Hispanic Americans

-- Overview --

President Ford and his Administration repeatedly demonstrated his concern for and commitment to Spanish speaking Americans by:

And, President Ford has taken strong measures to assure the meaningful involvement of Hispanics at all levels of government. He has either appointed, promoted or retained in office well more than 50 Hispanic super grade and management level Hispanics including Bert Gallegos, Director of the Community Services Administration; Alex Armandaris, Director of OMBE; Raymond Telles, EEOC Commissioner; Carmen Maymi, Director of the Women's Bureau; Sam Martinez, Federal Regional Council Chairman; Joe Maldonado, Regional Director of HEW (San Francisco); Gilda Bojorquez Gjurich, IWY Commissioner; Rudy Cervantes, Manpower Planning Commissioner; Rudolph Montejano, National Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation; Gilbert Pompa, National Deputy Director of the Community Relations Service, Department of Justice; Victor Rivera, Regional Director of SBA (Denver); Edward Aguirre, Regional Commissioner of Education (San Francisco); Edward Baca, Regional Commissioner of Education (Dallas); Edward Pena, Director of Compliance, EEOC: Lorenzo Ramirez, Regional Director of EEOC (Dallas); Angel Rivera, Associate Administrator for Field Operations, CSA; Carlos Villareal, Postal Rate Commissioner; Eddie Mercado, Regional Director of EEOC (New York); Roger Moure [Ford Library note: This document has his first name wrong, his name really was Rupert Moure], Executive Officer, US Public Health Service, HEW; John Molina, Director of Bilingual Education, U.S. Office of Education HEW; John Rodriquez; Assistant Commissioner of Education, HEW; and many others.

The list is lengthy. In fact, at no time in the history of our nation have so many Hispanics occupied important decision-making posts in the Federal Government than under the present Administration.

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