President Ford's Leadership

Decisive action--the hallmark of forceful leadership--has been taken by President Ford to deal with both foreign and domestic problems.

For example, during his first two years in the White House, the President:

Betty Ford voiced the sentiments of most Americans in a Parade Magazine interview published on August 15, 1976, when she said she wants her husband:

". . . to be our President for the next four years because he has leadership and honesty and courage. He's already proven himself . . . Why change our leadership when we have a President who's set the country on a good course, who's laid the groundwork for a healthy economy, who's maintaining the peace against formidable odds?"

President Ford's major accomplishments include:

1. Cutting inflation by more than half.

2. Nearly 4 million people have found jobs since the bottom of the recession.

3. Unemployment has decreased.

4. Key economic indicators are going up steadily.

During the past year:

5. Farmers are doing well.

6. Growth of crime has been cut by over 75 percent.

7. Dangerous downward trends in defense spending have been reversed.

8. Alliances with the Atlantic Community and Japan have never been stronger.

9. For the first time in over a decade, the U.S. is at peace abroad.

10. The Nation is at peace with itself.

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