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Funeral Services for President Ford at
Grace Episcopal Church
January 3, 2007

Prelude, Grace Episcopal Church Choir and Organist

Reception of the body, Reverend Dr. J. Nixon Mcmillan

Anthem in Procession, Reverend Dr. Robert Certain

Reading of Psalm 23, Mr. Michael Ford

Reading of Romans 8:14-19, 34-35, 37-39, Mr. Steven Ford

"Battle Hymn of the Republic," United States Army Chorus

Reading of John 14:1-6, Reverend Katherine Brower

Eulogy by Mr. Donald Rumsfeld

Eulogy by President Jimmy Carter

Eulogy by Mr. Richard Norton Smith

Homily by Reverend Robert Certain

Intercessions, Mrs. Sarah Ford Goodfellow, Mrs. Tyne Vance Berlanga, and Mr. Christian Gerald Ford

"On Eagle's Wings," United States Army Chorus, Sergeant First Class Alvy R. Powell, Jr., soloist

Commendation, Reverend Charles Howell

Blessing, Reverend Dr. Robert Certain

Dismissal, Reverend Dr. J. Nixon McMillan