        Reichley, A.James. "Gerald R. Ford" In Encyclopedia of the American Presidency. Edited by L.W. Levy and L.Fisher. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993.

        Hyland, Pat.Presidential Libraries and Museums: An Illustrated Guide.Washington: Congressional Quarterly, 1995. [Adobe PDF file]

        National Archives and Records Administration. Gerald R. Ford: Presidential Perspectives from the National Archives. Washington: NARA, 1994. [Adobe PDF file]

        Horrocks, David A. "The American Presidential Library System at Age 50." Paper presented at the XV International Congress on Archives, Vienna, August 2004. [Adobe PDF file]

        Schick, Frank L.Records of the Presidency: Presidential Papers and Libraries from Washington to Reagan. Phoenix, Arizona: Oryx Press, 1989. [Adobe PDF file]

        Titles of additional books about President and Mrs. Ford

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