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Ford Administration National Security Study Memoranda

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Document Title


NSSM 207 Israeli Future Military Requirements 8/12/74
NSSM 208 Azores Base Agreement Negotiations 8/12/74
NSSM 209 Policy on the Development of Future Uranium Enrichment Capacity 9/5/74
NSSM 210 Review of Japan Policy for the President's Visit to Japan 9/11/74
NSSM 211 US Security Assistance to the Republic of Korea 10/8/74
NSSM 212 US Security Assistance to the Republic of China 10/8/74
NSSM 213 Review of US Assistance Policy and Programs for the Republic of Vietnam 10/22/74
NSSM 214 Implications of US Participation in Siberian Development 10/31/74
NSSM 215 US Security Policy Toward Greece (PDF file) 1/16/75
NSSM 216 National Security Aspects of Releasing Safeguard Procedures and Data on Nuclear Materials 10/25/75
NSSM 217 Security Policy Toward Oman 2/6/75
NSSM 218 US Policy Toward US and Soviet Military Access to Singapore 3/3/75
NSSM 219 US-Iran Agreement on Cooperation in Civil Uses of Atomic Energy 3/14/75
NSSM 220 US Policy in the Middle East 3/26/75
NSSM 221 US Security Interests in the Azores 4/8/75
NSSM 222 US and Allied Security Policy in Southern Europe 4/22/75
NSSM 223 Review of US Policy on Arms Transfers 5/19/75
NSSM 224 United States Policy Toward Angola 5/26/75
NSSM 225 Review of US Policy Toward Thailand 5/27/75
NSSM 226 Review of US Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula 5/27/75
NSSM 227 US Security Policy Toward Turkey (PDF file) 7/16/75
NSSM 228 Strategic and Critical Stockpile Planning Guidance 8/14/75
NSSM 229 Review of the Management of Classified National Security Information 8/19/75
NSSM 230 Establishment of US Sinai Support Mission 9/15/75
NSSM 231 Israeli Military Requests 10/7/75
NSSM 232 US Policy Toward Svalbard (Spitzbergen) 10/17/75
NSSM 233 The Future of Kagnew Station 10/23/75
NSSM 234 United States Policy Toward Angola 12/13/75
NSSM 235 Review of US Interests and Security Objectives in the Asia-Pacific, Region--Issue: Military Base Negotiations with the Philippines 1/15/76
NSSM 236 US Policy on Export-Import Bank Loans for South Africa 1/16/76
NSSM 237 US International Energy Policy 2/5/76
NSSM 238 US Policy Toward the Persian Gulf 2/13/76
NSSM 239 The Future of the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas (FTAI) 3/22/76
NSSM 240 Alternative Siting for Thai-Based Operations 4/9/76
NSSM 241 United States Policy in Southern Africa 4/21/76
NSSM 242 US Policy Toward Italy 5/4/76
NSSM 243 MAAG Requirement Study 5/10/76
NSSM 244 US Civil Defense Policy 7/24/76
NSSM 245 President's Report to Congress Concerning International Broadcast Facilities 8/3/76
NSSM 246 National Defense Policy and Military Posture 9/2/76
NSSM 247 US Policy Toward East-West Economic Relations 10/18/76
NSSM 248 US Goals in Relation to Ethiopia 11/13/76