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Miscellaneous very small collections of papers, audiovisual media and/or artifacts donated by various individuals.  The collections were solicited by Ford Library staff, obtained by the design firm of Staples & Charles in the course of planning exhibits for the Ford Museum, or received at the Ford Library unsolicited.  Audiovisual materials were transferred to the audiovisual department and objects were transferred to the Ford Museum.  Collections are arranged in order of receipt.  New collections are added as they are received and processed.



4 linear feet (ca. 8,000 pages)



Various Donors (various accession numbers).  Unless otherwise noted, the donor is the person or organization in the entry title.



Open.  At any point in time, some recently received items not described in this finding aid may be temporarily unavailable pending archival processing.



Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.  In addition, Mr. Ford has donated to the United States of America his copyright interest in any other of his writings that might be included in this collection.  The copyright interest to materials written by other individuals or organizations is presumed to remain with them.


Prepared by Sandra Raub, August 1982; Revised by Helmi Raaska, July 1996; Revised by William McNitt, July 2002

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Container List

Box 1


ERIC D. THUMA:  Papers, 1976 (214 pages)

Acc. No. 78-72, 82-10

            Two sets of transcripts of four hour-long radio broadcasts produced, written, and reported by Thuma, professor of mass communication at Oakland Community College.  The broadcasts, entitled "The Making of the President in the Bicentennial Year," were heard on WMJC-FM as part of the regular weekly Epilogue series of news and public affairs programs broadcast in November 1976.


ANNE KAMSTRA:  Papers, 1964-76 (200 pages)

Acc. No. 80-19

            Anne Kamstra worked for Gerald Ford from 1965 until the end of his presidency, first as a secretary and then as a staff assistant.  These miscellaneous materials were acquired for the Ford Library and Museum by the design firm of Staples & Charles during the course of planning for the Museum's exhibits.  Collection consists of printed materials and memorabilia.  Included are publications about Ford, pamphlets containing the texts of several presidential speeches, booklets distributed by the Ford congressional office, visitors passes, postcards, Christmas cards, and stationery.


GRAHAM STEENHOVEN: Photograph, 1971 (1 print and 1 negative)

Acc. No. 80-18

            Photograph of a table tennis match between the American and Chinese teams during the visit of the American team to the Peoples Republic of China. [transferred to the AV collection]


SCOTT P. CRAMPTON:  Papers, 1973-76 (56 pages)

Acc. No. 82-11

            Crampton was Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, 1971-76.  Materials include copies of testimony before Congress concerning revisions of the bankruptcy laws, speech before the Southeastern Association of Tax Administrators, and commencement address at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Virginia.


JOHN K. TABOR:  Papers, 1973 (53 pages)

Acc. No. 82-51

            Tabor served as Undersecretary of Commerce, 1973-75.  Three Department of Commerce memoranda concerning the nation's energy program, December 1973.


ROBERT HARTMANN and ROBERT ORBEN:  Lectures, 1981 (27 pages)

Acc. No. 82-60

            Hartmann was Counsellor to the President and Orben was a speechwriter for Ford.  Transcripts of lectures given by Hartmann and Orben in Grand Rapids, September 1981.  Hartmann's lecture deals with the Ford presidency in general and Orben's lecture concerns presidential speechwriting.


EDWARD O. VETTER:  Papers, 1976-77 (111 pages)

Acc. No. 83-5

            Vetter was Undersecretary of Commerce, 1976-77.  Memoranda, proposals, a statement, and a speech relating primarily to the domestic economy.  Includes a proposal for a new mission and organization for the Department of Commerce and preliminary discussion on the feasibility of a "Marshall Plan" for the economic recovery of cities.



Box 2


JOSEPH E. KALLENBACH:  Papers, 1973 (35 pages)

Acc. No. 85-42

            Kallenbach was a professor of political science at The University of Michigan.  Materials include carbon copies of two letters to Robert Hartmann, transmitting materials to be used "in any way you deem fit in furthering objective of Mr. Ford's confirmation as Vice President."  Materials transmitted include Kallenbach's statement, "Some Reflections on Implementation of the 25th Amendment re Filling of a Vacancy in the Vice Presidency," and reprints of two articles by Kallenbach regarding presidential succession and the presidency and the Constitution.


FRANK A. URSOMARSO:  Advanceman's comments on effectiveness of Ford campaign speeches and appearances, 1976 (9 pages)

Acc. No. 86-33

            Ursomarso was an advanceman for President Ford.  These 9 pages are photocopies of documents in the unprocessed Ursomarso Papers.  Comments are observations, from the perspective of an advanceman, of the effectiveness of President Ford's speeches and appearances during the 1976 presidential campaign.


C. D. TOMPKINS:  Papers, 1947-49 (5 pages)

Acc. No. 86-36, 87-39

            Tompkins is on the faculty of the history department at Northeastern Illinois University.  Photocopies of correspondence between Gerald R. Ford, Sr., Chairman of the Kent County Republican Committee, and John A. Wagner, Chairman of the Republican State Central Committee of Michigan, regarding a rally in August 1947.  Photocopy of a letter from Senator Arthur Vandenberg to Arthur F. Shaw, 1949, with the comment "Jerry Ford is doing a fine job."  Vandenberg letter is photocopied from the Arthur Summerfield Papers at the Eisenhower Library.


JAMES E. PATTERSON:  Papers, 1976 (75 pages)

Acc. No. 86-37, 88-10

            Patterson was a member of The Presidentials, the national youth organization for Gerald Ford during the 1976 campaign.  Collection consists of printed materials and memorabilia from the campaign and the Republican National Convention.  Included are two issues each of the newsletters "First Monday" and "Delegate Special," schedules for The Presidentials' events at the convention, and press releases announcing their activities.


DON GIBSON:  Papers, (1948) 1983-87 (7 pages)

Acc. No. 87-15 & 02-47

            A letter from Gerald R. Ford, Jr. to Robert Briola (on Butterfield, Amberg, Law & Buchen stationary), dated October 20, 1948, thanking Briola for filling in at a speaking engagement.  Also six handwritten letters from Ford to Gibson, 1983-87, thanking Gibson for various gifts.  Other items in the Gibson Papers are autographed broadsides, drawings, etc. that have little research value, so they have not been photocopied for this research file.


DRAPER HILL:  Cartoons (6 pages)

Acc. No. 87-17

            Six original cartoon drawings of Ford administration topics.  [Transferred to the Museum Collection]


KEVIN BOATRIGHT:  Papers, 1986 (1 page)

Acc. No. 87-18

            Boatright is Director of Development for the Hoover Presidential Library Association, Inc.  Photocopy of a letter from Gerald Ford to Boatright, which is Ford's reply to Boatright's question if he had ever met President Hoover.


LAWRENCE B. LINDEMER:  Photographs, 1960 (Two prints)

Acc. No. 87-28

            Two snapshots taken by the donor’s son at the 1960 Republican state convention.  Gerald Ford appears in both pictures.  Others pictured include John R. Stiles and George Hummel. [Transferred to the AV Collection]


EDMOND F. DeVINE:  Papers, 1946 (30 pages)

Acc. No. 87-29

            February 1946 issue of the Michigan State Bar Journal which has an announcement that Gerald R. Ford has returned to the practice of law after serving in World War II.


JOSEPHINE E. WILSON:  Papers, 1956-74 (90 pages)

Acc. No. 88-11

            Wilson became Legislative Clerk and Assistant to the House Minority Leader in February 1956.  Included are memoranda, correspondence, lists, and calendars relating to her work on Consent and Private Calendars, and a procedures manual for briefing bills on Private Calendars.


MRS. ROY WURZER:  Papers, 1973-87) (800 pages)

Acc. No. 88-14

            Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about President Ford and the Ford family. 



Box 3


MRS. ROY WURZER:  Papers, 1973-87)

Collection continues from Box 2

ANN BENTLEY JORGENSON:  Film, 1959 (1 film)

Acc. No. 88-15

            Film of Defense appropriations discussion between Gerald Ford and Alvin Bentley for FY 1960.  [Transferred to the AV collection]


ROGER T. BARBER:  Scrapbook, 1975 (50 pages)

Acc. No. 89-2

            Newspaper clippings about President Ford's trip to the People's Republic of China in 1975.  These clippings were at one time part of a scrapbook that was made as a current events project in Mr. Barber's social studies classes at a junior high school in Garden City, New York.


R. J. MERRICK:  Papers, 1976 (1 page)

Acc. No. 89-19

            A CB form letter from Betty Ford to R. J. Merrick.


SUZANNE MEYER:  Papers, 1974 (1 page)

Acc. No. 90-22

            A WIN form letter from President Ford to Mrs. Meyer.


EDWARD DeBOLT:  Papers, 1976 (3 pages)

Acc. No. 91-22

            DeBolt was counsellor to the chairman of the President Ford Committee.  October 1976 issue of "Heartland," which was published by the Committee, and a first day issue of the bicentennial stamp which was given to Ford delegates to the Republican National Convention.


NANCY COOK MACKAMAN:  Papers, 1981(?) (5 pages)

Acc. No. 91-44

            Memorabilia from the first Remmers Special Lecture at the University of Missouri-Rolla, at which President Ford was the speaker.  Included are a program signed by President Ford, ticket to the lecture, dinner invitation, dinner menu and diagram of seating, and a newspaper clipping.  One photograph was transferred to the audiovisual department.


ROBERT GREEN:  Papers, 1976 (7 pages)

Acc. No. 91-45

            Gerald R. Ford 1976 presidential campaign brochures autographed by athletes Al Kaline, Ron Kramer, and Ted Lindsay.  Green actively supported President Ford in the campaign.


KATHLEEN S. HORN:  Papers, 1974 (1 page)

Acc. No. 91-46

            A telex announcing President Nixon's resignation.  Telex had been in possession of donor and her husband, a newspaper reporter.


JIMMY CARTER LIBRARY:  Photograph Albums, 1976 (2 albums)

Acc. No. 91-60

            Photograph albums showing the White House First Family living quarters.  These were prepared by the Ford White House for the Carters during the transition.  The Carter Library decided to return them in 1991.  [Transferred to the AV collection]



Acc. No. 91-63

            Seven photographs taken at the dedication of the Ford marker on the Gerald R. Ford Freeway. [Transferred to the AV collection]


DENNIS JOHNSON: Photographs, 1971-79 (2 prints)

Acc. No. 92-5

            Two photographs – Congressman Gerald Ford presenting a plaque to President Nixon on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #97 of Grand Rapids; Recording Secretary of Lodge #97 presenting a beer stein to Gerald Ford. [Transferred to the AV collection]


EDWARD J. HAFELI:  Papers, 1974 (100 pages)

Acc. No. 92-6

            Issues of the Detroit Free Press, 8/9/74; Detroit News, 8/9/74; and Detroit News, Section C, 5/1/74.  Headlines of the August papers are the Nixon resignation and transition to the Ford presidency.  The May paper features stories on the Watergate tapes, and includes partial texts of some of the key transcripts given to the House Judiciary Committee by President Nixon. [See oversize folders]


WALLACE C. STROBEL:  Papers, 1960 (10 pages)

Acc. No. 92-23

            Correspondence and flyers relating to the effort in 1960 to secure the Republican vice presidential nomination for Gerald R. Ford.  Strobel was a Michigan delegate to the Republican National Convention and Ford supporter.


WILLIAM SCRANTON:  Papers, 1974 (21 pages)

Acc. No. 92-29

            Scranton was a transition advisor to President Ford.  Papers are photocopies of selected materials from the Scranton Papers at Penn State University.  They consist of memoranda and drafts of proposals relating to personnel and restructuring of the White House Office for the Ford administration.


RONALD W. REAGAN LIBRARY:  Photographs, 1991 (14 prints)

Acc. No. 92-44

            Color photographs taken at the dedication of the Reagan Library. [Transferred to the AV collection]


ROBERT M. WARNER:  Schematic Drawings, 1978 (9 pages)

Acc. No. 92-45

            Schematic drawings of the Gerald R. Ford Library building and site, autographed by President Ford, the architects, members of the building committee, and representatives of the National Archives.  Warner was chairman of the Library building committee.


TYRONE PO:  Film, 1976 (1 film)

Acc No. 92-48

            President Ford Committee Film XXPF 3915.  The film was shown at the Republican National Convention as an introduction of President Ford before he gave his nomination acceptance speech. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Acc. No. 92-53

            Television coverage on C-Span of Gerald Ford at the National Press Club, June 1, 1992. [Transferred to the AV collection]


CNN NEWS:  Videotape, 1992 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 92-55

            Interview with President Ford by Bernie Shaw concerning Watergate.  Filmed on May 20, 1992.  Broadcast June 17, 1992. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Acc. No. 92-61

            Photographic negatives and contact sheets of photographs taken at the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Awards Luncheon and the Gerald R. Ford Foundation Dinner in Washington, DC on June 1, 1992. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Box 4


CHRISTOPHER M. TAYLOR:  Photocopies of FBI Records, 1937-1978 (600 pp.)

Acc. No. 92-69

            Photocopies of FBI records relating to Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, obtained by Taylor through a Freedom of Information Act request.



Acc. No. 93-2

            Introduction of and presentation by Gerald R. Ford at the NBWA convention. [Transferred to the AV collection]


HARLEY L. SCHWADRON:  Cartoon, 1983 (1 page)

Acc. No. 93-23

            Original, signed drawing of a cartoon featuring the Gerald R. Ford Library that appeared in the December 25, 1983, issue of the Detroit News.



Acc. No. 93-32

            A set of interviews with Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan.  The tapes are titled “We the People: The President and the Constitution.” [Transferred to the AV collection]


MARY VOLPE:  Photograph, 1975? (1 print)

Acc. No. 94-1

            Black and White close-up photograph of President Ford taken by Jean-Marie Alexandre. [Transferred to the AV collection]


JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY:  Videotape, 1993 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 94-13

            Compilation of twenty different exhibits at the updated museum of the Kennedy Library. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Acc. No. 94-25

            Presentation by Gerald Ford in the Rackham Lecture Hall of the University of Michigan. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Acc. No. 94-40

            Black and white photographs of Congressman Gerald R. Ford with various other individuals removed from the Don Riegle Papers at the Bentley Library.  Includes a photograph with President Dwight Eisenhower. [Transferred to the AV collection]


COLE HOUGHTON:  Photographs, 1994? (12 prints)

Acc. No. 94-44

            Informal color photographs, 4 ¼ x 3 ½, believed to have been taken at an event held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation.  President Ford appears in several of the photographs. [Transferred to the AV collection]


FIRST AMENDMENT CENTER: Videotape, 1994 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 94-55

            A videotape entitled “Television and the Presidency.”  The video was produced by Sander Vanocur while he was serving as a visiting professional scholar with the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University.  The Ford Library contributed audiovisual resources for the tape. [Transferred to the AV collection]


JULIE NIXON EISENHOWER:  Letter to Mrs. Ford, 1987 (4 pages)

Acc. No. 94-56

            A copy of a letter sent to Mrs. Ford commenting upon President and Mrs. Ford's statements in their memoirs that the Nixons had instructed the White House household staff not to speak to them.  The letter was prompted by the television movie based on Mrs. Ford's book, Glad Awakening.  The letter was sent to the Library by Mrs. Eisenhower and a photocopy of her transmittal letter is also included.


DENNIS WARREN:  Memorabilia, 1962-64 (3 pages)

Acc. No. 95-2

            A "Convention Delegram" information bulletin for the Michigan Delegation to the 1964 Republican National Convention.  An audiocassette recording of an ABC television news program entitled, "The Political Death of Richard Nixon," which aired on November 11, 1962, has been transferred to the audiovisual department.



Acc. No. 95-4

            President Ford’s meeting with the University of Michigan football team on October 7, 1994, the day before his football jersey number was retired. [Transferred to the AV collection]


UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. MUSEUM OF ART:  Videotape, 1994 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 95-5

            A videotape of outdoor sculpture on the campus of the University of Michigan.  The George Rickey sculpture in the courtyard of the Ford Library is included. [Transferred to the AV collection]



Box 5


GLORIA BROWN:  Clippings, 1974-92 (400 pages)

Acc. No. 95-14

            Newspaper clippings about President and Mrs. Ford from the morgue files of the Palo Alto Times and Peninsula Times Tribune.


UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. BENTLEY HISTORICAL LIBRARY:  Shot Cards for Film of Ford Library Dedication, 1981 (21 pages)

Acc. No. 95-23

            Shot cards for film of Ford Library dedication ceremony and related events, April 27-28, 1981.


STANLEY P. WRONSKI:  Papers, 1995 (15 pages)

Acc. No. 96-1

            Stanley Wronski was chairman of the UN at Fifty Planning Committee for the Michigan United Nations Association.  The materials relate to the presentation of the Arthur H. Vandenberg Award to Gerald R. Ford in June 1995, and the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Final Act of the Helsinki Accord in August 1995.  Included are a "Michigan Celebrates The UN at Fifty" announcement, program from the award ceremony, a guest commentary in the Grand Rapids Press written by Wronski, and photocopies of letters from President Ford to Wronski.


DOROTHY RIGGLE:  Acknowledgments from President and Mrs. Ford, 1974-77 (3 pages)

Acc. No. 96-5

            White House acknowledgment cards from President Ford and Mrs. Ford, and a form letter from Mrs. Ford responding to Ms. Riggle's comments about the "Sixty Minutes" interview.


JOHN HAMRIN:  Papers re Mayaguez, 1994-95 (26 pages)

Acc. No. 96-7

            Photocopies of Sea-Land Service, Inc., publications and photographs regarding the capture and rescue of the Mayaguez, and related correspondence.  Also a photocopy of a letter from Gerald R. Ford to Mr. Hamrin concerning the incident.


DAN BOND:  Film, 1976 (1 film)

Acc. No. 97-4

            Five minute E-Systems, Inc. film about its contract work at the Sinai Field Mission entitled “E-Systems in the Sinai.”  Also two patches worn by the staff of the Sinai Field Mission.  The film was transferred to the AV collection and the patches to the Museum collection.


KOREY KAY & PARTNERS:  Videotape, 1997 (2 tapes)

Acc. No. 97-16

            Two copies of public service announcement commercials announcing the Presidential Summit on Children, held in Philadelphia on April 27-29, 1997. [Transferred to AV collection]


NORMANDY PRODUCTIONS:  Videotape, 1997 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 97-17

            Seven minute videotape on the President’s Summit on Children at Philadelphia, April 28, 1997. [Transferred to AV collection]


CBS NEWS:  Videotape, 1997 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 98-9

            Interview with Mrs. Ford conducted by 60 Minutes, broadcast on October 12, 1997. [Transferred to AV collection]


CNN NEWS:  Videotape, 1997 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 98-10

            Mrs. Ford’s appearance on Larry King Live on October 28, 1997. [Transferred to AV collection]



Acc. No. 98-12

            Photographs taken at the ceremony retiring President Ford’s football jersey number on October 8, 1994, and at other related events.  Included are color 4x6 prints, contact sheets, and negatives. [Transferred to AV collection]


MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY:  Videotape, 1998 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 98-19

            Dedication ceremonies of the law college building, Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University, April 21, 1998.  President Ford was the keynote speaker and received an honorary doctorate of laws degree.  The Library also received newspaper clippings about the event and his speech text. [The video was transferred to AV collection and the clippings and speech text to the Library’s Vertical File]


DOUGLAS CADDY:  Memoir, 1997 (75 pp.)

Acc. No. 98-27

            Unpublished memoir by Caddy concerning his work as the original attorney for the Watergate seven and a copy of a 1974 letter from Vice President Ford to Caddy concerning a book.


GERALD R. FORD FOUNDATION: Videotape, 1998 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 98-30

            Commentary by Carla A. Hills for “Nightly Business Report” birthday tribute to President Ford.  The commentary aired on PBS on July 14, 1998. [Transferred to AV collection]


PETER H. DAILEY:  Videotape, 1976 (2 tapes)

Acc. No. 98-31

            Campaign ads done for the President Ford Committee during the 1976 campaign. [Transferred to AV collection]


CAMPBELL, RON:  Letters from Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, 1998 (6 pp.)

Acc. No. 98-37

            Three letters written by Fromme answering Campbell’s questions about her attempt to assassinate Gerald Ford.


HERBERT HOOVER LIBRARY:  Audiotape, 1967 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 98-38

            House Minority Leader Gerald Ford’s remarks to Congress on the role and duties of the Minority Leader. [Transferred to AV collection]


NBC DATELINE:  Videotape, 1998 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 99-2

            Television show about Betty Ford and breast cancer, broadcast October 18, 1998. [Transferred to AV collection]


GAERTNER, MARK:  Newspaper, 1974 (18 pp.)

Acc. No. 99-3

            The August 9, 1974 edition of The Saginaw News.  The focus of this issue is Richard Nixon’s resignation and the start of the Ford presidency.  (See oversize folders)



Box 6


HERBERT A. SELTZ and  RICHARD D. YOAKAM:  Research Materials, 1976 (425 pages)

Acc. No. 99-12

            Research materials on the Ford-Carter campaign debates during the 1976 election.  Included are transcripts of a debates debriefing session held on November 29-30, 1976; plans and story boards for Robert Wightman’s set designs, and photographs taken at the debates.  The focus of the collection is on technical and procedural matters and the role of the League of Women Voters and the television networks.  A small amount of information on debate strategy of the campaigns appears in the transcript.  The photographs have been transferred to the AV collection.



Acc. No. 99-15

            The footage is drawn entirely from Ford Library holdings.  Apparently this tape was shown at a Bob Hope Golf Classic function honoring President Ford. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


JAMES E. ROGAN:  Fundraiser Materials, 1998 (2 pages)

Acc. No. 99-18

            Information on a fundraiser for a Republican congressman.  Included is a program for “A Special Evening with Gerald R. Ford” at the Nixon Library and Birthplace.  An oversize “campaign button” in honor of the event has been transferred to the Museum collection.


MARILYN RICHARDS:  Slides, 1998-99 (4 slides)

Acc. No. 99-28

            Color slides of the Michigan state capitol and the state flag. [Transferred to the AV collection.]



Acc. No. 99-29

            Interview with Wolfgang Lehmann.  [Transferred to the Lehmann Papers]


KENT KNUDSON:  American Revolution Bicentennial Administration Newsletters, 1975-76 (300 pages)

Acc. No. 99-36

            Monthly newsletter entitled “Bicentennial Times” published by ARBA describing Bicentennial events and activities.  Included here are the issues for April 1975 to December 1976.  [See oversize folder]


ABC NEWS:  Videotape, 1999 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 99-42

            Tape of the show “The Century: No Man’s Land,” which aired on April 3, 1999.  Includes a shot from NPC film #1211-312-75 of President Ford speaking at Tulane University on April 23, 1975. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


NANCY DE LUNA:  Printed Materials, 1960-63 (450 pages)

Acc. No. 99-46

            Newspapers, magazines, and a bumper sticker concerning the election of President John F. Kennedy in 1960 and his assassination in 1963.  [See oversize folders]


DEREK PRICE:  USS Monterey Materials, 1943-78 (6 pages and 1 photograph)

Acc. No. 99-48

            Ship programs, news clippings, and a photograph related to life aboard the USS Monterey during World War II.  Also a letter of condolence from President Ford to Price’s widow after his death in 1978.  The photograph has been transferred to the AV collection.


RICHARD MCDONALD:  Audiotapes and Videotapes, 1964-1976 (3 videotapes and 2 audiotapes)

Acc. No. 00-16, 00-47, and 02-32

            McDonald is a political advertising consultant whose firm produced campaign ads for several Republican presidential candidates.  Included are tapes of ads for Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL:  Papers and Videotape, 1999 (100 pages and 1 tape)

Acc. No. 00-19

            Videotape, posters, programs, tickets, and news clippings concerning the November 12, 1999 conference: “A 25 Year Retrospective on Gerald Ford’s Pardon of Richard Nixon.”  Participants included Robert Hartmann, Benton Becker, Jerry terHorst, Herbert “Jack” Miller, Ron Ziegler, and moderator Ken Gormley.  Steve Ford appeared in person and Gerald Ford on tape.  The videotape has been transferred to the AV collection. [See oversize folders]


MSNBC: Videotape, 2000 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 00-20

            Chris Matthews’ interview with President and Mrs. Ford, broadcast on “Hardball” on January 14, 2000. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


DONALD PAGELER:  Papers, 1967-87 (350 pages)

Acc. No. 00-23 & 01-22

            Photographs, correspondence, an oral history interview transcript, and a Navy Court of Inquiry transcript concerning the Israeli air attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.  Pageler served on the ship during the attack.


PUBLIC BROADCASTING SYSTEM (PBS):  Videotape, 2000 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 00-36

            Television show entitled “Heart of a Nation:  America’s First Ladies.”  It probably includes materials obtained from the Ford Library. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


WHITE HOUSE TELEVISION:  Videotapes, 1999 (2 tapes)

Acc. No. 00-42

            Tapes of the East Room ceremony on August 11, 1999, in which President Clinton awarded the Medal of Freedom to President Ford. [Transferred to the AV collection.]



Acc. No. 00-48

            CD-ROM entitled “Annenberg/Pew Archive of Presidential Campaign Discourse” containing transcripts of speeches, television ads, and debates for the general election presidential campaigns, 1952-1996.  Included are approximately 250-300 items relating to Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford in the 1976 campaign.  Also a booklet describing the CD-ROM.


HENNINGER PRODUCTIONS:  Videotape, 2000 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 00-49

            Documentary produced by John Warren of Henninger Productions concerning the Mayaguez crisis entitled “Seized at Sea:  Situation Critical.”  It was broadcast on the Discovery Channel on May 5, 2000. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


BATTLE CREEK VA MEDICAL CENTER: Videotape and printed materials, 2000 (1 tape and 17 pages)

Acc. No. 00-51

            Videotape, newsletter, and slide presentation concerning the 75th anniversary of the Medical Center.  The videotape has been transferred to the AV collection.


STAN FINEGOLD:  Videotape, 1998 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 00-55

            Interview with Susan Ford for the television show “The Presidential Palate,” produced by Stan Finegold of The Intelvid Group.  It concerns food in the White House, Betty Ford’s cooking and entertaining preferences, and White House Chef Henry Haller. [Transferred to the AV collection.]



Box 7


GREYSTONE COMMUNICATIONS:  Videotape, 2000 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 01-2

            The “Tribute to Gerald Ford” shown at the Republican National Convention on August 1, 2000.  It contains footage obtained from the Ford Library. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


THE PAYNE FUND:  Videotape, 2000 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 01-18

            Biographical tape on Frances Payne Bolton, Ohio’s first congresswoman. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


ANDREW SOLT PRODUCTIONS:  Videotapes (2 tapes)

Acc. No. 01-25

            Tape of “The 70s: Bellbottoms to Boogie Shoes.” They used Ford Library footage of the swearing-in of President Ford and Vice President Rockefeller, President Ford’s Tulane speech, and the second campaign debate. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


RAYBURN HANZLIK:  Naval Air Station Glenview Newsletter, 1946 (10 pages)

Acc. No. 01-31

            Newsletter with article announcing Gerald Ford’s release to inactive duty.  This item has been transferred to the “Gerald Ford: Papers Relating to his U.S. Navy Service” collection.


DAVID R. FRAZIER:  Photograph, 1988  (1 print)\

Acc. No. 01-33

            Color photograph of President Ford and former baseball player/manager Billy Martin at the Danny Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament in Sun Valley. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY:  Videotapes and Conference Program, 2001 (3 tapes & 17 pages)

Acc. No. 01-44

            Materials concerning the conference entitled “To Heal the Nation: Gerald R. Ford Symposium.”  The videotapes have been transferred to the AV collection.


SKIP NEWHALL:  Videotape, 1961 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 02-11

            A film on hearings held in San Francisco by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, 1961. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


C.M. BROUTSAS:  Football Program, 1935 (54 pages)

Acc. No. 02-13

            Official program for the Army-Yale football game on October 26, 1935.  The coaching staff photograph includes Gerald Ford.

HILTON KEAN JONES:  Videotape, 1997 (1 tape)

Acc. No. 02-19

            Copy of the first ten minutes of the Ford Museum video, purchased for use in the televised presentation before the coin toss at the 2002 Super Bowl in New Orleans and then donated back to the Library. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


CASPER COLLEGE LIBRARY:  Photograph, 1902 (1 print)

Acc. No. 02-23

            Photograph of the Charles Henry King family, including Gerald Ford’s biological father, Leslie Lynch King, Sr., as a young man. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


NEW YORK LIFE FOUNDATION:  Videotapes, 2000 (2 tapes)

Acc. No. 02-25

            The Gerald Ford profile from the documentary series “The American President.” [Transferred to the AV collection.]


WYOMING STATE ARCHIVES:  Photograph, 1927 (1 print)

Acc. No. 02-26

            Photograph of Gerald Ford's biological father Leslie Lynch King, Sr. engaged in fishing. [Transferred to the AV collection.]


ARTHUR MILNES:  Interview and Articles, 2001 (14 pages)

Acc. No. 02-29

            Journalist’s interview with President Ford concerning his relationship with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and three resulting articles published in the Canadian press.


JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY FOUNDATION:  Profiles in Courage Award Materials, 2001 (2 videotapes and 500 pages)

Acc. No. 02-42

            Gerald Ford was one of the recipients.  Tapes of the award ceremony and selected television coverage of the event.  Also copies of newspaper clippings of articles and editorials about the ceremony.  The videotapes have been transferred to the AV collection.