Republican Congressional Leadership Meetings with President Richard Nixon, 1969-1973

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1969 meetings

1970-1971 meetings

1972-1973 meetings

The digitization of the Ford congressional newsletters was undertaken with the financial support of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

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House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford and other Republican leaders in Congress worked closely with the White House on many legislative initiatives during Richard Nixon's presidency. This site provides access to digital copies of Ford Library documents concerning 82 meetings between President Nixon and the Republican leaders of Congress. They discussed such topics as the Vietnam War, the Federal budget, appointments to government positions, or the various bills pending before Congress.

The file on any given meeting may include formal minutes compiled by Congressman Richard Poff (1969 and 1970 only), handwritten notes made by Ford or his aide Robert Hartmann, a transcript of the press briefing conducted by Ford and Senate Minority Leaders Everett Dirksen or Hugh Scott, and other documents. The documents are from the Robert Hartmann Papers or Mr. Hartmann's subject file within the Ford Congressional Papers.