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Recent Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

Research Travel Grant Recipients

Spring 2015 Grants

  • Beadle, Meaghan, University of Virginia, This is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and Feminism, 1968-1987
  • Bunker, Rachel, Rutgers University, Pliable Privacy: The State, Business, and the Growth of the American Information Economy
  • Caviglia, Daniele, UNINT-Roma (Italy), Competitive Partners. US-EEC Monetary Relations Between Cooperation and Confrontation (1971-1979)
  • De Groot, Michael, University of Virginia, Globalization and the Transformation of the International System in the 1970s
  • Elliott, Cara, College of William & Mary, P.S. Don't Tell My Mother: American Childhood Experience, Race, and Gender during the Postwar Era
  • Ellis, Thomas, University of Southampton (UK), Reds in Space: American Perceptions of the Soviet Space Program 1967-1988
  • Foss, Chris, University of Colorado, Boulder, Facing the World: Government and Globalization in the Pacific Northwest
  • Halvorson, (George) Charles, Columbia University, Pricing the Environment: Privileged Costs and the Legacy of Regulatory Reform
  • Miles, Simon, University of Texas, Austin, Engaging the ‘Evil Empire’: International Crises, Leadership Transitions, and US-Soviet Rapprochement in the Second Cold War
  • Minami, Kazushi University of Texas, Austin, From Enemies to Friends: Public Diplomacy and U.S.-Chinese Reconciliation, 1965-1979
  • Mitelpunkt, Shaul, Northwestern University, American Liberals, Israel and War: The Cultural Politics of US-Israeli Relations and the Reinvention of American Power, 1958–1986
  • Pechlivanis, Paschalis, European University Institute, The United States and Romania During Détente: the Rise and Fall of a Special Relationship (1969-1980)
  • Peterson Christian Ferris State University, The Ford Administration, Baltic Republics, and Baltic NGOs
  • Rowe, Daniel, University of Oxford (UK), The Long Economic Crisis: Reconstructing America in a Decade of Upheaval and Uncertainty, 1974-1984
  • Sarantakes, Nicholas, Naval War College, Keeping the Cold War cold: U.S.-Korean Relations in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Shepherd, Keegan, University of South Florida, Measuring Up: Standardized Testing and the Fight for Modern American Identity, 1945-2001
  • Toller-Clark, Ian, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, The Silent Majority: A Globalizing Wisconsin and the Realignment of U.S. Politics
  • Wilson, Benjamin, Stanford University, Insiders and Outsiders: The Practice and Politics of Arms Control in the Age of Nuclear Weapons

Fall 2014 Grants

  • von Bremen, Benedict, Tübingen University (Germany), Two-Way Streets and Einbahnstraßen: U.S. and West German Debates about NATO Defense Cooperation in the 1970s
  • Cairo, Michael, Transylvania University, The Personal Politics of Peace: American Presidents, Israeli Prime Ministers, and the Peace Process
  • Fioretos, Orfeo, Temple University, The United States and Global Negotiations During Economic Crises
  • Gutin, Myra, Rider University, Dancer: A Biography of Betty Ford
  • Hiramatsu, Ayako, John Hopkins University, Politics of Boundary Reconstruction: Democratic Consildations in the Deep South, 1964-1980
  • Hogan, Jacob, University of Toronto, Early Steps in the Long Marathon for Global Economic Management: the International Monetary Fund, the United States, and China, 1965-1980
  • King, Sarah, SUNY Binghamton, Celebrity Activism in the Vietnam Era
  • Minami, Kazushi, University of Texas, Austin, International History of China's Embrace of the West, 1971-1979
  • Sayle, Timothy, Southern Methodist University, Pax Atlantica: NATO’s Cold War, from Harry S. Truman to George H.W. Bush
  • Winger, Gregory, Boston University, After the Fall: Rebuilding America's Pacific Alliance After the Vietnam War

Spring 2014 Grants

  • Grantham, David, Texas Christian University, Understanding Cold War Diplomacy in Latin America
  • Hellwege, Benjamin, CUNY Graduate Center, When Age Changed: Inventing the Senior Citizen, 1945-1975
  • Huang, Yuxing, Boston College, Moving Between Credibility and Flexibility: China's Indochina Strategies
  • Kaufman, Scott, Francis Marion University, Power, Pragmatism, and Party: The Life of Gerald R. Ford
  • Koehler, John, Auburn University, In the Shadow of the Presidency: An Exploration of Presidential-Cabinet Relations
  • Michel, Eddie, University of Birmingham (UK), Uncle Sam in Africa: U.S. Foreign Policy on Rhodesia During the Unilateral Declaration of Independence Era of 1965-1979
  • Nascimento, Mila, CUNY Graduate Center, Dictatorship Across Borders: Relations between Brazil, Chile and the United States from 1964 - 1985
  • Pachetti, Federico, University of Hong Kong (China), Beyond the Logics of the Cold War: U.S. - China Relations in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Phillips, Jared, University of Arkansas, A Tangled Hope: Jimmy Carter and Human Rights at the End of the Cold War
  • Pho, Helen, University of Texas, American Economic Aid, Inflation, and Corruption in South Vietnam, 1965-1975
  • Reiss, Megan, University of Texas, Presidential Decision Making and Nuclear Nonproliferation: Determining the Place for Nonproliferation in American Foreign Policy
  • Rhodes, Joel, Southeast Missouri State University, In a Land Called Honalee: The Sixties in the Lives of American Children
  • Roberts, George, University of Warwick (UK), The Cold War in Dar es Salaam, c.1964-1979
  • Sharpe, Bethany, University of Kentucky, Consuming Emergencies: Operation Babylift and the Commodification of U.S. Humanitarianism
  • Skala, Matthew, Catholic University of America, Presidential Disability and Succession: The Complicated History of the 25th Amendment
  • Taylor, William, Angelo State University, In the Service of Democracy: American Military Service from World War II to the Present
  • Winn, Ryan, College of the Menominee Nation, President Ford's Serendipitous Role in American Indian Self-Determination

Fall 2013 Grants

  • Allen, Neal, Witchita State University, Navigating the Shifting Politics of Race: in the 1950s and 1960s: Future Congressional Leaders and Civil and Voting Rights Legislation
  • Camp, Michael, Emory University, Greater Abundance: The 1973 Oil Crisis and the Fate of American Liberalism
  • Cooper, James, Oxford Brookes University (UK), US presidents and the Northern Ireland conflict
  • Davis, Robert, Army Command and General Staff College, The Quest for Flexible Response: A History of NATO’s Cold War Strategy
  • Fear, Sean, Cornell University, Ending the Vietnam War: US-South Vietnamese Reactions, 1973-1975
  • Haichami, Hanane, Hassan II University (Morocco), The History of the American Aid to Morocco 1956 – 1984
  • Jain, Romi, Indian Journal of Asian Affairs, Trajectory of US-China Economic Relations from the Nixon Administration to the Obama Administration
  • Jang, Se Young Graduate Institute Geneva (Switzerland), U.S. Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy towards South Korea and Taiwan During the Ford Administration
  • Koncewicz, Michael, University of California - Irvine, Too Many Nice Guys: Republicans in the Nixon Administration Who Said No to the President
  • Marsh, Steve, Cardiff University (UK), The Anglo-American Special Relationship: What Role for Summitry?
  • Martinez, Michael, University of Tennessee, The Image and Public Memory of President Gerald R. Ford
  • Miodek, Anais, University of California - Santa Cruz, The Liberal Constraint: Work, Citizenship and Ideology in the United States, 1933-2014
  • Ojo, Patrick, O. Awolowo University (Nigeria), Comparative Study of United States’ Support for Democracy in Nigeria and South Africa
  • Olsen, Erik, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), The Unregulated and Regulated United States Intelligence Community 1968 - 1980

Spring 2013 Grants

  • Antonopoulos, Athanasios, University of Edinburgh (UK), Greek-US relations: attitudes, policies and interests, 1974-1981
  • Balogh, Mate, University of Debrecen (Hungary), Hungarian-American Relations during détente
  • Baltz, Matthew, University of California – Los Angeles, The Limits of American Industrial Policy: State Power and the Rare Earth Sector in an Era of Globalization
  • Baron, Kevin, University of Florida, Presidents, Partisanship, and Policy Entrepreneurs: Reconceptualizing Institutional Change through the Freedom of Information Act
  • Ben-Ephraim, Shaiel, University of Calgary (Canada), Can We Settle this? : The settlements in the occupied territories and US-Israel relations, 1967-1980
  • Foxworth, Laura, University of South Carolina, The Spiritual is Political: How the Southern Baptist Convention Debated Feminism and Found the New Right
  • Givens, Seth, Ohio University, Cold War Capital: The U.S. Military in Berlin, 1945-1994
  • Jackson, Galen, University of California – Los Angeles, A Lost Peace? Superpower Relations and American Middle East Strategy
  • Kahn, Matthew, Northwestern University, To Conserve or Develop: The Politics of Energy Extraction and Environmental Protection, 1969-1980
  • Kami, Hideaki, Ohio State University, Diplomacy, Migration, and Confrontation with Castro's Cuba, 1974-1992
  • Kolander, Kenny, West Virginia University, Religious Special Interest Groups and the Ford Administration’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East
  • Murphy, Ciaran, University College Dublin (Ireland), Congressional Oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, 1974-1989
  • Nickrand, Jessica, University of Minnesota, Health in the Model City: The Social Costs of Deindustrialization in Detroit, 1946-1993
  • Rowley, Sarah, Indiana University, A New Right: The Cultural Politics of Abortion, 1960s-1980s
  • Rude, Lisa, University of Maine, The First Ladies of the United States: Sources of Their Political Power and Influence
  • Sandman, Patrick, Oxford University (UK), Bringing Congress Back In: Watergate and the Politics of Institutional Change

Fall 2012 Grants

  • Aigner, Peter Christian, City University of New York, Between Reform and Realignment: Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the Struggle for a New Democratic Party
  • Andic, Savkar, University of Oxford (England), Checkmate, Stalemate: the Cold War and the Iranian Revolution, 1975-1979
  • Barrett, Marsha E., Rutgers University, Nelson Rockefeller Confronts the Radical Right: The Life and Death of Moderate Republicanism
  • Bentivoglio, Giulia, University of Trieste (Italy), A Role Found? Britain in the 1970s between the Superpowers
  • Byrnes, Sean T., Emory University, The United States in Opposition: S.S. Reaction to World Opinion and the Global South in the United Nations, 1972-1984
  • Dobbs, Charles M., Iowa State University, Into the Fulcrum: The United States and Northeast Asia, 1963-1976
  • Elinson, Gregory, University of California, Berkley, Relative Strength: Conceptualizing the Power of Organized Business, 1968-1980
  • Gheorghe, Rodica Eliza, University of Oxford (England), Institutional, Commercial and Diplomatic Tracks to Nuclear Technology: Romania’s Nuclear Acquisition Techniques, 1964-1979
  • Reger, Alexander, University of Connecticut, Moments in Reconstruction: Rhetorical Leadership in the American Presidency
  • Ronan, Jim, Catholic University of America, Living Dangerously: The Uncertainties of Presidential Succession and Disability
  • St. Julien, Danielle E., Binghamton University, The “Black Silent Majority”: The Black Middle Class, Federal-Policy Making, and the Post-Civil Rights Transformations of America, 1968-1980
  • Shehu, Karl, Attorney and independent historian, America’s Vulnerability: Presidential Succession and Inability in the Twenty-first Century
  • Stevens, Simon, Columbia University, International Pressure and the End of Apartheid, 1958-1994
  • Thompson, Sue, Australian National University, British Military Withdrawal and the Rise of Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia, 1964-1975

Spring 2012 Grants

  • Akhtar, Rabia, Kansas State University, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy and Pakistan’s Nuclear Program (1970s-1980s)
  • Bounds, Brittany, Texas A&M University, The Right Response: The Reaction of the Silent Majority to the Social Movements of the Sixties
  • Castro, Mauricio, Purdue University, Sunbelt Miami: Race, Cuban Refugees, and Federal Policy, 1959-1984
  • Condron, Aidan, Aberystwyth University (Wales), U.S.-Egypt “Common Strategy”1970-1976? Planning and Implementation
  • Goyette, Kyle, University of Houston, Southern Discomfort: The Equal Rights Amendment, the New Right, and the Southernization of American Politics
  • Griffis, Chelsea, University of Toledo, Conservative Women and the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Holland, Max, Editor and writer, A Need to Know: Inside the Warren Commission
  • Parrott, Joe, The University of Texas, The Wind of Change Triumphant: The Transnational Politics of Portuguese Decolonization, 1961-1976
  • Schuster, Natalie, University of Houston, Political Disasters: The Politics of U.S. Disaster Relief
  • Simpson, Brad, Princeton University, The First Right: Self Determination and the Transformation of International Order, 1941-1991
  • Tarsi, Melinda, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, A Veteran Welfare State: Veterans’ Benefits and the Development of American Social Policy
  • Taylor, Keeanga, Northwestern University, From American Dream to Predatory Lending: Public/Private Programs to Promote Home Ownership Among Low-Income African Americans in the 1970s
  • Vuic, Kara, Bridgewater College, Abortion in the Military in the Era of Roe v. Wade
  • Wellum, Caleb, University of Toronto (Canada), Energizing the Right: Economy, Ecology, and Futures in the American Energy Crisis of the 1970s
  • Wesolowska, Ksenia, University of Nottingham (England), U.S. mediation in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the period 1967-1979

Fall 2011 Grants

  • Basha, Aurelie, London School of Economics (England), “Salted Peanuts and Drinks”: Withdrawal plans for the Vietnam War under the Kennedy and Nixon administrations
  • Blackbourn, Nicholas, University St. Andrews (Scotland), Planning for Victory:  The Committee on the Present Danger and Mobilizing America for the “Second Cold War”, 1976-1980
  • Branscombe, Jensen Elise, Texas Christian University, Putting the Lid on the Melting Pot:  Immigration Policy and the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1965-1986
  • Brenes, Michael, City University of New York, For Right and Might:  The Cold War and the Making of Big-Government Conservatism
  • Cochran, Joshua D., University of Iowa, Beyond the Water’s Edge:  American Expatriates, the Vietnam War, and the NATO Alliance, 1964-77
  • Craig, Malcolm, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Anglo-American Relations and Nuclear Proliferation in India and Pakistan, 1974-1980
  • Dimari, Georgia, University of London (England), The Origins of the High Level Agreements in Cyprus:  Their Origins, Evolution and Repercussions, 1974-1979
  • Fain, W. Taylor, University of North Carolina Wilmington, The United States and the Indian Ocean in the Era of Cold War and Decolonization
  • Guberman, Rachel, University of Pennsylvania, The Real Silent Majority:  The New Metropolitan Politics in the Rocky Mountain West
  • Hogue, Andrew P., Baylor University, Gerald Ford and the Stewarding of American Conscience
  • Mauldin, Daniel, Georgetown University, The Restoration of King Coal:  The Energy Crisis and the Debate over Alternatives to Oil
  • McLay, Mark, University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Lyndon Johnson and the Republican Challenge to the Great Society
  • Scarnecchia, Tim, Kent State University, Kissinger in Africa:  the African significance of Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy to Africa in 1976

Spring 2011 Grants

  • Azari, Julia, Marquette University, Principles and Power:  How Institutional Context and Intra-Party Dynamics Shape American Party Ideologies, 1948-2011
  • Bowen, Michael, University of Florida, The Watergate Babies and the Transformation of the Democratic Party
  • Bunte, Jonas, University of Minnesota, Sovereign Lending and Foreign Policy – The Financial Diplomacy of US Lending in the Late 20th Century
  • Henderson, Robert, University of Maryland, Dream Deregulated:  The Transformation of Housing Finance, 1968-1985
  • Jachertz, Ruth, Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), International Cooperation and Conflict in the Food Aid Regime, 1950s-1970s
  • Lipman, Jana, Tulane University, Operations Other than War:  The U.S. Military’s Engagement with Humanitarian Operations, 1945-1989
  • Maragkou, Konstantina, Yale University, American Foreign Policy towards Greece’s Transition to Democracy, 1974-79
  • Millwood, Pete, Oxford University (England), The Role of the Chinese Domestic Factor in Sino-American Rapprochement, 1969-76
  • Musgrave, Paul, Georgetown University, Entangling Alliances:  Presidents and Strategic Issue Linkage in International Relations
  • Wight, David, University of California - Irvine, Petrodollar Promise and Peril:  The Strategic, Economic, and Social Consequences of the Rise in US Trade and Investment with the Middle East after the Oil Shock
  • Williams, D. Clinton, Harvard University, Righteous Politics in the Black Metropolis:  Race Religion and Urban Space in Postwar Chicago
  • Wollet, Benjamin, Ohio University, Switching Tracks:  The Place of Railroads in an Era of Economic and Environmental Reform

Fall 2010 Grants

  • Allen, Michael, Northwestern University, Bleak House: Congressional Activism and the Confidence of Crisis, 1968-1989
  • Badalassi, Nicolas, University of Paris (Sorbonne), France and the Origins of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Donnally, Jennifer, University of North Carolina, Caught in the Middle: Ford, the Politics of Abortion and the New Right
  • Farrington, Joshua D., University of Kentucky, Forgotten Republicans:  African Americans and the Party of Lincoln, 1948-1972
  • Golland, David H., Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY, Biography of Arthur A. Fletcher
  • Grove, DeeAnn, University of Iowa, The Education President:  The Effects of Presidential Election Campaign on Educational Policy
  • Johnson, Jeremy, Brown University, The Republican Welfare State:  Social Policy Reinvention from Nixon to Obama
  • Lazarowitz, Arlene, California State University, Long Beach, The American Jewish Leadership and President Gerald R. Ford: Differences over the Middle East “Reassessment” Plan
  • Macekura, Stephen, University of Virginia, The Fights for the Commons:  NGOs, Global Environmental Politics, and the Rise of Sustainable Development, 1972-1992
  • Marchiel, Rebecca, Northwestern University, “To Make this City Viable Again”:  National People’s Action and Urban Reinvestment, 1968-1989
  • Peterman, Kelly M., University of Virginia, Liberalization on the Nile:  Architects, Allies, and Opponents of Globalization in Egypt, 1973 to 1991
  • Rosenfeld, Sam, Harvard University, Polarization and the Transformation of the American Party System, 1950-1994
  • Sarantakes, Nicholas Evan, U.S. Naval War College, Buffalo Men: The Boy Scouts of America and the Oval Office
  • Snyder, Sarah, University College London (United Kingdom), The Rise of Human Rights in United States Foreign Relations
  • Zake, Ieva, Rowan University (New Jersey), Ethnic Politics of American Political Parties and Presidential Administrations, 1960s-1980s

Spring 2010 Grants

  • Beckmann, Matthew, University of California Irvine, Assessing Washington’s Arranged Marriage:  Presidents and their Party’s Congressional Leaders
  • Bordelon, Christopher, Brandeis University, Trading Up, Trading Down: The Domestic Politics of America’s Foreign Trade Since World War II
  • Bristol, Douglas, University of Southern Mississippi, Uncle Sam’s Easy Riders and Other Strange Tales of Mass Consumption in the U.S. Army
  • Gavin, Victor, , University of Barcelona (Spain), The foreign dimension of Spain’s political transition (1975-1978)
  • Hopkins, Michael, University of Liverpool (England), The State Department and the Making of American Foreign Policy
  • Johns, Andrew, Brigham Young University, In the Eye of the Storm: John Sherman Cooper and the Cold War, 1946-1976
  • Lauterbach, Allison, University of Southern California, Gagged: United States Foreign Aid and Reproductive Rights
  • McGlinchey, Stephen, Cardiff University (Wales), American Arms and Iranian Ambitions:  Continuity and Change in American Foreign Policy Towards Iran in the 1970s
  • Mitchell, Nancy, North Carolina State University, Race and Realpolitik: Jimmy Carter and Africa
  • Mock, Harold, University of Virginia, Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1974-1993
  • Passino, Carlo, University of Cagliari (Italy), Iranian Nuclear Program and U.S. Negotiation in 1970s
  • Rodberg, Josie, Harvard University, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, States’ Rights: The Struggle Over Federal Family Planning Programs in the United States, 1965-1988
  • Sharrow, Elizabeth, University of Minnesota, Producing Athletes, Defining Citizens: Title IX and the Construction of Gender in American Politics
  • Spruill, Marjorie, University of South Carolina, Women’s Rights, Family Values & the Polarization of American Political Culture
  • Winger, Gregory, Boston University, Stuck in the Middle with Daoud: American Relations with the Republic of Afghanistan 1973-1978

Fall 2009 Grants

  • Bennett, M. Todd, East Carolina University, The Spirits of ’76:  The American Bicentennial and the Struggle for the Nation’s Soul
  • Cavanna, Thomas, Institut d’Etudes Politiiques de Paris (France), The US Foreign Policy Towards India and Pakistan in the 1970s
  • Depow, Elaine, McGill University (Canada), The Media’s Role in Electioneering Presidential Elections
  • Francis-Fallon, Benjamin, Georgetown University, Minority Reports:  The Making of Hispanic Politics and the Rise of America
  • Gumm, Angela, Iowa State University, Waste, Energy and Ideology:  The American People and the History of Resource Recovery from 1965-2001
  • Hindman, Alex E., Claremont Graduate University, Preserving the Constitutional Presidency:  Separation of Powers, the Ford Administration and the Resurgent Congress of the Post-Watergate Era
  • Kilinc, Aykut, University of New Hampshire, American Foreign Policy Toward Cyprus, 1963-1977
  • Lechner, Zachary J., Temple University, The South of Mind:  America and the Imagined South, 1960-1980
  • Nemchenok, Victor, University of Virginia, Contesting World Order:  International Development and the Search for Justice, 1970-1988
  • Shaw, Jonathan Edwards, College of William & Mary, Ujamaa and Authenticite:  Nyere and Mobutu’s Imagined Nations
  • Tulli, Umberto, Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Italy), From Helsinki to Madrid:  The United States and Soviet Dissent (1975-1980)


Spring 2009 Grants

  • Barr, Kathleen, Texas A&M University, The Energy Crisis of the 1970s: America and Its Allies Confront OPEC
  • Chen, Ming Hsu, University of California (Berkley) School of Law, From Civil Rights to Multiculturalism:  Political and Legal Incorporation of Language Minorities, 1964-1979
  • Cominelli, Lucrezia, Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (Italy), Italian American Relations in the Era of Détente
  • Honeycutt, Lee, Iowa State University, “The Moral Equivalent of War”:  Presidential Language in American Energy Politics
  • Hwang, Ingu, University of Chicago, Politics of Human Rights under the NationalSecurityState:  Democratization and Korean-American Relations from 1968 to 1980
  • Klieman, Kairn, University of Houston, “Before the Curse”:  Petroleum, Politics, and Transnational Oil Companies in the Gulf of Guinea, Africa, 1960-1982
  • McFarland, Victor, Yale University, The Oil Crisis:  The United States, the Arab World, and the Shock of the 1970s
  • Middleton, Stuart, University of Queensland (Australia), Reputational Crisis Management in Campaign ‘76
  • Rezk, Dina, Cambridge University (United Kingdom), Worlds Apart?  Anglo-American Political and Intelligence Assessments of Egypt Over Two Decades (1957-1977)
  • Roth, Tanya L., Washington University in St. Louis, America’s Finest Ladies:  Women as Soldiers, Citizens, and Workers in the U.S. Military, 1945-1978
  • Sahara, Ayako, University of California, San Diego, Global Humanitarianism:  U.S. Empire in Asia through U.S. Involvement in the Indochinese Refugee Issue
  • Shao, Xiao, East China Normal University (Shanghai, China), The United States and the Vietnam Unification War (1973-1975)
  • Stahl, Jason, University of Minnesota, Selling Conservatism:  Think Tanks, Conservative Ideology, and the Undermining of Liberalism, 1945-Present
  • Stur, Heather, University of Southern Mississippi, Transformations in Gender Relations and Foreign Policy in the Post-Vietnam War Era

Fall 2008 Grants

  • Bennett, M. Todd, U.S. Department of State, The Spirits of ’76: The American Bicentennial, Public Commemoration, and the Struggle for the Soul of the Nation.
  • Bishop, William, Vanderbilt University, Still ’ Special’?  US-UK Relations and the Search for Zimbabwean Independence, 1976-80.
  • Cook, Jonathan H., University of Cambridge (Great Britain), Détente Declining:  Domestic Politics and U.S. Relations with the Soviet Union, 1972-1976.
  • Dowdall, Aaron, University of Missouri, Fissure Along the Angola Fault Line:  How the Angolan War Created Divisions in the U.S. Department of State.
  • Goode, James, Grand Valley State University, Foreign Policy of the Ford Administration.
  • LaBau, Jason, University of Southern California, Phoenix Rising:  Arizona and the Origins of Modern Conservative Politics.
  • Milnes, Arthur H., Queens University Centre for the Study of Democracy (Canada), Library of Political Leadership:  The Ford-Trudeau Years:  A Documentary History.

Spring 2008 Grants

  • Seth Ackerman, Cornell University, The Making of the Second Cold War
  • Roham Alvandi, University of Oxford, Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah:  US-Iran Relations and the Cold War in the Middle East, 1969-1976
  • Barin Kayaoglu, University of Virginia, Authoritarian Modernization and Anti-Americanism in the Middle East:  The United States, Turkey, and Iran, 1961-1980
  • Stephan Kieninger, University of Mannheim, U.S. Perceptions and Misperceptions of the Helsinki Final Act
  • Douglas Little, Clark University, America and Radical Islam during the Nixon, Ford and Carter Years
  • Joe Merton, University of Oxford, The Rise and Fall of the White Ethnic Moment in Post-New Deal American Politics
  • Drew Meyers, University of Michigan, Sun Citizens:  The Culture and Politics of Retirement, 1950-2000
  • Sudina Paungpetch, Texas A&M University, Domino by Design:  Thai-U.S. Relations during the Vietnam War
  • Jaideep Prabhu, Vanderbilt University, Curbing the Buddha:  The Nuclear Control Regime after Pokhran
  • Thomas Rudczynski, Northwestern University, “God’s Waiting Room”:  How Retirement to Florida Transformed the Sunbelt and the Nation
  • Bartholomew Sparrow, University of Texas at Austin, Realism’s Practitioner:  Brent Scowcroft and U.S. Foreign Policy from Vietnam to Iraq

Fall 2007 Grants

  • Alessandro Brogi, University of Arkansas, Confronting Anti-Americanism:  America’s Political and Cultural Cold War against the Communists in Fance and Italy
  • James Epstein, Ohio University, Securing America:  Federal Crime Control, Domestic Political Intelligence and the Rise of Political Conservatism, 1964-1984
  • Chad Mitcham, Editor, Australian Institute of International Relations, Petroleum and East Asia, 1880-2008:  Conflict, Diplomacy and Development
  • Ross Nicolson, University of Oxford, Young People and American Politics, c. 1950-1980
  • David Painter, Georgetown University, From the Nixon Doctrine to the Carter Doctrine:  Oil and Geopolitics in the 1970s
  • Patrick Sharma, University of California, Los Angeles, Changing Norms of Development at Robert McNamara’s World Bank, 1968-1981
  • James Stocker, Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, The U.S., Syria and Lebanon (1975-1990)
  • Hirotaka Watanabe, Osaka University, U.S. Space Policy during the Nixon and Ford Administrations:  Competition and Cooperation through Apollo
  • Randall Woods, University of Arkansas, The Quiet American:  William Egan Colby and American Foreign Policy
  • Leah Wright, Princeton University, Black Republicans and the Emergence of Contemporary Republican Ideology, 1964-1992

Spring 2007 Grants

  • Nigel Bowles, Oxford University (England), Ford, Carter, and Reagan:  Presidents and Congresses after Watergate
  • Christian Collet, Doshisha University (Japan), “A Profound Moral Obligation”:  The Impact of Gerald Ford and His Administration’s Policies on the Construction and Politics of the Vietnamese American Community
  • Paul Kershaw, New York University, Negotiating a New Economic Regime in Mexico, 1977-1989
  • Benjamin M. Looker, Yale University, A Place Apart:  Imagining the American Neighborhood, 1940-2000
  • Donald W. Maxwell, Indiana University, Unguarded Border:  The Movement of People and Ideas between the United States and Canada in the Vietnam War Era
  • Mark D. Nevin, University of Virginia, The Rise of Political Polling and the Battle for Public Opinion during the Nixon Presidency
  • Thomas Alan Schwartz, Vanderbilt University, Henry Kissinger and the Dilemmas of American Power
  • Katherine Scott, Temple University, A Right to Dissent:  Civil Society, Congress, and the Movement to Restrain the Domestic Security State, 1970-1978
  • Min Song, University of Georgia, Sino-American Economic Relations from 1971-1980

Fall 2006 Grants /

  • Roger Biles, Illinois State University,The Federal Government and Metropolitan America, 1945-2000
  • Paul Coyer, London School of Economics and Political Science,Tacit Allies?  Sino-American Strategic Cooperation and the Reshaping of Asia, 1971-1981
  • Joshua Davis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,A Different Kind of Black Market:  African American Consumption and Business Enterprise in 1970s United States   
  • Fiorella Favino, Foundation Italianieuropei, Italy,The G7 Summits and the Transformation of the International System in the Mid-Seventies
  • Ernie Fuhr, Rockford Public Schools, Illinois, Using Primary Source Documents to Teach Presidential Decision Making to High School Students
  • Ursula Gurney, The Ohio State University,The United States and European Détente:  Nixon, Ford, and the Helsinki Accords, 1969-1975
  • Karissa Haugeberg, University of Iowa, Women in the Anti-Abortion Movement, 1970-2000
  • David Kinkela, State University of New York at Fredonia,DDT and the Dilemmas of Regulation:  U.S. Environmental Policy Making in a Global Age
  • Heidi Matiyow, The University of Michigan, Federal Policy and the Shaping of Educational Programs for Delinquent and Troubled Youth
  • Iwona Swiatczak-Wasilewska, University of Helsinki, Finland, Ritual in American Political Culture:  Presidential State of the Union Addresses as a Case Study

Spring 2006 Grants

  • Elizabeth Benning, London School of Economics and Political Science, West German Economic Power and the Reshaping of the International Economic System of the West, 1972-1978
  • Lisa Burns, Quinnipiac University, The Construction of Collective Memory in Presidential Museums
  • Roman Deininger, University of Vienna/University of New Orleans, The Presidents’ God – Politics and Religion in the United States from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush
  • Robert Eldridge, Osaka University, A Time to Heal: U.S.-Japan Relations during the Ford Administration
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Fall 2005 Grants

  • Cheng Guan Ang, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), The Cold War International History of Southeast Asia
  • Eduardo Canedo, Columbia University, The End of Regulation: The Movement to Deregulate the American Economy
  • Jeffrey Crouch, The Catholic University of America, The Presidential Pardon Power
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