Education Center Menu. Students and a volunteer at the education center at the Ford Museum. The Museum in Grand Rapids offers educational programs for students in grades K-12, and college, including school group tours, theatrical performances, a variety of hands-on experiences, and our annual Gerald R. Ford essay challege. Teacher and pre-service teacher workshops are also available.  For more information and resources for teachers and students, visit the Museum’s Online Education Center. Essay Challenge Museum's Online Education Center The Library in Ann Arbor provides the opportunity for high school and college students and teachers to explore its collections and understand the historical research process through research experiences either on-site or virtually, as a class exercise or individually.  Group tours of exhibit and archival areas can also be arranged.  Contact us for more information. On-site archival research Student Online archival research opportunities Both sites offer learning experiences suitable for high school and adult audiences through a series of public programs. Public Programs Return to Main Menu There are two kinds of education you get in this world.  One you get from others, and the other you give yourself.  Quote of Gerald Ford Contact the Library